Uncovering The Boss

male lead
realistic earth
weak to strong

"How can you look at me in the eyes and not be terrified of the unknown monster that I am? What kind of Mafia boss doesn't even know who he is?!"

Michael De Angelo was the boss of the De Angelo empire, and the most powerful mafia boss in Italy. His past haunted him because of a murder that happened when he was a boy. The more he uncovered his past, the more lost he was. The only people he cared about were dying, a threat was given to his empire, and the only way for him to win is to uncover the truth about who he is.

How can the truth be uncovered if they are sealed in the mouth of the dead?

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 "Pathetic orphan" The bulky man who looked like he was in his early twenties said as he shoved his gun down my brother's throat and pulled the trigger multiple times. Every shot of the gun on my brother's head was like a shot to my heart. I saw his blood oozing out of each wound. His face was now deformed and lifeless, as if an animal that didn’t matter. I couldn't close my eyes as I watched while I hid in the darkness. The garbage around me didn't block the smell of my brother’s blood. The urge to throw up was no longer because of the smell of decaying fish and garbage, but it was now because of the image of my older brother Gabriel’s corpse. I looked at the men surrounding his body, and I hated them all with every fiber of my being. My mind kept repeating these words as I saw the men take my brother's body and throw it to the sea at the edge of the boat. Suddenly I was dragged by my leg and thrown in front of the five men that were preparing to get on their speed boat. Fear, resentment, and the urge for vengeance made me tremble in front of the killers. "Well. What do we have here? Is this orphan number two?" He sneered and all six of them laughed like monsters.  I elbowed the private part of the guy holding me and decided to just spit on the face of the boss. He pulled his gun and grazed the side of my neck when he shot me, but not enough to kill me. Another shot was released from his gun as he shot the floor an inch away from my foot. He threw a small knife, and it lodged on my left arm. The man laughed hysterically as he lifted me by my shirt's collar while the knife was still buried in my left arm. "You're a tough one huh? How old are you?" He asked while I stifled a scream of pain from both the wounds and the fury raging inside of me. "Never mind. For a small kid, you got spunk. Shame you're related to that pathetic piece of garbage you call brother" They all began to laugh and the boss threw me back to the garbage pit while I desperately pulled the knife and pressed on the knife wound. "Leave that garbage here and burn everything. Let him share his brother's grave." The boss said as each of the six men in total left. I then saw the black and red crescent moon tattoo on the back of the boss’ hand when he removed his gloves as I layed on the garbage. I waited for them to get on their boat and leave me to die. They set the boat on fire and left our burning fishing boat floating under the night sky as the body of my brother sank to the depths of the sea. I saw that it would take a few minutes for the boat to explode so I hurried and left. I'll die, but not tonight. I'll make sure they die before I meet them all in hell. I thought to myself as I took a life jacket and the inflatable boat quickly before our boat exploded. I watched as the boat sank, meeting with my brother under the cold dark depths of the sea that he always loved. The explosion gave the inflatable boat enough push to get thrown a few yards away from the boat. The flames from the sinking boat became a barrier that prevented the men on the other boat from seeing me escaping the scene. For an eight-year-old, promises of killing those monsters didn't seem impossible. I fixed my wound while I watched our boat explode and sink. Good thing my brother told and taught me everything about survival whenever we went camping in the woods. A tear escaped my eyes as I remembered my brother’s bloody face on the floorboards of the boat. I loved my brother since he was my only family left, and I would die for the life he did to protect me. Unfortunately, the only thing my brother failed to do is that never told me who the monsters were, and why I have the same small moon tattoo on my right chest. 

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