Chapter 3. Please No

736 Words
- Hailey P . O . V - I watch as Mr Ravi walks out of the office excited to greet whoever 'he' is. With every passing second I become more agitated. Then I hear it. Steps. Before they enter the room I feel it. His Aura and the power of it. The few of the girls here that are omegas already bow their heads showing the back of their neck in submission. "Right in here sir," I hear Mr Ravi say whilst he opens the door. With my cage being at the very end, which I'm very happy about, I can only just see the man that walked in. He looks to be in his late forties and boy is he tall, he looks to be at least 6'3. I watch as he looks around then walks over to the third girl on the left side, more girls showing the back of their neck in respect. "Are they always kept in such clean conditions?" He asks Mr Ravi looking around again. Even his voice is intimidating. "Yes they are, I like my girls to be clean," Mr Ravi replies lying through his teeth. Liar I whisper in my head. We all know that's a lie. This is the first time we got new clothes and the cages where cleaned ever since I was brought here almost a year ago. "Hm. I've noticed that you only have male workers. Are the girls all pure?" He says watching the new girl who is sat as far away from them as possible. "Yes they are. Their untouched," Mr Ravi lies again. "Liar," I whisper then gasp inwardly realizing I said that out loud. I watch in panic as the mans head spins round to look at me. F**k. I gulp as he slowly walks over and stops in front of my cage, then looks me over whilst Esme and I still hold on to each other through the bars. When a small smirk forms on his face I know that's it I'm dead. He wants me. "What's her name?" He says still watching me. I consider showing the back of my neck to him, but that won't change anything. So I stay unmoving staring at him in fear. "Hailey, Sir" Mr Ravi answers whilst giving me the ,Keep your mouth shut' look. "Where is she from?". " I uh- I don't know sir," Mr Ravi replies glaring at me as if it's my fault he doesn't know. "What was her status? Warrior? Gamma? Rouge?" he questions Mr Ravi. "I also don't know that sir," Mr Ravi says looking worried now. The man looks away from me frowning and glares at Mr Ravi. "What do you mean you don't know?" he shouts at Mr Ravi. "I mean I don't know sir. We don't know anything about her, some hunters brought her in a few months ago but refused to tell us anything about her, sir," Mr Ravi replies. I don't miss the look of worry on his face, he's scared of the man. Which means I should be even more scared. Mr Ravi isn't afraid of anyone. Who can this man asking about me be? "Do you at least know how old she is?" the man asks after a moment of silence. That's not good. He's asking more questions. " She turned 20 last month sir," Mr Ravi quickly replies. That's a lie! I want to say but this time I keep my mouth shut. I turn 18 in two weeks, but he can't tell the man that. It's illegal to sell wolves under 18. Same with catching us. It's illegal to catch a wolf under 18. I was brought here a few weeks after turning 17. "Very well, I'll take her. The Prince will like her," he says glancing at me again, holding on to Esme in fear. No, no, no this can't be happening. Not the Prince. Anything but the Prince! I can't end up with him. The Prince is well known for hating females. Goddess only knows what he will do to me! "Right away sir," Mr Ravi says then runs to his office to grab the keys for my cage. I watch in fear as he approaches the cage and unlocks it," Out girl,". I shake my head in fear," please no, anything but the prince please," I beg not moving from where I'm sat.

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