Mated to his Breeder

enimies to lovers

"What do you mean you don't know?" the man shouts at the Mr Ravi.

"I mean I don't know Sir. We don't know anything about her, some hunters brought her in a few months ago but they refused to tell us anything about her Sir" Mr Ravi replies. I don't miss the look of worry on his face, he's scared of the man. Which means I should be even more scared. Mr Ravi isn't afraid of anyone. Who can this man that is asking about me be?

"Do at least know how old she is?" the man asks after a moment of silence. That's not good, he's asking more questions.

"She turned 20 last month sir," Mr Ravi quickly replies.That's a lie! I want to say but I keep my mouth shut this time. I turn 18 in two weeks, but he can't tell the man that. It's illegal to sell wolves under 18. Same with catching us. It's illegal to catch a wolf under 18. I was brought here a few weeks after turning 17. "Very well, I'll take her. The prince will like her," he says glancing at me again hiding in the far corner of my cage. No, no, no this can't be happening. Not the prince. Anything but the prince!

"Right away Sir," Mr Ravi says and runs behind the counter to grab the key for my cage. I watch in fear as he approaches the cage and unlocks it, " Out girl,".

I shake my head in fear, " Please no, anything but the prince please, " I beg not moving from where I'm sat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Chapter 1. Fine!
- Colton P . O . V - "You are 24 for goddesses sake! You need a mate!" My father sighs starring at me. Why won't he just drop it already. -You know Colton he's not wrong we'll be stronger with a mate Yeh no Cruise. We're not having a mate and stop agreeing with father. "No. That's not happening," I tell my father. "You need an heir! Just choose a mate boy!" He raises his voice at me and standinup. "That's never going to happen. You off all people should know that, " I try to yell but the final but comes out a whisper. "Oh don't start. Either you choose a mate or you can forget about becoming Alpha King," he says sitting back down before adding," Or Alice will become Alpha Queen your choice" Ugh. Why did father's Beta have to have a daughter. "You can't do that!" I growl. I don't care about being Alpha King that's not important to me, but I will never let a female rule, and my father knows that. "You leave me with no choice Colton! If I don't make you have an heir now we both know you won't have an heir when I'm gone," he sighs. *Flashback* 15 years earlier (9) "Colt! Coltonnn!" I hear my friend Megan shouting as she races towards our tree house. Megan is the head warriors only child, I met her two years ago when my dad took me to my first training session. Since then we've been inseparable. Last year we tried to build ourselves a tree house but let's say that didn't go too well... We ended up in the pack hospital for a week. After that incident my had one built for us, " Omg happy 9th birthday why didn't you come over this morninggg," she says hugging me. "I couldn't-". "Nevermind that doesn't matter let's go inside I have a surprise for you!" with that she quickly climbs out the treehouse and I follow suit. As we run through the gardens I hear a few servants saying "Happy Birthday Your Highness". Oh yeah I forgot to mention I'm a Prince. The future Werewolf king! How cool is that? I crash into Megan's back as she stops suddenly in door way. " Megannn... What was that for?" I groan rubbing my forehead. With her not moving I walk around her to stop like her. There right in front of us I see my father and mother in a full blown argument. Vases, books, paintings photos are flying in every direction as they scream at each other," Mum? Dad?" but my words fall on death ears as I duck to avoid yet another flying vase. "MY FAULT?! YOUR BLAMING ME?". " WELL WHO DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BLAME FOR YOUR BETRAYAL?! THE SERVANTS?". "YOU KNOW WHAT SAMUEL? GO. TO. HELL!" with that my mum storms out the mansion pushing past me and Megan not saying a word. "Mum! Where are you going?!" I shout running after her but she ignores me. Even being a young werewolf I'm too slow to reach her in time, as she climbs into the var that just pulled up and drives off. * End of flashback * That was the last time I ever saw my mum. It turns out even though my mother and dad were fated mates which supposed to true love blah blah blah, she had had an affair and left us for that man. It broke my dad.The Werewolf kind broke. Ever since I found out the truth about what had happened that day I've hated women, but even more than women I hated the idea of a mate. I'd even stopped hanging out with Megan and instead chose to ignore her. "Dad. I can't... I won't. I refuse to have a mate even a chosen one after what happened with you," I sigh seeing his expression. I know he only wants what's best but I can't I refuse to end up like him. "What if you don't choose a mate?" he suddenly says his face brightening. "What? How would that work?" I ask truly not knowing what he means. "What if you had a breeder?" he smiles at me. "Where would even get one? No girl ,not even an omega would willing become a breeder. Even for a Royal," I reply chuckling lightly. Not only broken but now also crazy. "The slave market,". " What?". "We'll get you a breeder from the slave market. So? What do you say son?". " You know what? Fine! But don't expect mr to see her as something other than a w***e and baby machine,"I say. "Perfect. I will send Samson into the City tomorrow first thing tomorrow," father replies. It's the first time I've seen him happy since she left us.

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