Chapter 2.What's going on

724 Words
- Hailey P .O . V - I jolt awake feeling my cage rattle and Mr Ravi shouting get up at us. It must be Saturday already. Sale day. Even the thought brings shivers. On Saturday's we get woken up really early to be cleaned so we can look presentable," Get up you useless things! I want you the other room 10 seconds ago! Hurry up!" He yells at us. We all quickly climb out our cages as and race into the "cleaning room". As always we're made to strip naked then the water turns on. The new girls squeal when they feel the cold water on their skin. They'll get used to it eventually. We all did. To my shock one of the new guys comes in puts a crate with soap and sponges down then walks out. A few of the news girls try to cover themselves in embarrassment. If only they knew... This is royal treatment here. Usually it's the workers that come in to " clean us" but instead they grope us, with some of the girls they go even further than that. Luckily being groped is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my best friend Esme. met Esme when we were both brought here almost a year ago. I remember how I envied her gorgeous Auburn hair, bright green eyes and drop dead go when we first met but most of all, her height. She's around 5'6, 5'7 whilst I barely pass as 5'2. I just have boring raven black hair and blue eyes. " I wonder what's going on," I hear Esme whisper as we go to grab a sponge each and start scrubbing ourselfs "Esme shh they'll hear you," I quickly yet quietly reply, scrubbing myself with sponge I managed to grab. Mr Ravi did not like us talking to each other. If he was in a bad mood he'd even make us eat wolfsbane. A few moments later just as she's about to say something the water turns off and Mr Ravi walks in with a few of the workers all of them carrying clothes. They walk around giving each one of us a brand new oversized T-shirt, Bra and Underwear. Esme is right something is definitely going on. Usually we only wear an old T-shirt and some random underwear, but today we got new shirts and a new bra which we're never allowed, and new underwear. "Get dressed and back to your cages. Hurry up, Mr Ravi says then walks out the cleaning room. The few of us that have been here for sometime glace at each other unsurely before getting dressed quickly and walking back to our cages. Esme was right. Something is definitely going on. Everything is cleaned the cages are sparkling and there's no smell. Mr Ravi wouldn't do this for just any ordinary sale day. What is happening I think to myself as I climb into the cage. The cages aren't small, but they're definitely not big. There's just enough room for me to lay down flat without curling up. Esme on the other hand has to curl up a bit. We sit in silence when we hear a loud thud in Mr Ravi's office, moments later he storms in looking pissed. " Listen here whores someone very important is coming today and you better behave. If I say something then that's the truth. AM I CLEAR?!" he yells the last bit. We all make ourselves smaller and nod. So Esme was now definitely correct something is going on, but I doubt it's anything good. He turns on his heel and walks back into his office slamming the door behind him. Slowly me and Esme scoot over to to bars and hold on to eachother through them. We all sit in silence most of us dreading what's about to come. I watch the new girls on the opposite side of the room. Mr Ravi has a strict rule. New girls on the left side of the room with his office door in the middle and the rest of us that have been here for sometime on the right side. We all look up as one of the workers comes in then goes straight to Mr Ravi and opens the door without knocking. "Mr Ravi. He's here,". TBC
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