#my you chapter :3

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#My_you [This episode is for adults only, children abstain] Nahid said, "Now get up and get fresh!" - "Oops!" - "Uh-huh?" - "It's only six o'clock! I don't feel like Phil!" - "Do you know if the body is OK?" - "Hmm, but the mind is not right!" - "Why?" - "Because I've heard that in a love marriage or a husband and wife lose sleep! Or do they not get time to sleep?" Nahid understood me but said stupidly, - "What if you don't sleep?" - "How do I say that?" - "Why? Say it the way you said it before! You know the mind again." I said a little sullenly, - "Huh, well done !! I won't tell you anything more!" - "Hey don't say, teach me a little too!" - "Why do you have to teach? Don't you have the ability to satisfy your wife?" As soon as the word was over, I pressed my mouth to myself, "What did I say, my intention is to make Nahid angry, but how did I say so straight forward? Shh!" Nahid threw down the towel and said, - "Okay, then you want to see my ability? How much can you take? You were angry, okay, but now you can bear it yourself?" When he finished speaking, he started coming towards me slowly. - "Why are you scared now? Don't look at my ability?" Suddenly he fell on me and came upon me. Holding my hands with both hands, he started kissing my lips incessantly, at one stage his lips started sucking, I could not breathe.It seemed that this understanding would take my breath away. He held my hands so tightly that I had no choice but to growl. After walking like this for a while, Nahid let go of my lips, I felt like I was back to life. My breathing then started to double. To put me to shame, Nahid said, - "Please don't breathe like this. If the folds of your chest fluctuate like this, I will go even more crazy! Ummmmm ... Mmmm you have left so much youth for me?" Nahid continued to beat his throat. Her every kiss made me tremble. He was gently touching my neck with one hand and gently touching my left hand with his other hand. Suddenly, with a loud push, a faint voice came out of my mouth. - "Ahhh ... lol, you know!" - "Nothing has started yet Boupakhi, I want to show you my full ability today!" At this point, he turned me around and started kissing my neck, removing the hairs that matched my back, and slowly started lowering it with the touch of his lips on the shirt chain. As soon as the whole thing opened, he started beating again. It made me even more anxious to suck in every place. - "Your shirt is bothering you. Do you want to take it off?" - "Ja ... Please pull the window curtain ...?" - "Oooh, I want to see all the faces of my wife in the morning light." Without waiting for my answer, he immediately took off my shirt and turned towards himself. I closed my eyes in shame. Nahid sat up and slowly started touching my hand gently from my forehead to my chest,- Gentle !! Is that so? -Hum bhabi! " - "Mild, your brother is sleeping. When he wakes up, we'll come down fresh. How are you?" Let's go ....
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