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Three single girls on vacation in a party resort. Three single boys on a vacation in the same resort. Friendship, love and trust is put to test between these young people when the vacation is over and reality is a fact. Hard decisions has to be made, hearts are going to break and lives are going to be turned upside-down. Sometimes you can't know what the right thing to so is, all you can do is try your best.


"Was that necessary?" I ask.

"Yep", Jeremy says popping the p, nonchalantly. He is standing in front of me with nothing but a towel around his waist. His hair is wet and his beautiful body is glistening in the light because of the water drops. He's so hot I have to control myself so I don't start drooling. I sigh. ”Now what do you want? And how did you even know where my apartment is?" He asks frustrated as he walks into another room.

I follow him and see that he walked into the kitchen.

"Don't hate me Jeremy", I beg. "I already feel bad enough". This was what I was afraid of though. Of Jeremy hating me. That's why I left. And he does hate me. It's awful. I'm awful. I'm a terrible human being. ”Okay Jeremy I fully understand why you hate me and..." I start but he interrupts me.

"No, you don't f*****g understand a single damn thing!" He shouts as he turns around to face me. "So don't tell me you do!" I'm shocked. I've never heard him swear like this before. I created another Jeremy. It was never my intention. Jeremy storms out of the kitchen and towards the living room. I take a hold of his arms, forcing him to stop. Jeremy pushes me away from him. ”Do not do that again", he warns me.

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Chapter 1: Magaluf
Chapter 1 Kayleigh It all started when my two best friends decided that I need to do more fun stuff because apparently, I'm boring. So, to stop being boring they figured that I had to do fun things, like going on vacation. I don't have anything against being boring, in fact I like being boring. I love to stay home and read on my free time when I'm not working at the restaurant. I like just watching tv and just cook simple food. But Lacey and Kenna don’t like that at all. They are more fun than I am, they think so anyways. They are not more fun than me, even if they would very much like to be. One day they just came bursting into my apartment screaming that they've booked a one-week trip to Magaluf in Spain, which is a party resort. The resort is placed on the Spanish island Mallorca. We've just finished college, so they said that they wanted to celebrate that. We could’ve celebrated back home but my friends like to take it a step further each time. Right now, the plane is landing on the airport. I don't really know how this happened. How the hell could I agree on this? I'm not a party girl, I'm a proud bookworm, I don't belong here, I belong in a bookstore or something. How did I agree on going here to party? How did I even get on this plane? Sometimes I even surprise myself. "That wasn't too bad was it?" Kenna asks happily. Lacey is still holding a tight grip onto the chair with closed eyes. She's afraid of flying. Very afraid, so I don’t quite understand why she wanted to go on this trip. "Speak for yourself!" She hisses. "Oh, come on now, we've landed, and we are safe and sound, now let's get off this plane", Kenna says and stands up. Lacey and I follow her, and we slowly get out of the plane, a lot of people want to get out, so everyone has to walk slowly. You know how it is. We walk to get our suitcases from the walkway. We stand and wait for our bags to arrive. When I see mine, I take it, Kenna takes her bag, and Lacey tried to get hers, but it was too heavy for her. "Oh no my bag!" She says and tries to run after it, but with a lot of people in the way that's not easy and the bag is getting away. Someone grabs her bag. A guy with brown hair. "Here you go my lady", he says and gives it to her. "T-thanks", she stutters and takes the bag. The guy winks at her before he runs off to catch up with his friends who are too far way for us to see more than their silhouettes. Lacey walks up to us, all red in her face. "Olala", Kenna teases with a devilish smile. "Even before we've left the airport, you work fast Lace!" "Shut up Kenna!" Lacey says embarrassed. I just laugh, I don't know what else to do. Lacey is already too embarrassed, so I'm going to spear her more, for now that is. We find our way out of the airport and to the buss that will take us to the hotel. "I think this is the one", I say. "Are you sure?" Lacey asks. "Let's just ask the driver", Kenna says. "This is a great way to practice my Spanish!" Kenna and her Spanish. We walk up to the bus driver; I just hope Kenna doesn't offends him in some way. "Hola señor! Parada del bus en el hotel Hotel Sol Guadalupe?" She asks with a proud undertone of her voice. Hm... I have no idea if that was right, I can't speak a word Spanish more than maybe hola, or cervesa, which I know means beer. Everyone knows that. Una cervesa por favor! The famous sentence. It’s weird I even know that since I don’t even drink beer. The bus driver chuckles. "Si señorita", the bus driver chuckles. "But I can speak English". "Oh well, excuse our friend", I say embarrassed and push Kenna onto the bus. As we sit on the bus, and wait for the bus to fill, I see that brown haired guy again. Who helped Lacey with her bag. "Oh my, would you look at that Lace", I say devilish. "Huh?" She asks before she seed what my eyes are looking at. "Oh s**t!" Lacey sinks down in the seat, as she tries to disappear. "Lace wasn't that the guy who helped you with your bag?" I ask loudly to make sure he hears me, which he does because he is now looking our way. He sees how I sit at the end and Kenna in front of me, and maybe the top of Lacey's head as she sinks deeper down into her seat beside me. "Shut up!" She hisses at me. The brown-haired guy says something to his two friends, and they walk our way. "Well hello", the guy says. "Oh s**t", Lacey says and the guy laughs. "My we sit... around you?" the guy asks. "Of course!" Kenna says happily. One of the guys sits down beside her, the tallest of the guys, and the other two sits down behind us. "So, who's hiding?" The brown-haired guy asks. She has now her hands over her face trying to hide what she looks like. I think that she’s making to too obvious that she doesn’t want to be seen. "Oh, that's Lacey", Kenna says. "And I'm Kenna". "What's your name?" The guy beside the brown-haired guy asks looking at me. I look at him and get hit in my face by how hot he is. He has ashy blonde hair, which is stirred in a mess, and the biggest, most golden brown eyes I have ever seen in my entire life. "What's yours?" I ask instead of answering his question. "Jeremy", he answers. "And that's Theo, and the one beside your friend is Colin". "I'm Kayleigh", I say. "That's beautiful", he says. We lock our eyes on each other for a moment before the sound of a guy’s voice wakes me up. "Don't hide little lady", that Theo guy says to Lacey as he picks with his finger on her head. "Lacey come on", I say feeling a little irritated over the fact that she’s embarrassing herself right now. She slowly takes her hands away and sits up straight with the reddest face ever. "Aahhh there she is", Theo says and winks at her. The bus starts rolling. "So which hotel are you staying at?" The Colin guy asks. "Hotel Sol Guadalupe", Kenna asks. "What about you?" "Same", he says smiling at her. They look at each other and something is happening in Kenna's eyes. What the hell? Even though this is only one week, it feels like a lot is going to happen. We are, after all, in Magaluf. Anything can happen.

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