Chapter #1.The Fresh Start. Part 2.Emotional Denial.

2524 Words
As Jackson goes to check Eva’s pulse and there was nothing,as Jackson yells in anger and in pain,as his eyes suddenly turn a dark glowing red and one of his tattoos glow,and shifts into a Shadow Dragon and flies up and kills every single Russian that is involved with his teeth and claws. In a few minutes the Russian’s that were involved were all dead,after that Jackson flew off to clear his head. But suddenly Jackson gets summoned and once he realises who summoned him,Jackson roars at Kai angrily. Kai then uses his magic and makes Jackson shift back into his human form. As Jackson gets forced to shift back,as Jackson says while angrily walking over to Kai “WHAT THE f**k KAI WHY DON’T YOU f*****g LEAVE ME ALONE!”As Jackson throws Kai through the wall in anger,as all of Jackson’s tattoos glow,as he lets out a loud scream in pain,as he cries at the same time. Kai then stands up and fixes his wall,then walks over to Jackson and says “What has got you so rattled up?I know it’s not me that did this just tell me” “f**k YOU”Jackson says as he walks out the front door and angrily shifts into a black tiger with gold stripes,as Jackson runs off back to his house. After 5 days and a half, Jackson arrives back at his house and shifts back to his human form and quickly cleans up his house. But then Russel and Amelia knock on the door and open the door,then they walk inside and Amelia says “How are you doing Jackson? Jackson then says in a dull voice “I’m fine” Amelia then says while walking up behind Jackson and puts her hand on his shoulder “It’s okay to be sad you just lost Eva” Jackson then says “Can you two just leave me alone for awhile”As Jackson’s one tattoo begins to glow on his left shoulder blade. Russel then says “Okay Amelia lets go,and Jackson” Jackson then says “Yeah? Russel then continues to say “If you need anything that will help you through these hard times just let us know okay” Jackson turns around fully and looks at Russel and says “Okay I will let you know” Amelia and Russel walk out the front door and closes it and walks back to Russel’s house. As Jackson remembers the good times that he had with Eva,as Jackson begins crying knowing that he will never get to see Eva ever again. Jackson then walks down to his basement and closes both doors and one of the doors is locked,as Jackson shifts into his black and white wolf form and goes berserk in the basement,as Jackson howls in sadness wanting Eva to come back. *7 hours later* Jackson falls asleep after destroying the basement,sleeping in his wolf form. After a while,Kai portals to Jackson and be’s incredibly quiet,as he walks over to Jackson and places his hand gently over top of Jackson’s head and concentrates on Jackson, to see what is upsetting him so much,as Kai sees Jackson just lost his girlfriend Eva. But then Jackson wakes up and immediately growls at Kai telling him to back off. Kai then says “It’s okay Jackson I know what you are going through.I have experienced the same thing that you are going through” Jackson’s tattoo on his left shoulder blade glows, as he shifts back to his human form and says “Doubt it”As Jackson walks past Kai and opens the first door,then walks up stairs and grabs the key on the wall and unlocks the second door,then opens it up and walks to the front door,and opens it up and walks outside and goes for a walk to where Eva was killed, so he could bury her and show her respect.  As Jackson arrived to Eva’s location and kneels down on the ground and says “I’m so sorry Eva I couldn’t protect you from them”As Jackson does a half shift into his Shadow Dragon form making his dragon claws come out,as Jackson holds Eva’s hand and claws himself deeply across his chest,as Jackson falls to the ground and closes his eyes while he still holds Eva’s hand. When Jackson wakes up,he wakes up in a white room on a white bed,as he looks over to his right and sees Eva,as he says “Eva it’s just going to be you and me now.I’m so happy I get to see you again” Eva suddenly begins to cry a bit,as she hugs Jackson. Jackson then says “What’s wrong Eva?As he puts his hand on her cheek and wipes her tears away with his finger. Eva then says “I have missed you so much Jackson and I wish you could stay here with me” Jackson then says “What do you mean? Eva then continues to say “But it isn’t your time yet you still have a lot of years ahead of you” Jackson then says “It wasn’t your time to die,please don’t push me away it feels like I am going through hell without you.I need you” Eva then says “It was my time and I’m not pushing you away,I was told to tell you that.If I had the choice to decide I would be with you so you don’t have to go through my death,but you have to remember this Jackson.I will always be in your heart and mind,whenever you want to talk to me just call me and I will be there.Also find happiness like you did with me you will have to learn to let go of me.I will always be with you I’m your guardian angel” *Back with Kai* Kai suddenly feels a piercing sharp pain in his chest,as he quickly portals to Jackson to see what’s happening,as Kai sees Jackson and quickly goes over to him and begins healing Jackson. *Back with Jackson and Eva* Eva then kisses Jackson on the lips for a few seconds,then releases from the kiss and says “Goodbye for now my love,it’s time for you to wake up” Jackson then says “I don’t want to leave you Eva”As Jackson kisses Eva on the lips lovingly,deeply and passionately,as he puts his hands on her waist. But then Jackson wakes up with tears in his eyes,as he realises that Eva isn’t with him anymore. Kai then says “You saw her didn’t you” Jackson then says “Yes I did and you were the one who ruined it for me”As Jackson says it while sitting up beside Eva. Kai then looks over at her and then looks back at Jackson,and says “She is a beautiful girl,how did it happen” Jackson then says “I don’t want to talk about it I just want to be left alone with her” Kai nods his head and walks off and cleans up the mess of dead bodies around the neighbourhood. But then Kai hears a voice say “What is a warlock such as yourself doing out here? Kai then turns around to the voice and says “Who are you and how do you know what I am? The voice then says “You know me Kai”As the voice walks out of the darkness while putting a ring on his finger. Kai then says “Lucious why are you here? Lucious then says “Because I have an assignment,why are you here? Kai then says “I am here on an assignment as well” Lucious then disappears in black smoke and appears with black smoke around him,as he says “Hello” Jackson then turns around and says “Hi”Then turns back and finishes burying Eva.As he silently prays to god to keep Eva safe.Then Jackson finishes and turns around facing the person and says “Who are you? Lucious then says “I am Lucious,who are you” Jackson then says “I’m Jackson,what are you doing here? Lucious then says “I am actually here for you” Jackson suddenly interrupts and says “Why? Lucious then continues saying “I am here to take you somewhere safe.Something is coming for you” Jackson then says “Just let it come for me I don’t need protection if I die,I die” Lucious then says “You can’t die it isn’t your time Jackson,just come with me I can help you” Kai suddenly appears through a portal and says “Lucious this is my assignment go find yours” Lucious then says “This is my assignment though and I will gladly leave”As Lucious evily grins and grabs Jackson and they both disappear in black smoke. Kai then says “f**k,Lucious why do you have to do this you f*****g Asshole”Kai searches for Jackson’s friend Russel. After a while,Kai arrives at Russel’s house and knocks on his door. Russel then answers the door and backs up into the shade and says “Yes? Kai then says “It’s about Jackson,can I come in? Russel then says “Yeah, sure come on in” Kai then walks through the door,as Russel closes the door quickly while burning his arm a bit,as Russel sits on the couch and says “What’s wrong with Jackson now? Kai then sits down on the couch and says “He was taken by a old friend of mine” Russel then says “Why? Kai just shrugs and says “I don’t know why,he just told me he had an assignment.I don’t know what he is up to but it can’t be good,because he is incredibly dangerous” Russel then says “How dangerous is this guy?And what is he? Kai then says “His name is Lucious and he is so dangerous that the only place I know he resides in is hell.He is a greater demon a part of the royal family” Russel then says “How do you know this Lucious guy anyways? Kai suddenly puts his head down and then raises it and says “He’s my step brother,Who I Hate” Russel then says “So how can I help you in this situation.I’ve never been down to hell and I don’t want to go down there,not yet” Kai suddenly hears demons coming,as his eyes turn into metallic blue cat eyes and quickly gets up and puts wards around the house,as Kai says “Stay with your girl, demons are coming” Russel quickly runs over to Amelia and protects her. As Kai leaves the house and goes out front and says “I am guessing Lucious sent you guys”As Kai speaks in a demonic language. A demon then says back in the demonic language “Why do you want to know? Kai then says back “Just wanted to know”As Kai uses the ancient godly fighting style and fights off the demons that were sent by Lucious. A few minutes later,Kai finishes fighting the demons,as Kai killed the demons and their blood was splattered across his face. As Kai summons Lucious by force. Lucious then says “What do you want Kai”As Lucious goes to vanish but he suddenly gets hurt and says “What the f**k” Kai suddenly laughs and says “Who is the strong one brother now” Lucious then says “I am still stronger than you and I will always be,because you are just a warlock now let me out and we can settle this” Kai then says “No I know you way to well to make a stupid decision like that.Now tell me where you took Jackson and then once I get Jackson back,then I will release you” Lucious’s eyes suddenly turn a bright glowing red and the whites of his eyes turn black,as he says “Why do you care about Jackson so much you don’t even know him”As Lucious stares into Kai’s eyes and makes Kai see his past lover tied up against a tree with hay around her,as Kai’s past lover calls out to him. Kai then looks to the left, as he says “Aubrey?Kai suddenly shakes his head trying to get Lucious out of his head. But Kai suddenly walks over to Aubrey. As Aubrey says “Kai please help me.I don’t want to die” Kai goes to put his hand on her cheek and says “I wish I could Aubrey”As he says it with tears. Then a person walks up to Aubrey with a torch and says in a familiar voice “Aubrey Carmine is accused of using witchcraft and killing children.She stands here before us today paying for her crimes.May she go to hell to pay for her actions”As he lights the hay on fire with the torch,then turns and faces Kai for a few seconds. As Kai sees that Lucious is the one who killed Aubrey,as Kai gets out of the mind trick and angrily walks over to Lucious,then walks into his cage and says “YOU WERE THE ONE WHO KILLED AUBREY.I KNEW I HATED YOU AND I NOW KNOW WHY I f*****g HATE YOU”As Kai knocks Lucious down to the ground and strangles him to death.Making his hands turn to pure golden light,which is one of Lucious’s weaknesses. Lucious then says while gasping for air “Kai ….stop…… I …….can…… exp..lain”As                                 Lucious pries Kai’s hands off of his throat and gasps for air.As Lucious quickly disappears in black smoke. Kai gets out of the cage and walks back into the house and says “Okay the demons are gone for now.They won’t bother you as long as you stay inside the house you will be safe,but I need to know something” Russel then says “Okay.What do you need to know? Kai then says “I need to know a important story that Jackson cares deeply about.So I will be able to pull him back if his mind becomes corrupt” Amelia then says “Russel and I don’t know any personnel stories that Jackson cares deeply about,but Jackson cares a lot about Eva his girlfriend,but other than that I can’t think of anything else” Kai then says “Thank you.Well I have to go and find Jackson before it is too late,whenever I get Jackson back I will send a message to you,but I can guarantee that Jackson won’t come back home immediately it may take a few years for him to stabilise back to normal” Russel and Amelia both nod their heads in agreement.  As Kai tracks Lucious down and once Kai figures out where Lucious is,Kai portals off to find his brother. *4 hours later* *Kai arrives in hell and begins to go for his search for Jackson and Lucious* *8 hours later*
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