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'Hope nothing goes wrong' Pearce thought as he entered the only building in the area along with Menacing Demon. When they got into the building, they could see strange patterns on the brown colored walls. Not only that but they saw five people gathered at the corner of what seems to be a large hall they just got into. But when they got closer, they find out that those five people were actually children being seated on a floating chair while playing cards. Among the five children, two were males while the others were females. “Greetings young ones, I am here to announce that a new comrade has joined your group” Menacing Demon said as he pushed Pearce a little towards the group. When the five children heard that voice, they suddenly froze in place. But immediately after, they hurriedly came down from the chair and did a stern salute towards Menacing Demon while shouting. “Greetings Commander Menacing Demon!!“ “You don't always have to be that serious when saluting your superior. You need to be loose a little at times” Menacing Demon said with an exhausted expression on his face while massaging his temples. “Ugh…” While staring at the speechless children in front of him, Menacing Demon pushed Pearce a little again. When Pearce got pushed a little again, he suddenly woke up from the daze he got into while staring at one of the children in front of him. “Umm… my name… my name is Kyler Pearce and I will be your new comrade from now on” Pearce stuttered as he bowed a little. “You guys make him feel at home. And also your training will start by tomorrow” Menacing Demon said before he turned and began to walk out of the building. “Yes Sir!!“ Echoed the five children while saluting in an orderly manner. But after Menacing Demon left the building, they all heaved a sigh of relief as they loosened up their bodies. “Thank goodness he is gone” “I really don't like seeing that nightmare” “Right now a good game of cards will lighten up my mood a little” “Umm… hello?“ Pearce said as he saw the five children suddenly turning to go back to the floating chair. “Oh, I almost forgot that a new comrade has join us” said one of the male children after hearing Pearce's voice as he turned again to go meet Pearce. This boy had a slightly long green hair which was all tied at his back to make a small ponytail. He also had a pair of bright green eyes which slightly blend with the dark green military clothes he wore. “What was that your name?“ Said the boy as he placed his right hand across Pearce shoulder while the other was on his chin. 'Seriously? I said my name just two minutes ago' Pearce thought as he rolled his eyes while saying. “Kyler Pearce” “Oh that's right!“ Exclaimed the boy beside Pearce as understanding dawned upon him. “Well my name is Drake Murphy, am kind of the youngest in the group since am 13 years old” said the boy with a proud look “You are not the only one who is 13 Drake” one of the girls in the group suddenly spoke as they all gathered Pearce. “Am Roseline Stallion” the girl introduced herself as she stared at the messy looking Pearce. Roseline has long dark hair which matches her red eyes. Although she is the shortest among the group, she is also the cutest while having a sweet charm around her. “Roselle Barnes” The next girl suddenly introduced herself. This girl has sparkling brown hair with dark eyes. Although her face still looks like a child, body is in total opposite since her curves were slightly seen on the all green uniform she wore. “Am Alex Arnold” said the other boy among the group. He has a buzz cut blonde hair with a slightly golden eyes. He seems to be oldest in the group since he gives off a slightly mature vibe around him. After Alex finished introducing himself, the three children along with Alex suddenly towards the last person who should introduce herself. Pearce also looked at the person with a hidden expectant gaze on his face. “Caroline” The girl finally spoke after staying quiet for a few more minutes, she has a long dark hair matching her dark eyes. She gives off a very cold vibe around her which generally makes people to avoid her. After Caroline introduced herself, everyone except Pearce to resume their argument about there ages. When Pearce heard the name of the girl that introduced herself last, an unexplainable joy suddenly inside him which made him want to shout. But unfortunately, Drake suddenly woke him up from his daydream as he asked a question. “So Pearce, how old are you?“ “Huh?“ Pearce said instinctively as he tried to grab what Drake asked him. “Wait don't tell you didn't get anything we have said just now” Drake suddenly asked with an incredulous expression on his face. But unfortunately, Pearce responded to him by laughing awkwardly while scratching the side of his head. As soon as Pearce did that, a strange ordour suddenly appeared in the midst of the group. “Dude, when last have you taken a bath?“ Drake suddenly said as he distanced himself from Pearce while covering his nose. When Pearce saw the sudden behaviour of Drake, he slowly lowered his head as he muttered shamefully. “Am… sorry” “That's not how you should treat people Drake!!“ Alex suddenly shouted while covering his nose. “I know but I just can't help it Alex, I couldn't stand it” Drake replied back while still covering his nose. “He's right Alex” “Humans shouldn't smell that way” Both Roselle and Roseline spoke to defend Drake since they look like they couldn't bear the smell the most. “You guys…” Alex muttered while shaking his head a little. But not long after, Pearce suddenly spoke in an intense cold tone. “Where is the bathroom Alex?“ “The last door to your left upstairs” Alex quickly spoke while suppressing the shock that appeared within him. Still with his cold tone, Pearce replied as he went past the group gently. “Thank you” But he failed to notice that when he passed the group, Caroline who hasn't shown even an expression since when he came suddenly smirked.
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