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My boyfriend of seven years betrayed me with my stepsister. They killed my father. Inherited my wealth. Disfigured me. My stepsister replaced me by taking my position as the A-class model. If that wasn't enough a masked and mysterious person killed me and burned my body in my own apartment.

Now, I have returned to the past with the memory of my previous life.

God gave me a second chance in life and I will use it to take as an act of sweet fashion revenge from my enemies.

There is just a tiny, no a big problem. The masked person who killed me might be my husband from my current life that I have fallen madly in love with.

So, when the time comes will I really be able to make my husband pay for his sins when I have fallen madly in love with him?

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Chapter 1
Rosaline Brookes:- " What is happening to me? Why am I feeling dizzy all of a sudden?" I murmured after drinking the one glass of my drink. It is impossible to get drunk with just a single glass of drink. I have drunk more than that in the past than how can I feel dizzy and drunk all of a sudden with one glass? I thought to myself while looking at the glass of champagne in my hand. I can't be seen drunk at the party. I am an A-list actress and a model and if any paparazzi clicked a photo of mine looking like this it will ruin my reputation and I will be the topic of tomorrow's news. " Rosie, my sister. Are you alright?" my stepsister Cameron came and asked with concern placing her hand on my shoulder. We were currently at the movie gala that I and all the actors and actresses were invited. " I...I don't know why but I am feeling so dizzy and hot. I have just drunk one glass of drink. I can't be that drunk that I can't even stand. You need to help me, sister, and get me out of here before any member of the paparazzi clicks my picture. Please, Cam. Find George and ask him to come and pick me up." I pleaded with my sister who smiled and nodded her head. " Come on, my friend has booked a room at this hotel for a night. You can stay there for half an hour until I get help and take you back without getting bumped into the paparazzi," Cami volunteered to help.  " Thank you, Cam. I will be really grateful to you." I thanked my sister with a weak smile and blurry vision. " Come on, let me take you there." Cami took hold of my hand and took me to the elevator that took us to the floor where the room her friend has booked. " By the way...Cam... who is this friend of yours?" I ask losing consciousness bit by bit and getting weak until I can't take it anymore and passed out. The last thing I remember was some filthy hands grabbing me by my waist and dragging me inside the room forcefully. The next morning I woke up with a pounding headache and naked on the bed. I let out a groan when I tried to move and felt pain between my legs. I felt scared and looked around the unfamiliar room to find a very fat and naked man sleeping beside me. The man was none other than the filthy director that I slapped and refused to sleep with. I felt disgusting and felt like vomiting right there. I know I need to get out of there without waking the man up so I slide my naked body out of the bed very carefully and begin to pick up my discarded clothes from the floor when the door to the room burst open all of a sudden and entered a bunch of paparazzi inside. Click...Click...Click The flashes after flashes hit my eyes as they captured my photos and the sleeping director's who woke up with all the noises and let out a groan of annoyance. " Miss. Brookes, what is your relationship with Mr. Red?" one of the reporters asked. " Are you his mistress?" " Did you sleep with him to get the lead female role in his upcoming movie?" " How many men have you slept with until now to get the movies?" " Do you always sell your body like this?" the questions after the questions were asked and pictures of my naked state were captured while the tears were falling from my eyes because my reputation was ruined. I am finished. I ran into the bathroom and shut the door behind and burst out crying on the bathroom floor. What happened last night? How did I end up spending the night with the director? Didn't Cameron send me home with Geroge?  So many questions were building in my mind. I gained a little bit strength and put on my clothes between sobs. I have worked really hard to become an A-list actress and I have climbed the ladder of success by choosing clean paths. Once, the reporters were gone I ran out of the hotel and got in the cab ignoring the dirty stares I was getting on the way. I cried and decided to go to my boyfriend's place and explain to him what happened. I am sure he will understand and help me, after all, we are so in love and have been dating each other for seven years. The cab pulled in front of George's building where he lives. I went to his penthouse and unlocked the door with the spare key he has given me. My hands were trembling, my body was shivering in fear of losing my reputation all around the world. When I went inside my phone beeped. It was my agent's message to tell me everything is over. My reputation is ruined. My pictures with the director in the hotel room were spread all over the internet. I sobbed and went running to George's room only to come to a sudden halt when I saw George f*****g my stepsister on the bed. " YOU BASTARDS!!!"  I shout in anger and shock placing my hand on my heart that just broke into tiny little prices after looking at the scene in front of me. I couldn't believe my eyes. My boyfriend of seven years was cheating behind my back all this time with another woman. Not just any woman my own stepsister that I loved like my own sister. " Rosaline?!" they both looked at me shocked at first then smirked an arrogant smirk not bothering to cover their naked bodies from my eyes. " WHY?! WHY?!" I cried " Why did you do that? Why did you cheat on me?" I demanded entering the room. I put the puzzles in the pieces together and glared at Cameron and George in shock " Y...You both did this., right? You both are behind ruining my reputation? You spiked my drink last night, Cameron, right? And, George you helped her with it. You both drugged me then made me sleep with the director. And, in the morning it was you guys who sent the reporters, right?" I screamed in anger and cried like a weak woman because I don't know what else to do at the moment when I just lost my reputation today, got cheated by my boyfriend with my stepsister? " Why?" I asked in a weak voice. " Because you are boring." was all Geroge replied and kicked me out of his penthouse like a piece of trash " You have got nothing left, Rosaline. Not even your reputation." " I WILL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS!" I screamed banging on his door that he shut on my face.

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