Shattered reflection

opposites attract

16 year old Ashley Ross

Lives with her mom and little sister

Rich brat, but after she was abandoned by her dad

she was forced to work in other to support her struggling mom

There's one majo hiccup Xavier woods

a Rich 17 year old guy

that wants Ashley at any cost

what happens when he r***s Ashely after she rejected him

Will ahe be able to find justice

will he deny her

Free preview
Episode one "Mom we are running late,You know I have to be at work on time it's my first day" Ashley's POV Give me five minutes I just have to get my glasses mom said for the tenth time, Today is my first day at work and I need to be early you know what they say first impression matters I take jobs in the holidays In other to assist mom with the expenses at home It's been my routine since dad left us three years ago Well that's by the way After ten minutes of waiting mom came out with my little sister Ava wow mom you finally came out did you forget that today is my first day so sorry honey I promise tomorrow we will be earlier than this mom said okay enough with the sorries let's get going now After 30minutes we reached the cafe Ash I will come and pick you later you just have to give me a call mom said No mom you can go after picking up Ava from Mandy's house later Mom's POV I have to learn how to manage my time So I can drop Ash at the cafe every day AI don't want her to be late or frustrated at work all because of me while she was stepping out of the car I offered to come and pick her up later but she declined I didn't want to push her futher so I just agreed, give mommy a kiss I said annoying her come on mom I am no longer a kid she groaned Okay Okay since you don't want to give me a kiss hurry and gi before you get fired in your first day byeeee she said waving at us Ashley's POV I hurriedly entered the cafe, I am so late I hope I don't get fired on the first day,I mistakenly bumped into a wall disrupting my thoughts " watch it girl the man groaned",sorry Stepping away from him I went to the locker room and changed into the cafes uniform and went to the kitchen Miss Ross I heard from the other side of the kitchen, turning around I saw a man of about 30 years wearing a black suit, he is quite handsome I said to my self, miss Ross I heard snapping me out of my dream land,yes good morning sir I said Yeah whatever he said rudely The manager wants to see you he said leaving what have I done,Is she going to fire me oh ask your self again fool my subconscious said in a mocking tone you came late to work remember oh no oh no that's true I think I am about to lose my job Oh lord please help me I said leaving the kitchen. "Walking slowly to the bosses office,I kept on thinking of the possibilities of me getting fired and how I can get a new job" Reaching the door I took a deep breath and knocked softly, after two knocks,I heard a female voice say come in!! Taking a deep breath I quickly opened the door and entered the office,It was a medium sized office at least bigger than my room,there was a couch, a beautiful table and chairs, and a shelf After observing the office I heard someone clear their throat, then I realized that I did not come for a tour moving inside futher I greeted the beautiful middle aged lady Good day ma'am I said, please take a seat dear how are you she asked, well she is being too nice for someone that is about to fire their employee on her first day,I thought to myself Well Miss Ross this is your first day If I am correct. Yes ma'am I answered,and you are late Miss Ross,'I am so sorry ma'am I won't repeat it again please don't fire me I really need this job I said in a pleading voice". Okay let me assume this will not happen again, you may go back to work she said, thanks ma'am I replied please don't call ma'am again I am not old I mean I am too young for that she said chuckling Well you can call me Mrs Isabella she added Okay it's noted miss Isabella I said before taking my leave woah I said sighing that was one hell of a talk I thought I was going to get fired I said to myself immediately I was out ---------------------------------------- Ashley's POV I was cleaning the kitchen when a girl tapped me,Are you the new girl here she said,yes I am I replied,My name is Ashley I said and I am Luna she replied You are beautiful she said making me blush a little you are als o beautiful I said to her, from there we started discussing,making my time at the cafe interesting. I have been working for a few hours now and my shift is over I made am new friends today The one I am more interested in is Luna I think she will be a good friend I thought to myself. ----------------------_------------------- Hey guys what's up I hope you like this chapter forget to vote and comment thanks I love you ???

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