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'12 years old?' Menacing Demon thought while writing down everything Pearce said. After completing Pearce's profile, the clipboard suddenly vanished along with the appearance of the transparent orb Menacing Demon was holding before. “What is that Sir Demon?“ Asked Pearce while pointing at the transparent orb Menacing Demon is holding. “This a qi potential checker” Menacing Demon answered plainly. But before Pearce could ask another question, Menacing Demon continued. “All humans have qi or also known as life energy in them but only 10% knows how to use it. Our qi can be used for many things but we in the monster slaying regiment use it to fight the monsters lurking in the area” 'Well that clears most of my doubts' thought Pearce as he asks again. “So how does this orb check the potential of my qi?“ “That's pretty simple to do. The orb shows colors which are black, white, gold, yellow and red as the black is the highest potential while red the lowest. Just place your hand on the orb and the orb will immediately show you your qi potential” answered Menacing Demon as he stretched the hand he used to hold the orb towards Pearce. 'Here goes nothing' Pearce thought as gently placed his right hand on the orb. As soon as Pearce placed his hands on the orb, the once transparent white orb suddenly began to simultaneously change it's color from black to red and back to black again. 'The orb hasn't reacted like this before' thought Menacing Demon while staring at the color changing orb on his hand. But after some minutes later, the orb finally settled on the red color. After seeing that the orb didn't change it's color for a few minutes, Menacing Demon quickly threw away the orb on a pile of different color orbs at a side of the tent. “Congratulations, you passed. Although your potential is in the lowest rank, you still passed the eligibility mark” said the Menacing Demon with his usual devilish smile. “If so, then how can I fail to reach the eligibility mark?“ Asked Pearce with a surprised expression on his face. “That would be when your qi potential turns black” answered Menacing Demon with a solemn look on his face. “What?“ Said Pearce with a confused expression on his face. But Menacing Demon seemed to ignore him as he spoke again. “Although a black qi is the most highest potential known to man, it's also the emblem of evil since most people who are evil minded have a black qi in them” “Does that mean you have black qi?“ Pearce suddenly asked with a frightened expression on his face. When Menacing Demon heard that question, he was on the verge of puking blood but used all his will power to hold himself back. After some minutes trying to calm down, he loudly cursed. “Damn you!!, Just because I look and sound evil doesn't mean I have black qi!!“ “Am so sorry Sir Demon, please forgive my lack of knowledge” Pearce hurriedly said in a flustered tone. “It's alright, I have been asked that same question before. Just know that looks doesn't matter when it comes to determining someone's qi” said Menacing Demon with a gloomy expression. “Yes Sir Demon” Pearce hurriedly replied. “Now let me show you your monster slaying comrades” said Menacing Demon with a tired look on his face. “Oh no sir, Sir Rogers is already waiting for me outside to show me my new comrades” said Pearce with a plain smile on his face. “Is that so?, Then lead the way because I would like to see him” said Menacing Demon with a secretive smile on his face. “Ok Sir Demon” replied Pearce as he went towards the entrance of the tent along with Menacing Demon. But they failed to notice that the orb which Menacing Demon used to check Pearce qi potential is no longer plain red but has a dark shade ontop the red. . . . . . “I hope he doesn't kill that small child” Rogers muttered while walking back and forth at the tent entrance with a worried look on his face. “Sir Rogers!“ Pearce called out as he came out of the tent with Menacing Demon. When Rogers heard that childish voice, he quickly turned toward the entrance of the tent with a joyful smile. But his joyful smile quickly turned into fright when he saw the hideous man standing so closely beside Pearce. But before he could run away, Pearce suddenly spoke. “Sir Rogers, I brought Sir Demon with me since he said he would like to meet you” “How are my daughter and her child my son in law?“ Menacing Demon quickly asked with a devilish smile on his face. “They are fine Father in law. What made you to come out of your tent?“ Asked Rogers while sweating profusely. “Well I was planning on bringing this young man to his new comrades. Or do you plan on doing it?“ Asked Menacing Demon in a devilish tone. “Or no father, I wouldn't dare. Please do as you see fit, Goodbye” Rogers hurriedly said before he ran off with a frightening speed. “Coward” Menacing Demon muttered with disgust as he grabbed a shocked Pearce's hand and began to move towards another area. “I never knew Sir Rogers was your son in law” Pearce suddenly spoke after being in shock for a few minutes. “He just had luck that my dear daughter loves him dearly or else he wouldn't have seen this day” Menacing Demon replied with killing intent leaking out of his body. 'Does he want to kill him' Pearce thought as a frightened expression appeared on his face. But not long after, the killing intent leaking out of Menacing Demon vanished as he spoke solemnly. “Let me give you a piece of advice. Don't ever associate with that beast if you don't want to be defiled” “Yes Sir!“ Shouted Pearce with a serious expression on his face. “Good. Now let's go meet your new comrades” Menacing Demon said as he dragged Pearce into the only building in the whole area.
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