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"Next!!" 'Looks like my time is up' thought a messy looking kid who got off from what seems to be a waiting chair. After some minutes of walking towards the source of where he heard 'Next!', he finally stopped on a stage while emotionlessly staring at a burly military man holding a mini clipboard. This burly man had both dark hairs and eyes, he wore a military uniform that seems to be a body hub to him while also wearing military boots. “Are you Kyler Pearce?“ “Yes sir!!“ Replied the messy looking teen with utmost boldness on his facial expression. But unfortunately, that reply didn't even faze the military man who was sternly inspecting Pearce from head to toe. Kyler Pearce has long and messy greenish hair along with his glowing green eyes. He can be labeled as a stunning beauty if not for his unkept face along with the rags he is currently wearing while being barefooted. “Why do you want to join the monster slaying regiment?“ Asked the military man after inspecting Pearce. When Pearce heard that question, anger suddenly surged inside him as he replied with a surprisenly tense voice. “Because I want to get my revenge sir” “Oh?, For what?“ The military man asked with now having a curious expression on his face. Before Pearce answered the military man, he first took a deep breath then he answered while slowly having red eyes. “Five years ago, a monster invaded my home late at night and slaughtered my entire family” “Where were you the time that happened?” the military man asked again with a look of pity on his face. “I was out after I got scolded by my dad for always allowing myself to be bullied” Pearce answered with bloodshot eyes. After quietly observing the boy for some more minutes, the military man smirked a little as he thought. 'it seems I have find the person old hag' “I am lieutenant Rogers and from now on you will be a new member of my group” said the military man as he suddenly turned and began to walk out of the auditorium. “Wait sir… does that mean… I passed?“ Asked Pearce with a dazed expression on his face. “Of cause, welcome to the monster slaying regiment” Rogers quickly replied as he got out of the building. 'Yes!' Pearce thought joyfully as he punched the air above him with all his strength. “Aren't you coming?“ Asked Rogers from outside the building. “Am coming sir” answered Pearce as he hastenly ran out of the building. When Pearce got out the building, he suddenly had a look of shock as he thought 'Where am I?' Before Pearce got into the Military Recruitment Building, all he saw were moving cars, people walking back and forth and tall buildings all around the place. But now what Pearce is seeing are tents, blockades and some people wearing military uniform also walking back and forth. “You must be wondering where you are right now right?“ Rogers suddenly asked as he resumed his walk. “Umm… yes sir” replied Pearce as he quickly followed Rogers in his walk. “There is a special system in the Military Recruitment Building or better known as the MRB that once a person successfully get recruited into a monster slaying regiment, the building will automatically teleport you the new recruits testing area” Rogers explained while still walking. “Testing area?“ Asked Pearce with confused expression. But Rogers seems to ignore it as he suddenly stopped in front of a huge greenish tent and said. “We have reached the registration tent. Get in to register, I am not allowed in so I will be waiting for you right here” “Huh, why can't you go in sir?“ Pearce asked with a more confused expression. But Rogers seems to avoid an eye contact as he replied. “Umm… it's personal stuff. Just get in there” “Ok sir!“ Said Pearce as he quickly got into the tent. Immediately after Pearce got into the tent, Rogers suddenly sighed in relief as he thought. 'What a relief. I would have met that devil incarnate today' . . . . . “Hello, is anyone here?“ Asked Pearce with a curious expression while staring at the emptiness of the tent. But suddenly, he heard a voice from all around the tent saying. “Who are you and why are you here?“ “My name is Kyler Pearce and I am here to register into the monster slaying regiment” answered Dave with utmost boldness. “Oh?, A fresh blood wannerbe huh?“ The voice said with sarcasm. Suddenly, an evil looking man holding a transparent orb appeared right in front of Pearce. This man has a bald head along with a wrinkled face, a crooked neck and a hunch back. Not only that but he also reeks of an odd ordor. But surprisenly, Pearce didn't even faze after staring at the hideous man who appeared right in front of him. 'This guy is good' thought the hideous man as he quitely stared at Pearce. But after waiting for a few more minutes without any response, the hideous man decided to speak. “For not freaking out upon seeing my appearance, I will let you off the hook” 'Wait, you are letting me off the hook now?' Pearce thought as a drop of sweat appeared at the side of his head. Apparently, when Pearce saw the hideous man suddenly appearing in front of him, he was on the verge of screaming. But something seemed to hold him back from the doing the f*******n. “My name is Menacing Demon and where you are is the new troop registration tent. We shall start your registration by telling me everything about yourself” the hideous man announced as a clipboard along with a pen suddenly appeared on his devilish hands. 'How does he do that?' Pearce thought as he stood upright and began to speak. “My name is Kyler Pearce. I am 12 years old, I graduated from the military children encampment centre and I would love to join the monster slaying regiment”
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