The Luna's Choice

opposites attract

Mira is an average girl, or so she things.

Getting her degree and marrying her childhood sweetheart was the only thing that Mira Stone wanted in life.

Fate has other plans. Mira has to face an Alpha who doesn't like to loose, females who want her place, and a rogue who wants her for himself.

Will Mira be able to protect herself from possible rivals? Will she fall for her mate or the rogue wolf?

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Dreams End
There was a time I thought my life would be easy. I thought I had it all. I was going to my dream college, dating my dream boyfriend, and working my dream internship that would lead to my dream job. Too bad that dreams end. 2 weeks earlier “Mira Stone, it’s time to go” my mom yells up the stairs. Today is the day. I’m moving to college, the same one as my amazing boyfriend Xyler. Xyler started a year ago, but as we only live a city away I could visit all the time. He was going to the University of Michigan on a football scholarship for accounting. He’s one of those tall 6’5” types and 220 pounds of solid muscle. Compared to my 5’8” 150 pound stature he’s a giant. I know its weird him liking account and football but what can I say he is definitely a closet nerd and loves numbers. We grew up next to each other, pretty much my only true friend, so it was only a matter of time before we started dating. It didn’t bother me that he was 2 years older than me. He was the one I told everything too. All my dreams and fears. He talked to me as an equal even when we were little. I graduated from high school last year at the age of 16. I was home schooled because my mom didn’t like the public education system and how they “changed history” as she claimed. She didn’t want me to go to college until I was officially 18, but I convinced her to let me start at 17, as it is my birthday is only 2 weeks away. So most of my college career will be spent after the age of 18, which should make her happy. “I’m coming just have to grab my last few things” I yell back down to her. I quickly run around my room grabbing the last of my necessities and stuff them in my last bag. After all home is only a 15 minute drive from campus housing so if I need anything I can always just run home to get it. I grab my bag and walk to the door. I do a quick glance around my room to make sure I didn’t miss anything and walked downstairs to meet up with my mom and Xyler. Xyler had rented a small U-haul for me as my car was not big enough for the stuff I was bringing and my dad was again busy with work stuff so he couldn’t help me move, not like he has ever helped with anything. Everything is work for him. I gave my mom a hug, told her I would call her once I was settled and hopped into my car. I was going to follow behind Xyler as he was driving the truck. My mom crouched down to window height. “Don’t forget the company party on Saturday in two weeks that you agreed to go to. I’ll have a dress delivered to your dorm room. Are you going to bring Xyler?” I didn’t want to go as I had no clue what my dad did for a living and it was on my birthday, but being the dutiful daughter I had agreed to go. “I haven’t asked him yet but I’m sure he’ll want to go with me. See you in two weeks mom.” She stood up with a strange look on her face and I drove off following Xyler. I pondered the look on mom’s face for a few days, but with learning the layout of campus better and starting classes I had other things on my mind. I enjoyed all my art classes, which I hope I would as I’m going to school for graphic design. Art has always been my passion, so getting to do it for a career has always been my dream. A week into school I was accepted for an internship at Wolfe Enterprises where my dad works. When I had first applied I had been hoping it was something that would give us a conversational topic but when I had brought it up in the summer that I had applied for their freshman internship position he stopped talking to me completely. That was the day I had stopped caring what my dad thought and only did what made me and my mom happy. So I had accepted the internship and have been there a full week. Then the day that ruined my life happened. It was Saturday two weeks after moving out. At 9 am and there was a knock on my dorm room door. I walked over and opened the door to find a guy in a black suit with a giant box and two bags standing on the other side. He stated it was a delivery from my mother. He walked into my room placed the items on my bed and stated that he would be by to pick up me and my guest at 5pm promptly. He turned and walked out the door without even telling me his name. I closed my door and walked back to my bed. I gently opened the largest box to find an amazing ball gown inside. It was an amazing Oscar De La Renta design that I had seen online that I imagined myself in if I was ever given the chance to attend a prom. It was a gorgeous strapless lavender tulle dress. I quickly opened the other boxes. I found perfectly matching shoes and clutch in one box, and diamond jewelry in the other. I had never owned anything as fancy as this. It started to make me question what type of company party this was. I grabbed my phone and made a last minute hair and makeup appointment. If I was wearing a dress this gorgeous, I would look my best to compliment it. I got done with my rom at 4pm and quickly put on the dress, jewelry, and shoes. I placed my necessary items, lip stick, mascara, ID, and credit card into my new clutch and was ready to go. I then realized that I would have to walk out among all my dorm mates in my finery. I then realized I should have gotten ready at my parents house. Well too late for that now. There was a knock at the door. I looked at the clock and read the time. It was 4:50 pm so it must be Xyler at the door. I quickly pull the door open and see my completely gorgeous boyfriend in black tie. We both stood there for a good 2 minutes just staring at each other. Eventually he cleared his throat. “You look amazing. I’m glad your mom told mine that this was a black tie event. I was just going to wear a general suit.” “I’m glad you asked you look very handsome. This is actually making me excited for this party.” He stepped inside the room to wait until our ride arrived to take us to the party. I hope this makeup is make-out proof, I thought looking at Xyler in his tuxedo, I might not look this good when we arrive wherever this party is being held. Xyler grabbed my hand and was about to say something when there was another knock on my door. I looked at him apologetically and opened the door. The driver from before was again standing at my door. He stated that he was ready to leave and that we should follow him to the vehicle. We quickly made our way outside. I was receiving a lot of appreciative looks from the males in my doors and Xyler was getting just as many looks from the women. When we stepped outside two other men dressed like the driver were waiting at the door and escorted us to the limousine waiting right in front of the building. I was confused as to the extra escort but got into the vehicle with Xyler. The driver closed the door and the two escorts got into another vehicle parked behind us. The driver started the vehicle and off we went. Xyler and I just cuddled and talked about school and my internship. He said he didn’t want to mess up my look so the make-out session I wanted didn’t happen. We were in the car for about 40 minutes before we turned off the road onto a small road that headed into the woods. “Where are we going? I thought the party was at corporate headquarters?” I asked the driver. “It’s at the CEO’s home which is where we are heading to,” he responded, “we should be there in 5 more minutes.” Xyler looked at me. “I love you. Remember that at this party. My love for you will never change.” Xyler stated and grabbed my hands. “Whatever happens I will be here for you. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” I just looked at Xyler. “What are you talking about? This is just a stupid corporate party for my dad’s company. Do you know something about the company and just don’t want to tell me? I have been working there for my internship for the last week and nothing strange has happened.” “Please just remember that I love you. I didn’t want to keep secrets from you but I was forced to.” “What are you talking about?” The driver picked that moment to open the door. I hadn’t even realized we had stopped. Xlyer gave me a last look as I turned to step out of the door. I looked at the house. If you can even call it that. It was a giant massive white mansion that looked like it belonged in Hollywood, not in the middle of a forest. I turned to Xyler to continue questioning him about what he said in the Limo and the front door opened. My mom stepped out and rushed to me. “You look gorgeous darling just like I knew you would in that dress.” “Mom can you give me and Xyler a moment. I need to finish talking to him.” “Sorry sweetheart we don’t have time. We have to head to the party now.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs and in through the main door. I could hear a party going on down the hallway and that’s the direction she walked me in. Xyler was standing directly behind me. Mom stepped into the room first, which is when I realized it was a ballroom. Xyler stepped up next to me and placed his hand on my waist, clearly stating that I was his. I heard my mother announce us, which I thought was strange, and we stepped into the room. We weren’t one step inside the door and I was looking at all the guests. I felt compelled to look directly in front of me and saw a pair of amazingly clear turquoise blue eyes. The next thing I know. The male who those eyes belong to is standing directly in front of me and Xyler. He’s taller than Xyler which is a surprise. “Get your hands off of what is Mine” he growls.

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