Chapter 3

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Rosaline Brookes:- " Y...Yes, I don't know what happened. Last night Cameron and I went to the event together when I began to feel dizzy after drinking the glass of drink handed to me by Cameron. At first, I thought she was helping me by taking me to the room so I don't embarrass myself when in reality she was planning to ruin my reputation. She spiked my drink and I was the biggest fool for not realizing her game and loving her like my little sister when in reality she is a snake. Nothing else. My boyfriend and Cameron cheated were cheating on me all this time behind my back. I came to know that when I went to his house for help only to get shocked and surprised when I found both of them naked and having s*x. I had nowhere to go and was so heartbroken. I came back home with the hope that dad will take care of everything only to get kicked out of my house by my own father." I explained and burst out crying. " Sssh! It's okay. I am with you and I will do everything in my power to help you get back what belongs to you. Just have patience and everything will be alright. Trust me. I am with you and I am not leaving alone." Flora assures me. " But, Flora. What will I do now? My reputation is ruined. No one will hire me for work. No agency will hire me. I am doomed." I said when Gracie gave me a warm smile. " Then do what you always wanted to do. You wanted to become a top fashion designer, right? Then be that. I will invest in it. Forget everything that is happening around you and use that brain. Design the dresses. I will help you in every path." Flora suggested bringing a smile to my face. " I should try to do that, right? I have already got enough of them designed because I was so close to opening my own fashion brand. Ony problem is that how am I going to get them since I am kicked out of the house and all of my stuff and designs are in my room. What should I do?" I ask her with worry in my eyes " Yes, you should engage yourself in it for a time being until everything calms down. Everyone will forget about this day and we will do something about this Cameron and her b***h of a mother. How dares they kick you out of the house. We will make sure that we make your father kick them out of the house. And, as for the designs and your stuff. I will go and get them. Your father prohibited you from coming but not me so this is what we are going to do for now. Right now we will go to my place. You will shower freshen up, eat something then you will take a nap. I will come here tomorrow to get all of your stuff, okay?" " Okay," I replied in barely an audible voice. After one month:- It has been one month since the terrible incident of my life and somehow I was getting back on track with the help of Flora. She didn't leave my side for the whole month and motivated me to be strong and build my career. Whenever I was feeling down or giving up she will put sense in me and motivate me to focus on my career. I drew so many sketches of my designs in the past month that were ready to be stitched in a few days. Flora brought my useful stuff from Brookes mansion along with my designs. " Hiya, Rosie. Guess what?" Flora entered the guest room of her apartment where I was living in holding a bottle of champagne with the biggest smile on her face. " What? You look happy." I asked after turning around to look at her. " I got promoted and even got some vacation from work so we are going for vacations at Las Vegas. Just you and me. We will have fun." she shrieked in excitement. " Wow, I am so happy for you, Flora. You deserved the promotion." I stood up and hugged her tight " but I will pass with the vacation thing. You can go and have one. I have my s**t to figure out and designs to give for stitching." " Oh shut it! You are coming and we can give the designs for stitching after coming from the vacation. You need to relax and calm down and what's a better place to do that than going to Vegas? I won't take no as an answer. Pack a suitcase. You are coming with me. We will take care of this all after returning from vacation. Let's go." " For how many days are we going for vacation?" I ask. " For two weeks." she replied " We are going to have so much fun. Let's go." After one and a half weeks at Vegas:- Flora and I were watching Netflix in the hotel room in Vegas when my phone pinged with a text from Cameron. When I read the text my eyes went wide and my whole body began to tremble in anger and shock. " Rose...Rosie, are you okay?" Flora asked worriedly. She took my phone from my hand then looked at the article only to let out a gasp of shock " These bitches! How dare they steal your designs and open the fashion brand in their names that you were planning to open. Bu...But...but how did they steal the designs and how did they promote it this fast? I don't understand." " T...They...They took my dream to Flora. That was the only thing that I had left. They took that too along with my everything." I burst out crying after looking at the article one more time. This was my dream. My designs and they are the ones promoting ut under their names after stealing my designs. " Get up! We are leaving." Flora got up and begin to pack our suitcases " We can't let them get away with this. They will pay for it. We will file a case of stealing on them. Let's go, Rosaline. I will help you find the justice." ", please you stay out of it. I will handle everything on my own. I don't want to drag you into this. I love you and don't want to lose you. You are the only one who I have left. They will take you too from me." I cried. " No, I am not going to sit and watch them destroy you and take everything that belongs to you. I will seek justice for you. Don't be this weak, Rosaline. I know you are not this weak. You are a strong woman. Just get up and make these bitches pay for their sins."
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