The Omega : The Queen


Moira, daughter of alpha Adrian who was one of the strongest Alpha of a wolf pack was nineteen and single when she ought to have found her mate two years ago. Although it was no fault of hers. With her dominant father and twelve older brothers, she didn't need to chase anybody away, nobody was even allowed to come close to her. Except her best friend.

Her best friend devised a plan, a good plan that made her mate to show up, without Moira approval.

But being angry with her best friend is the least of her worry now, not when she discovered who her mate was.

He was the next king of the Shifters race, and there was a rumor about him and his true mate ending the war. Everybody knows that for a war to end, it needs to be full blown first. And now she didn't know if she was to be happy or sad...

Then again that is the least of her problems.

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One ‘what's up babe.’ Dillon said leaning across my locker as I entered the hallway. ‘hey handsome, how are you? ’ I asked throwing my arms round his neck and giving him a smacking kiss on his checks which earn glares from the female population and growls from the male populat... well my brothers to be exact and I knew for a fact that if they didn't know him for fifteen years and he is as much dominant wolf as they are, they would have dragged him away from me, preferably kicking and screaming and burn him alive in front of the student population to serve as a deterrent to boys who have done so much as look in my direction. ‘ so what's the next plan ’ Dillon asks as he waved to my elder brother who scowled at him, closed his locker with a bang and stalked off angrily probably to bully some unfortunate soul whose only offense was to cross his path. ‘You gotta stop needling him like that.’ I said opening my locker to exchange the books in my hand for the ones which I have class for. ‘ but its funny ’ Dillon said in a whiney voice. Then in a serious tone he said ‘ don't change the subject. Next plan ’ ‘I have none ’ I signed as my shoulder flops downwards. ‘ you know you can use me and it will work right? ’ Dillon offered although he already knew what my answer would be cause I have refused to change it in a while. ‘Ugh... it will work but you won't live enough to bask in victory. My brothers knew I had a thing for you when I was little so I think they will join forces together just to make sure you are out of my life and stay that way.’ I said, turning his offer of help down again although I told him the truth...well part of the truth. And what's the truth you might ask and I will reply : I had a Hugh crush on him 4 years ago, it was bad especially when he started dating the present Queen slut of our school. I was crushed and my brothers noticed, since then they have been itching to get their hands on him to do some real damage to his face and if you must know it really is a handsome face. ‘ I just hope they don't chase away your mate because of their over protectiveness. ’ he said shrugging, accepting my refusal with stride as usual. ‘ if that happens I will kill them with their power ’ I replied without missing a bit and Dillon kept quiet probably processing what I said cause he knows for sure that I would do it, no doubt about it. ‘ emm.... ’ Dillon said and he has on his thinking face which means that he has a great idea as he always does when he puts on that face. The last time he had that face on I was made the Luna of my pack although my brother had a girlfriend. ‘ lay it on me ’ I said clapping my hand in excitement. ‘ does your brothers know that you will kill them if they interfere ’ ‘ of course they do ’ ‘ then its time to find your mate ’ ‘ I have been looking for him for a year and half now. He doesn't want to be found.’ ‘ give me a week and we will see if he doesn't run towards you ’ ‘ okay, but I don't hope on it, just so you know.’ **** ‘You did what ’ I yelled at Dillon with my eyes flashing in anger. I could not believe he did this, why on earth will he do something that stupid. How do a false engagement bring out a hiding mate. He doesn't seem serious to find me and although I am serious to find him but that does not mean I am desperate enough to act as a false fiancée to my best friend whom my siblings are going to kill (doesn't Dillon have any self perseveration spirit in him at all) . ‘ Relax, everything will work out well ’ Dillon said nonchalantly ‘ Are u dull ? ’ I semi yelled at him ‘ or do you have a death wish cause you know that my brothers will kill you after destroying your pack and don't you even care for your pack cause you know they will razed everything to the ground ’ I said feeling a little sick as I realized that all I said was true and that they will probably do more than I mentioned. ‘ why are you creating such a hugh fuss out of nothing? ’ Dillon said with a blank look on his face which had me feeling like something was seriously wrong with my bestfriend . ‘ why are you doing this Dillon ’ I asked with my shoulders sagged as if all the fights been drain out of me. ‘ I said...’ he started but I cut him short ‘ the real reason you are doing this cause you are not that dumb okay so stop the act like you don't care cause you do ’ Dillon sighed and said in a low voice. So low that I wouldn't have heard if I wasn't listening ‘ I am in love with you and I can't no longer help myself .’ He said it with all seriousness that I was still having trouble picking my lower jaw from the ground and when I did all I felt from that confession was utter anger. How dare him. After all these while and he let me know when I was looking for my mate. He is crazy but right I was too pissed to even know what to do with so I decided to inflict physical pain so I swing my hand back and decked him probably breaking his jaw but I didn't stay behind to see if I did but cause I turned and strode away. Hearing him cursed in the background provided me some measure of comfort but it didn't stop a tear from slipping out of the corner of my eyes and hearing some one's comment on how he didn't see it coming at all didn't surprise me because I didn't see it coming too. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘ Don't talk to her, don't look at her, don't even think of her ’ Brody yelled into Dillon face. ‘ last time I checked she is 18 and that means that she is a legal adult which means that she is free to associate with people and people are free to associate with her too. ’ Dillon said pushing Brody back . ‘ are you insane? ’ Arliss asked Dillon in a quiet deadly tone. ‘ yes I am. Am both insane & frustrated. I loved your sister for 3 years now yet because I was so afraid of you guys, I never said anything and soon she will leave. I will be all alone with nothing at all and she won't have an idea. At least now she knows I love her and she might chose to be my mate rather than the mate of a shifter who ignored her for two and the half years. So I agree I am crazy, I am crazy for moira because I am seriously in love with my best friend. ’ Dillon yelled venting his heart out for moira brothers. They all were silent for a moment before Mason, moira almost twin - separated by 11 months - spoke ‘ we get what you are saying and we honestly think that you are a good guy. ’ ‘ I am sensing a but somewhere in the near future. ’ Dillon said somberly. ‘ but you hurt our sister even though it was for her good. ’ Chase replied ‘ we never forgive such a hurt until she forgives you first. ’ Jack said ‘ I understand although I know she will hardly forgive me for hurting her emotionally ’ Dillon said with a sigh. For a second time that day some one decked him but this time it was more harder. ‘ owww, dude what was that for? ’ Dillon yelled clutching his nose ‘ you broke my f**king nose. ’ ‘ sorry dude, but you hurt my twin. You know we had to hit you even if you have her best interest in mind.’ Mason said holding his hand ‘ but you do have a hard nose cause that hurts like sh*t. ’ Mason complains while they all laughs. ‘ hey, try to get back on her good side okay. You two are miserable cause of this fight and I want to torture her mate for not claiming her both physically and emotionally and you know that the only way we can torture him emotionally is with you two. ’ Arliss said slapping Dillon on his back. ‘ but if you hurt her just put it in your mind that I know where you sleep and that I can make a castration almost painless for a sleeping victim.’ Jack said grinning at Dillon as if the statement was a normal one between them. ‘ just thought I should put it out there. ’ Jack said with a shrug when all of them turn to look at him. ‘ got it. Loud and clear. ’ Dillon said lowly backing away from moira brothers who still look at him as if they want to tear him apart for hurting their only sister. °°

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