Shadow Beast Shifters

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Preview of the book:In 1907 there was a boy named Jackson Sparrow.He has never lived a normal life he was diagnosed with Therianthropy,which means he can shift into any animal he wants.He has every single tattoo of every single animal he has shifted into.His life has always been a literal hell hole to him,because his parents always tried their best to keep Jackson’s animalistic transformations out of human sight.But since they were humans themselves it got harder as Jackson grew up,but then when Jackson was 7 his father was forced to go into war.Then after 4 years passed his mother and himself got a knock on the door by someone from the war, saying that Jackson’s father was killed in the war.Then after 3 years went by there was a m******e in the town that Jackson lived in.But during that time Jackson’s mother told him to stay in his hiding spot.

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Chapter #1.The Fresh Start. Part 1.Facing the truth.
{November 11th,1918} *The first world war just ended.So many lives were taken in order to have safer lives,but in a small town of Berezki, Russia it was incredibly dangerous to live in that part of town, because a lot of crimes happened especially murder*  “Jackson, are you ready to get out of your hiding spot”The voice says in a normal calming voice. Jackson stays quiet and continues to stay in his hiding spot.As he peaks out of the little peep hole. Kai then says “I promise I won’t hurt you. I am here to save you from ending up like everyone else. It was your father’s last wishes he wanted me to protect you with my life.I was right beside your father when he was shot” Jackson then says “Yeah,how do you expect me to believe that,how do I know that you aren’t trying to kill me? Kai’s eyes suddenly turn to metallic blue, cat eyes and holds his hand out to Jackson’s direction and makes the cement wall move, out of the way and looks over at Jackson and says “I will never kill you.I am your protector I can give you a better life,just take my hand and we can get you your stuff and we can go to my place” Then all of a sudden one of Jackson’s tattoos glow and he shifts into a raven and flies over, Kai and Jackson flies up to the main floor and sees his mother laying down in a pool of almost dry blood,as Jackson shifts back into his human form and goes up to his mother and picks her up and says “Mom,please talk to me” Then in a very faint voice his mother says “Stay safe make me proud my son”As she closes her eyes slowly and dies in his arms. Jackson suddenly checks her pulse and there is nothing,as Jackson holds his mother close and puts his head up against her head and starts silently crying. But then Kai walks up behind Jackson and puts his hand on Jackson’s left shoulder and says “It’s going to be okay Jackson,she died so you could live she is a honourable woman,but right now we should get you packed and ready to go” Jackson then says in a serious tone “If you help her then I will go with you” Kai then says “Jackson I am sorry but she’s already dead and if I use necromancy it will end badly for both of us,but I can bury her if you would like” Jackson then says “What do you mean by using necromancy would end badly for both of us? Kai then says “If I bring her back with necromancy then at night, she will try to kill us with anything she can find,she will even try to kill us with herself” Jackson then asks “Why? Kai then says “Because whenever someone has died their soul normally leaves their body,but when a warlock or anyone that has magic in their blood brings back a loved one,their loved one does come back to life but comes back incredibly different,because they have been possessed by a demon that will only leave if the possessed person that was brought back to life gets re killed,but by one of their family members” Jackson’s eyes suddenly turned a bright golden orange and put her mother down gently and stood up,as Jackson’s one tattoo glows,as he turns and faces Kai and grabs Kai with his hands and rammed Kai,against the wall and yells in anger “LIAR YOU'RE ONLY SAYING THAT SO I CAN GO WITH YOU”   Kai’s eyes then turned back into metallic blue cat eyes and said “I’m not lying you can tell by my heartbeat there are no ticks in my heartbeat,so therefore I am not lying now let me go”As Kai snapped his fingers and used his magic to push Jackson away. But then,all of a sudden Jackson hears someone with light feet walking to his house,as Jackson transforms into a Black Panther with bright red glowing eyes and the whites of his eyes turn black,as Jackson walks over to the door,as he hears the person turning the handle. As Jackson suddenly hears a person on the other side say “Jackson you there?As the door opens up slowly. Then the person on the other side walks through with blood all over his hands and tons of bullets in his chest,as he says “Who are you stranger?As black blood comes out of his bullet hole wounds. Kai then says “My name is Kai I am Jackson’s protector.Who are you? The person then says “I’m Russel and Jackson doesn’t need a protector” Kai then says “Yeah and how would you know that Russel? Russel’s eyes suddenly turn pure black and his fangs come out and says “Because I am the one who taught him.I taught him everything I know and that is a lot”As Russel takes the bullets out of his chest. Jackson suddenly shifts back to his human form and says “Russel what happened to you? Russel then looks over at Jackson and says “During the m******e those people tried taking me back to their place to do something with me,but when I refused to go with them they started shooting at my chest,but that made me pissed so I killed them and I,also killed everyone that shot at me.So I could check on you to see if you were alive” Kai then interrupts them politely and says “My apologies but Jackson and I really need to get going,now I will let you say your goodbyes to one another”As Kai makes a portal appear with his magic,as Kai creates the portal to go to his place. Jackson then says “I am not going with you Kai.I am staying here so you might as well go back home” Kai then gets frustrated, but then realises he can summon Jackson,as he says “Fine,but we will be meeting again soon”As he walks through the portal and it closes on Jackson and Russel’s side. As time passes by,Kai arrives at his place a while ago and grabs some brandy and a shot glass and pours some brandy into the shot glass and drinks a couple shots. *Back at Jackson’s house* Russel says “So do you wanna go see if anyone else is alive? Jackson then says “Sure let’s go” Russel then signals Jackson and they head outside and go searching to see if anyone else is alive. But then Russel catches a strong and very hefty smell of fresh blood,as Russel’s veins turn black and says “Come on this way”As Russel runs over to the strong scent of blood. Once Russel and Jackson arrived,they saw a man trapped with rubble on top of him,as he spoke to Jackson and Russel in Russian asking if they could help him. As Jackson and Russel pick up the rubble and take it off of the guy,he gets up painfully and slowly and thanks them. But just then 15 Russian guys came out of nowhere. 13 of them were pointing their guns at Russel and Jackson,as Russel and Jackson both saw their girlfriends with guns pointed at their waists.  A Russian guy suddenly says “Znachit, vy dolzhny byt' poslednimi vyzhivshimi. YA predlagayu vam dva varianta: prisoyedinit'sya k nam, ili my ub'yem etikh khoroshen'kikh dam.”(So you must be the last survivors.I give you two choices join us or we will kill these pretty ladies) Russel and Jackson then look at each other,as Russel says “Amelia,Eva it’s going to be alright just try to stay calm”As Russel gives the signal to Jackson. Jackson then nods his head and his tattoo on the back of his neck and covers Jackson’s whole body in blue and green fire,making Jackson turn into a phoenix,as he flies up a bit and flies insanely quick behind the Russian’s that has Russel’s and his girlfriend. As Jackson does a half shift into his human form while keeping half of his phoenix form,as Jackson’s hands turn to flames and places his hands on the Russian’s guns,making their guns melt into a liquid,Jackson then says “Nikogda ne ugrozhayte nam. Vosprinimayte eto kak preduprezhdeniye i ukhodite seychas zhe!”(Never threaten us.Take this as a warning and leave now!)As Jackson allows them to let Amelia and Eva go. Amelia then gets out of the Russian’s hold and knees the Russian in the scrotum and runs to Russel for protection. Russel then holds her in his arms keeping her safe. But then the Russian says in an unfamiliar language then the Russian’s start shooting at the four of them. As Jackson quickly covers Eva to make sure she doesn’t get hit. Then all of a sudden Eva loses her footing and falls. Jackson quickly catches her before she could get hurt,as he says “Eva are you okay?But then Jackson sees a bullet hole in her stomach and says “It’s going to be okay Eva just stay awake I’ll help heal you”As Jackson covers Eva and himself in a impenetrable ball of fire,then takes Eva’s shirt off to see the bullet hole wound, better and reaches his two fingers into Eva’s bullet hole wound,and goes to grab the bullet but only pulls out bits of the bullet. Eva then says “Am I going to be fine? Jackson then takes his fingers out of her wound carefully and kisses her on her lips lovingly,passionately and deeply.Spending his last minutes with her. Jackson then stops and says “I love you Eva.I will always love you”. Eva then says “I love you to Jackson”.Then she becomes still and her heart stops beating slowly and her pulse gets weak for a few seconds, then stops completely.

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