Resurrection Reborn.

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The world got destroyed leading to my cowardly death during the wars between Vigors, so I wish I could come back and make things right for my attitude, friends, love and success, so I was surprisingly reincarnated ten years back to set things right but another unfortunate something happened....

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In the beginning.
“Kevin!!” That was the last thing I heard before dying, surprisingly I was reincarnated before the cataclysmic event that destroyed the world ten years back. Wait who am I kidding? writing this in first person, I prefer third person, so let’s start from the beginning before I got reincarnated and after _ Under the dark sky. Two high school students walked near the road side, chattering together, “Hey, Kevin.” Both of them looked back, Kevin eyes twinkled staring at the person that called his name. “Hi, Feyi…..I….you….he….are…..who….ahhhh….” Kevin stammered, his friend beside him immediately went to his front because of his awkward talk. His friend put his hand in the air. “Sorry Feyi, he had sore throat, anything?” His friend asked with a smile, Feyi chuckled. “Okay, Sore throat.” She joked while wagging her fingers. “Tell him, he should never forget the gifts for the teachers, for tomorrow is the last day of our exams.” “Sure, he knows. We can’t easily forget.” Kevin friend giggled, Kevin just stood still with his mouth opened and not blinking, staring at Feyi, she noticed him then Feyi tucked a lock of hair behind her back. “I will be on my way. Bye.” She said as she scooted to the way to her house, then she turned, “Be careful, we were told we should all go home straight.” She waved and left. Kevin mouth was still wide opened and not blinking his eyes, watching the way Feyi went by. Kevin friend laughed. “No wonder, they are called crush. She completely crushed you.” Kevin turned and walked forward. “Nevermind, I can’t date her. She is never my type.” “You are funny, never your type and you always freeze whenever she is near or talking to you.” Kevin friend scoffed as they turned. After walking a miles, there was strange quiet in a normally lively environment. Kevin friend scanned the whole area, they both walked through the market square. “Kevin?” “Hmm.” “Where are the traders and everyone?” “Traders? Today might be their day off.” “Are you sure? If so then where is everyone?” “Am…” before Kevin could finished his words, A van zoomed pass them with great speed. Kevin and his friend fidgeted. “Ahh!!” he screamed while looking at the van. “I almost have an heart attack.” He looked at his friend. “Are you alright.” His friend nodded. Kevin waved his hands around clearing the dust created by the van. Suddenly the van stopped, Kevin and his friend stared at the van, wondering why it stopped suddenly, then the van reverse, their eyes widened, his friend quickly tapped Kevin to run away from the scene, they turned, another van zoomed directly to their front as the head light shined so brightly to their eyes, They both covered they face from the light, running but they were stopped by two hefty men that jumped in their front from no where giving a wicked smile. “Running away.” One of the hefty men said, Kevin swallowed. “No sir. We were…” before Kevin could finished, the hefty man punched Kevin friend in his face, he flew back breaking and crashing inside the traders shop, Kevin was horror struck. He looked straight at the two hefty men eyes. “You ask for it. You will pay for this.” He yelled charging to them, he swung his punch to them, one of the hefty men smiled. Kevin landed a direct punch on the man's face which echoed then removed his hand, breathing heavily. The hefty man touched his face as he knelt down. “My face!! My face!!” “Serve you right. Who is next.” Kevin smiled, slowly the hefty man stood up with his hand still on his face, Kevin peered at him, as the hand he used to punched the man were shaking, uncontrollably. The hefty man laughed. “Ha. Ha. He felt for it.” He removed his hand from his face as he stared into Kevin eyes, Kevin stepped back. “His eyes, it is glowing purple. Who the hell is…..ugh!” he wondered before getting hit, the hefty man kicked his stomach which he flew, reaching to the ground he was still moving while his body was dragged then flipped over four times before stopping near his friend in the shop, he coughed out blood. “Don’t kill him, yet. We need them alive for the vessel.” The other hefty man said with a folded arms. “I know….He's standing.” The hefty man said, slightly widened eyes, surprisingly to them Kevin was standing as blood were coming out from every holes in his body, he staggered as he moved forward. “You will pay for that to my….friend.” Then suddenly he fell down with his face first to the ground. “Don’t waste any time. Take them both. The boss is expecting us.” Someone said in the van, the two hefty men nodded, carried both Kevin and his friend to the van then zoomed away. Meanwhile Feyi was hiding near a canteen shivering helplessly, She shakily brought her phone from her bag. Dialed a number. Then she put it on her left ear. Ringing. “H…..he…llo….please pick up…..please” she muttered, a shadow crept behind her. “Who is on the line?” the shadow said, sentimentally, her eyes widened. Moment later she screamed. At a mysterious underground base owned by an illegal scientists who were trying to improve human abilities that will some day change the world. Kevin and his friend were pushed on a wheelchair, both unconscious, moment later Kevin slightly opened his eyes, “Every thing hurts.” He whispered. “Hey, this are my students, why did you bring them here? We have a deal.” A familiar voice said, Kevin coughed. “Isn’t that Mr. Kolade voice.” He suspected. “The boss said we should bring them. Don’t put it on me.” Another one said. “Where is the boss?” “In his lair.” Kevin slightly moved his head, as he focused on the man walking away from them. “That’s definitely Mr Kolade. What is he doing here?!!” he looked at his friend beside him, sighed and whispered “What should I do?” as both him and his friend were being pushed into a dark room.

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