Her Journey Begins: The Magical Stone and The Black Dog

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She was given a mission by her mother before it died and that is to find the 4 LEGENDARY ACE. As she takes on a journey, will she be able to face the challenges that awaits her? Will she be able to find the 4 LEGENDARY ACE?

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        "Listen to me Creste, I want you to find the four legendary ace before the Durakam arrives," Creste's mother said weakly. Creste shakes her head while crying. She holds her mother's hand tightly. "Please don't leave. I can't afford to lose you. There so many things that I still don't know and I need your guidance so please don't leave me ." Creste's sobs grew louder when she saw her Mother cough up blood. Creste's Mother smiled and touched her face. "Don't worry because even if I pass away I will still stay by your side and will always watch over and guide you." Creste held her Mother's hand holding her face. She soon witnessed his mother turn to ashes. "Mother! Don't leave me! Mother!"   She hugged her Mother tightly until it turned to ashes. "Mother, I promise I will find the four legendary ace" Creste whispered. For the last time, Creste looked at her Mother's bed, and at the same time, the wind blew strongly that the ashes of her mother scattered. She can't help to smile bitterly. She wiped the tears on her face and sigh loudly. "I will not waste my time, mother because as soon as possible I will begin my journey to find the four legendary ace..."        She has been traveling for almost five days. She also lost consciousness for how many times because of tiredness. She was also about to run out of food and water. But even though she was so tired she still kept walking because of what she promised to her mother. Creste's heartbeat beats faster when she saw a house not far from where she is standing. In an instant all the tiredness she felt gone because of hope. Creste ran towards the house she saw. Creste sat on the ground as she was gasping for breath. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She slowly stood up and smiled. "Hello! Hello! " She called loudly but minutes pass no one answered. "Is anyone here? She called again with a loud knock and like before no one answered. Creste couldn't help but feel nervous so she just backed away. "There seems to be something wrong. It's better if I just stay away" she whispered.   Before she could get away, suddenly something heavy fell behind her. She immediately turned around and her eyes widened when she saw what it was. A large dragon.  She backed away because of the fear she felt. She was about to take a step when she saw that the dragon's whole body suddenly lit up. She just covered her eyes because of the dazzling light. As the light gradually faded she looked again at where it had fallen. She was surprised that she saw a wounded woman and she's not wearing any clothes. And the dragon was nowhere to be found. She blinked a few times but it was a woman.   "Please help me," the woman said weakly. Although Creste felt scared, she approached the woman and took off her cloak, and covered her body. "Are you the owner of the house?" She asked. The woman nods her head. "I'll help you to get up. Is it okay if we go inside your house? You've already lost too much blood so we need to treat your wounds." "It's okay." The woman handed the key to her. She quickly opened the door and helped the woman to sit on the chair. "Is it okay if I touch your belongings?" The woman nodded before fainting. Creste panic when she saw what happened to the woman. She quickly approached and lie it down properly. She hurried to its kitchen and searched the basin. When she saw it she filled it with water. The next thing she looked for was a towel but she couldn't find anything. She first brought the basin of water to the living room and placed it on the table next to the chair where the woman was lying. She glanced at the woman before going up to the second floor of the house. She opens every door she sees. She was looking for the woman's room to get clean clothes and she also looks for a towel. She already opened three doors and then she walks toward the last room and opened it. When she opened it she saw a large bed in the middle. She went in and saw the wardrobe. She hurriedly opened and find decent clothing. She chooses loose clothes that she will get wear to the woman and also found a piece of cloth. She took it immediately and hurriedly go downstairs. When she came down, the woman was still unconscious. She began to clean the wound. The colorless water turned to red. When the wound was clean, she saw the big wound. Whatever hit the woman she was sure it was very sharp. After that, she dressed the woman. "I didn't know that a dragon could turn into a human and this is my first to see it" Creste whispered to herself. She just shook her head and placed her palm over the woman's wound. Her palm lit up. A few moments later the light disappeared. "Your wound is too deep. I can't heal this type of wound. But don't worry because I numb your wound so you won't get hurt if you try to move" she said with a smile while looking at the woman who was still unconscious. "Wait a minute, I'll just cook some food so that when you wake up you can eat right away," she said before walking towards the kitchen. She couldn’t help but smile while cooking. But it also disappeared immediately when she remembered her mother again. She closed her eyes and the tears fell. It's been how many days since her mother passed away but it feels like it happened yesterday. She can't help to miss her embraces, the days when she's always having nightmares, her mother would sing her a lullaby, and most of all its smiles and hugs. And she knew that she will never see it or it will happen again. Mom... Creste was startled when she heard a loud explosion from outside. She immediately wiped her tears and looked at the window. Creste felt scared when she saw many black men holding swords. She heard a loud boom in the living room. She suddenly remembered the woman and hurriedly run towards the living room. And she saw the woman sitting on the floor and trying to stand up. She approached it and helped her to stand up.  “I saw a lot of men in black and holding swords outside” she let the woman know. "The fenou. You have to run away from here. They're too dangerous and I'm still weak to fight them." The woman said anxiously. "But how about you? We should both runaway." The woman shook her head and smiled. "I think it's my time." Creste steps back away when she remembered her mother before it turned to ashes. Suddenly her tears fell. "I can't! I can't ... You'll gonna leave me like my mother" she said hysterically. The woman's expression softened when she saw Creste's reaction. She comes closer to her and touched its face. "I want you to run away and avenge me on the fenou. Promise!" she smiled but her tears fell, too. "No! No!" Creste muttered repeatedly while shaking her head. The two of them looked at the door when it exploded. They both cough because of the dust from the explosion. "You need to run away while they haven't entered yet. And then take this rock." Creste saw a small red stone that came out on the woman's forehead. The woman took it and then hand it to her. "Take care of this stone. That's payment for helping. Go through the back door and you'll see a tree with a small hole but I'm sure you'll fit. Go in there and just follow the lights you see and when you get out, put this stone on your forehead." The woman said hurriedly when they heard footsteps coming. "I won't leave you. No!" "Just go! You're gonna avenge me from them." Creste just bent down and took a deep breath before looking into the woman's eyes. "I promise to take revenge on the fenou. Promise!" Then she accepted the stone. The woman smiled. "Thank you so much." Creste stood up when she suddenly remembered that she hadn't asked her name yet. "May I know your name?" "I'm Dewis Gallire. What about your name?" "I'm Creste Haqie." "Very nice name. All right, go away!" Even if it's against her, she turned around and ran towards the kitchen. For the last time, Creste turned to Dewis. She saw her smile, a peaceful smile. She smiled back. When Creste came out, she immediately saw the tree that Dewis mention. She saw a hole and quickly enter. When she entered, she was surprised when the light lit up in the cornered. Creste closed her eyes and covered her ears when she heard a loud explosion. The ground shakes. In fear, she runs faster. Promise Dewis, I will avenge you ... She has been running for how many minutes. And even though she was out of breath she still kept running until she saw a light. She is near she just walk. When she came out, there are so many big trees. Creste looked at the red stone she was holding and remembered Dewis's order. She placed the stone on her forehead. She immediately closed her eyes when it suddenly shone. Creste felt as if something had entered her forehead. After that, she can't help but cry in agony when she felt energy runs all over her body and her head was like going to explode. She lay on the ground as she held her head. Her vision slowly becomes blurred. Some images entered Creste's mind. "Stop!" Creste cried out because of the extreme pain she was feeling. The images she saw slowly faded. When the images were completely faded from her mind, she completely lost consciousness.    

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