The Alpha's Broken Mate

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Lacey Carter is a normal she-wolf of her pack Shattered Moon. Well...close to normal. Lacey isn't the typical she-wolf. Her father Quince is the Alpha of her pack and her mom Sarah the Luna. She has an older brother Lane who is more overprotective than seems needed when it comes to his little sister. Lacey has everything that she could ever want in life, except that she suffers nearly every day. An accident that happened when she was younger, impaired her life forever.

Lacey is coming of age to find her mate and she couldn't be more excited...but also scared. Will he love her even though she has an issue? Will he accept her? Let her rule beside him as his equal? A single trip into a new pack territory with her family could change her fate forever. A peace treaty signing with one of the biggest pack's in Washington, Redwood Sun Pack, and their current alpha, Alpha Elijah Williams, would come to bring more than just a signing.

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Chapter 1: Morning Routine
Chapter 1 - - Lacey's Point of View - I slowly open my eyes to the blaring sound of an alarm clock. I flinch them back closed when the sun that is peeking through the window is too bright at first. I open them again, the sunlight a little better than before. I turn over to turn the alarm clock off which is still making horrible noises. The clock reads, 7:30 am. Time to start my day. I sit up and throw my tired legs over the left side of the bed. I slide on my slippers that are fuzzy and blue so that I don't have to touch the cool, cold wooden flooring that covers my bedroom floor. I stand up and shuffle towards my door and slowly turn the handle, swinging the door open. I live on the 2nd floor of my family's packhouse. The only other person on this floor is my older brother Lane Carter. Continuing on down the hallway of the 2nd floor, I peak in my brother's room, the last room before the staircase leading down to the main floor, to make sure that he is awake and getting out of bed. As always he is already downstairs. I make my way down the stairs, my eyes not leaving the floor. I make my way to the stone marbled island in the kitchen, where my mom is currently making my breakfast and my dad and brother are coming back inside from their morning run. "Good Morning Ace." My dad said as he placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, before walking over to my mom and giving her a gentle good morning kiss. My dad's nickname for me came when I was born a girl instead of a boy unexpectedly, my name had to change, but I don't mind the nickname though. I think that it's funny and my dad is the only one that was allowed to call me that nickname. While thinking and silently laughing to myself about the nickname, I didn't even notice my brother Lane walk in. He runs his fingers through his blonde hair to brush back the hair falling in his face and then puts his hand on my shoulder also wishing me a good morning. "Good Morning Lacey. How did you sleep?" Lane said as we went to the fridge to grab a cold water bottle. I look at him, glaring because he knows I'm not a morning person. I give him a slight groan in response to him before laying my head down on the island. It was colder than I expected so I placed my arm on the island and laid my forehead on it. "Well looks like someone didn't have a good night?" My mom looks at me with a tiny bit of concern on her face. My mom the Luna of our pack and she was beautiful. Luna Sarah Carter. She has long, pencil straight brown hair and nice honey brown eyes. She was slim and short to the eye because she doesn't stand taller than 5 ft 6 in, but she is stronger than she looks. My mom was one of the strongest members of our pack, aside from my dad and my brother. Though I'm sure that she could beat my dad in an arm wrestle if she really tried. Then there's my dad. Alpha Quince Carter. The alpha of our pack. He has bright blonde hair like Lane, but instead of piercing green eyes, my dad has bright blue eyes that remind me of a crystal blue lake. When you look into them you feel that he is compassionate and he wants to treat everyone like a friend, but when you get to know him people come to find out that his family is the most important thing and his pack comes first. He will do whatever it takes to protect what matters most to him. He too is built like a tank like my brother but is slightly taller than him. Standing at 6 ft 6 in. Then there is me. Lacey Carter. I have brown hair like my mom. Apart from it having natural waves and is far from straight. I have the same piercing green eyes as Lane and everyone wonders where they came from. No one in our family, anywhere on the family tree has these green eyes. So I guess you could call it luck? I stand taller than my mom but shorter than my brother and dad. Though I am taller than most of the females in our pack. I am 17 years old. Well... Soon to be in a few hours. Today is my birthday and honestly, I don't want to do anything for it. My dad directs my attention from down on my arm, up to him when he clears his throat to start up a conversation with me. "So Ace, what are we doing for your big day today?" My dad asks "Umm... I don't really know. Lots of people, big crowds, music aren't really my thing dad." I say rolling my eyes. My dad has always known that I was never big on the huge parties and loud music sort of thing, yet here he is suggesting it. "I know but it's your 17th birthday, we gotta do something special." My dad says in a hopeful tone, searching for some sort of emotion. I look at my dad to reply when my vision becomes very blurry. I shake my head in an attempt to clear it but that only seems to make me dizzy. I noticed my stomach turned, my tongue dropped into my throat, and the world around me began to spin faster. My dad notices my discomfort when he walks over and starts rubbing my back, trying to calm me down and reminds me to take some deep breaths. "So this is why you have been so quiet this morning. Another bad day?" My dad asks because he is trying to get me to think about something other than what is currently happening to me, and second he is trying to ask me a sincere question. "Yeah, something like that..." I say in between breaths and trying to calm myself down. Today is gonna be interesting. Before I even ask, my mom and Lane have already started the normal routine that became my life 3 years ago. And before I could say anything else it started…

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