Chapter 2

950 Words
Rosaline Brookes:- I went home heartbroken, looking like a complete mess with all the reporters and people around me looking at me with disgust in their eyes. I know they all recognized me very well because I am a well-known top model and an actress who has won many awards in the past. They all were glaring daggers at me while the paparazzi were taking horrible pictures of mine. Somehow after half an hour, I reached my mansion with tears falling from my eyes, mascara smudged all over my face. I was taken inside by my father's guards. I was a Brookes. My father is a wealthy man and is known all over the world. At this moment I just want to go and hug my father tight and find some comfort but when I reached there I was greeted with a slap on my face none other than my father. "You b***h of a daughter. I didn't raise you like this I raise you better. I didn't expect this from my own f*****g daughter. How low can you go for getting a movie? You slept with the director just for the movie. We have got enough money. You could've asked me and I just could run my connections. You are just like your mother. Always think of yourself. What didn't I give you? I give you life, money, luxury and so much more and what did you give me in return? Shame and Result, Disrespect to the family? Do you know how much I am going to suffer? How much my company going to suffer. All my stocks will go down just because of your one stupidity. Get out of my house you are not my daughter. I am disowning you. I've only got one daughter and that's Cameron. I will hold a press conference for this scenario and announce Cameron as my only daughter and the person to inherit everything after my death. Now Get out of my house right now and don't show me your face ever again . you are nothing to me just a disgrace to the family and a slut of women. Who is nothing to me." Dad yelled at me and pushed me out of the house. "Dad! Dad! listen to me I didn't do any of this someone framed me with this. Dad, I need your help I am getting framed here. please help me Dad I am begging you to help me. I am your daughter Dad. I am your blood you have to help me, Dad! Please Dad Help me. You cannot dishonest me like this. Dad where will I go what will I do without you. I know you are doing this because of that b***h in our house." I snapped glaring at my stepmother. What did I do to you? I treated you as my own daughter I treated you better than Cameron. Why are you blaming me for all of this? This is all your doing my daughter." my stepmother pretended to fake cry. Dad instantly hugged her leaving his own flesh and blood. His own daughter and asked the guards to kick me out of my own house. Why? Just why is this all happening with me? What did I do to deserve this? " Dad, dad. Please, don't kick me out of the house like this. Where will I go. I have got no place to go. I am your daughter, dad. I am your daughter not Cameron. The b***h cheated on me with my man. I am not the one to blame. Please, dad. Dad!! Dad!!" I yelled at dad when the gate of Brookes mansion was slammed shut in my face. I can't believe I am kicked out of my own house. " Miss. Brookes. Miss. Brookes, is it true you seduced the director to get his movie? Did you become an A-list model and actress by seducing the men? Is it the secret of your success?" the reporters bombarded me with question after question and took pictures of my messy state. " Leave me alone. Please leave me alone. Get lost!" I screamed at them and took out my phone to call my best friend Flora who picked up on the second ring. " Flo..Flora, can you come and pick me up from Brookes's mansion? I will explain everything. Just, please. Please I beg you to come soon. I need your help, Flora" I cried. " Okay, just don't cry. I have seen everything and I am on my way. I am coming. Everything is going to be just fine. You have got me. I am on my way, okay. Just hang on." she said and ended the call. I called my agent only for him to snap at me. " Don't call me anymore, Rosaline. I am not your agent anymore and the agency has terminated their contracts with you. You are ruined. Your reputation is ruined. You are nothing except for a slut in front of everyone's eyes. Goodbye and don't call me again." my agent snapped and ended the call. I tried to call him again and came to know that he has blocked my number. The reporters were still busy taking my photos and making news about me when Flora pulled in front of me in her car and dragged me in it. " Buckle up. You are coming to my place. You can live there as long as you can. You don't need to tell me anything. I believe you are innocent and somehow I know who is behind this. It is your stepmother and stepsister behind it, right?" Flora asked after giving me a comforting hug.
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