Chapter #1.The Fresh Start. Part 3.The New Jackson.

796 Words
Kai finds Lucious and Jackson,as Kai says “Jackson you need to come back to earth with me,you don’t deserve to be in hell” Jackson then looks over at Kai,then Lucious and they both nod their heads,as Jackson looks back at Kai and says “Yeah,I don’t think I’ll go with you so you might as well leave while you have the chance” Kai then says “It wasn’t a question it was a command.You have to come back to where your friends are and the place where your girlfriend was killed and buried.Eva is unable to visit you if you are in hell and I know you still miss her and you have the right too.But if you think your safe with Lucious then your wrong,he breaks you slowly,he makes you think that he is the good guy and that he will help you.But pure blooded demons don’t have an ounce of goodness in them.I am trying to save you from my brother.So willingly come with me or I will force you to come with me Jackson” Lucious suddenly carves something into the palm of his hand and grabs a hold of Jackson’s hand,as Jackson’s eyes turn bright red and the whites of his eyes turn black,as Jackson’s veins turn black.  Lucious’s eyes turn bright red and the whites of his eyes turn black, and his veins turn black as well.   As Kai uses his magic and forces Lucious and Jackson to become separated from one another. Jackson gets thrown up against one of the walls,as Jackson gets back onto the floor, as one of Jackson’s tattoos glow and he shifts into a dark red and black streaked wyvern,as his eyes stay the same and he goes to attack Kai. Kai’s eyes suddenly turn into two different colors one eye is a metallic blue cat eye and the other eye is a golden yellow cat eye,as Kai says “Jackson you can’t kill me,remember Eva and think how she would feel about this,she would be disappointed in you and so would your mother and father.I can help fix whatever my brother has rewired in your head.I thought you would be strong enough to fight my brother” Lucious suddenly disappears in front of Kai and re-appears behind Kai,as Lucious puts his hands around Kai’s throat and forces Kai to go face down into the ground,as Lucious says “two against one doesn’t seem fair on your part.You really should’ve brought backup,but you are probably used to unfair fights” Kai suddenly snaps his fingers and slides out from Lucious’s hold and stands up and says “You and me one on one Lucious.I’ve had enough of your bullshit already and it hasn’t even been a full day” Lucious then says “Sure,but no cheating”As Lucious turns into his demonic form,which he has black burned skin with dark red burned skin,he also has giant red fallen angel wings and long black claws.As Lucious says in a deep demonic voice “Come on Kaizen show me what you got half breed” Kai suddenly motions his hands in a certain pattern,as Kai suddenly gets a huge ball of heavenly fire and throws it at Lucious. As Lucious gets thrown into the flames,as Lucious flies out of the flames and grabs the hell fire and blasts it at Kai. Kai suddenly does a front flip and dodges the blast,as Kai grabs the hell fire and blasts it back at Lucious,as Kai lands back onto the ground. Belial then walks in between the two of them and says “Lucious,Kaizen Stop and tell me why you two are fighting and why a Shadow Beast Shifter is here,that has a heartbeat” As Kai freezes Lucious from moving his body,as Kai throws Lucious back into the fire. Kai then turns and faces Belial and says “Father we were fighting to see who is the strongest once in for all.Also a Shadow Beast Shifter is only here by Lucious’s doing,so punish him if you want” Kai then uses his magic and opens a portal back to his place, in Athens Greece and pushes the portal in Jackson’s way and makes Jackson go through the portal,as Kai quickly closes the portal so Jackson couldn’t enter back into hell. Belial then says “Release Lucious now Kaizen and leave before I change my mind” Kai suddenly rolls his eyes and snaps his fingers and unfreezes Lucious,then portals off to his place where Jackson is. Once Kai arrives where Jackson is,Kai quickly closes the portal and makes Jackson fall asleep for a little while. As Kai cleans off Lucious’s blood off of Jackson’s hand and tries to get the demon blood out of Jackson’s body.
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