When It Comes To Love, You Never Know

friends to lovers
kickass heroine

Kiara is a stubborn, carefree, irresponsible, rebel, and sometimes childish girl for whom love is nothing more than a mental disease! She has never fallen in love, she has never dated, hell she had never even had a crush! Everything related to romance just freaks her out.

Unlike her best friend Brian, an utterly sensitive, shy, sweet, caring, responsible, nerdy, non-violent, a little too emotional and a hopelessly romantic guy who is eagerly waiting to find "the one" and have his happily ever after.

Will Brian find the girl of his dreams? Will Kiara always remain being so unromantic? Maybe, maybe not. Because when it comes to love, you just never know!

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Chapter 1
Sunday, 2:00pm Kiara Jones rolled over on her bed groaning. This annoying sound was disturbing her peaceful sleep. The sound continued. 'Urgghhh. Why doesn't it just stop?' She rolled again and hid her head under the cover. 'There. It stopped.' She sighed. Now she can sleep peacefully. But no! It started again! Ok now this stupid alarm clock was really pissing the s**t out of her. And why was it making noises in the first place? Who had set it on? Who had dared to set an alarm clock on in HER room! She will deal with that later but right now she needs to sleep only this stupid alarm clock won't let her. "STOP!" she yelled in a sleep wrapped voice. Since it was only an mere object and didn't had ears to hear and follow orders even when it's from none other than THE Kiara Jones; it didn't stop. That's it! She grabbed the clock from the side table and threw it to the closed door with full force. It shattered into pieces. 'There. It's gone. Now I can sleep peacefully.' She sighed and started to drip into sleep again when suddenly she heard the annoying sound again. 'Wait! How could a broken alarm clock still run?' She jumped on her bed and sighed. She just broke her alarm clock for nothing. It wasn't the alarm clock which was making the sound, it was the stupid doorbell! The doorbell rang again and she got up from her bed angrily. Urrrrrghhhh! Whoever it was on the door, have better got a good reason for ruining her sleep like that. She thought and stomped to downstairs. Reaching there she continued stomping until she reached the door and yanked it open. There he stood. "Do you have any idea that you just ruined my precious sleep?" She asked angrily to the person who was standing on the doorway. "It's not my fault if you choose the wrong time to sleep Kiara." He said lazily as he pushed past his way into the house. "People are supposed to sleep at night." "Oh really? In exactly which book is it written that people are SUPPOSED TO sleep at night?" she mocked as she locked the door behind them. "It's my life, my house, my room, my bed and my sleep! I can sleep whenever the hell I want to!" "Okay, keep doing it. But don't blame other people for ruining your sleep then." "I will blame people every time they ruin my sleep. Specially when they do it in my own house." She said placing her hands in her hips. "And what are you doing here anyway?" "I'm here to baby-sit you." He replied. "You are here to do what?" she screamed. The tone she used, if it was anyone else who had heard the name of Kiara Jones, they would have started running in the opposite direction as if their life depended on it which was more or less true. But he was totally unfazed by her tone and just ignored her question. Instead he asked her, "Where is your phone?" She frowned in confusion "My phone?" "Yes your cell phone. Where is it?" "Umm. I don't know." After thinking a while she replied scratching the back of her head. "Have you had your breakfast?" "Haven't you been listening? I just woke up from sleep. Or rather correctly YOU just woke me up from sleep. So no. I didn't have my breakfast." Again he ignored her sarcasm and asked "Do you have anything in the house that you can eat for lunch?" Again she scratched her head again and said "Umm, I don't....know?" she said this time getting a little nervous. "Do you even have groceries?" he asked. "I don't know, okay?" she snapped. "What's with all the investigation?" "You don't know where your phone is. You didn't have your breakfast and don't know if there's anything in the house that you can eat for lunch. You don't even know if you've got any groceries left in the kitchen or you ran out of them. And you still ask me what I am doing here. I'm here to take care of you. I'm babysitting you until your parents are back from their tour. I don't trust you in a house all by yourself." "Brian! It's not any house. It's my house!" "That doesn't change anything." her best friend replied calmly and steadily. Ugh! Sometimes he could be just so annoying! Why was she best friends with him anyway? Oh okay she remembered. Because he has so sweet and nice and caring and..... Okay she needs to stop and focus on the problem. "I can take care of myself." "Right. That's why you don't even know where your phone is which was coming as switched of when I was trying to call you for the past two hours. And I bet, that's because its battery is down since you have forgot to recharge your battery as usual. Yes, you can totally take care of yourself." "Okay, okay. I got it. But just because I forgot to recharge the battery of my cell phone doesn't mean that I can't take care of myself." "We all know just how well you can take care of yourself, Kiara. So let's just not waste our time arguing about it. Until aunt and uncle come back, I will come everyday to check on you and cook for you and make sure that you eat those in time." "Why don't you just move here then?" "Actually, it's a brilliant idea! It'll be a lot easier then. I will just do it!" He grinned. "Brian!" "Okay, okay. Chill out. I was just kidding. About the moving part anyway. The rest stay the same and it's final. I'm taking care of you until your parents come back from there vacation." "But they are like gone for six months!" "Then I'm babysitting you for six months." "Stop saying that! I'm not a baby!" "Yes you are. Now stop whining and go get a shower while I cook for you. You are going to eat after that. And then maybe we can watch TV or something before we go out." "We are going out? Why?" Brian sighed. He knew that she would forget again and he would have to remind her. How does she manage to forget the same thing every single week he didn't know. "Kiara, It's Sunday? Remember?" he asked pointedly. Then she remembered. "Uh, oh. Okay, I'll be right back." She replied and went to take a shower.

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