Who are you crying for? Thinking about someone else, looking at the skin of the phone and passing the time with a smile?

Whose phone are you waiting for? Busy talking to someone else?

Why not sit down to eat? Isn't that eating around and wandering around?

For whom are you sitting with your beautiful face gomra? Is he busy laughing and playing with someone else?

Who are you throwing your anger at people close to your parents? It is not possible to find the cause of your bad mood, the mind does not try to understand that it is bad for you.

For whom are you giving up your sleep? Isn't he spending night after night in love with others?

Who are you waiting for? For the guest bird that came into your life? Aha! Don't you know when guest birds come and what they come for? Do guest birds move from one place to another during the winter for their own benefit? In the same way, some people come to life like that guest bird. When their interests are exhausted, they leave. This is true. Even if you are bedridden day after day suffering from this, they will not feel any pain in their minds. But our biggest disease is maya and weakness. It is as if Maya goes after those guest birds, so when they come back after a thousand hardships, we become weak again. But we forget that those guest birds will leave us in two days. But at the end of the day, only those people close to us will find us, will see our good and bad, so it is better to give importance to the people close to us.

At the end of the day, we want everyone to be well, including the waiting people.

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story :my you
Today is my wedding !! Happiness like owning a man of love, may not be possible to express in any language of the world. But for this day we have not had to give up anything less. We say, me and my love man Nahid. First let me introduce myself. I am Tanima, an honors second year student in the Department of Economics. We have a small family with parents and younger sisters. Dad is a low paid employee. I met Nahid from a f******k page, at first the relationship was friendly, but gradually we realized that we need each other very much. But the biggest obstacle in this relationship was our distance. Nahid's village home was Sunamganj, but he is studying at a public university in Dhaka. And my home is Jessore. Even though Nahid was in Dhaka, there was a lot of worry about such a distant relationship. I used to see everyone else, show-off their respective relationships, but in my mind I was terrified of losing Nahid. The sound of knocking on the door took me out of the world of imagination. The time has come for him to come, to a completely unfamiliar house, and in a room with a dim light, where I have been sitting for so long, did he not find that? Mild arrogance is mine. As soon as he entered the room and locked the door, it was as if I had left half alive. In this way, Benaresi, who likes to wear jewelry and sit in the sej? Tell me? But I haven't been able to say anything for so long because, I don't know anyone like that here. As soon as Nahid came, my relief came back, because he is my only place of comfort. As Nahid slowly approached me, I said, - "That's it!" - "Tell me what to do? What started with all the friends outside!" - "All right! Don't listen, I'll take a shower now, it feels unbearable in the heat." - "No, you don't need to take a bath at the wrong time, Tanu! You will get sick!" - "Not at all. I will get sick if I don't get fresh now. Now tell me, will I wear sari? Or three-piece?" - "When you don't listen,What else? Do whatever you want! And do what you feel comfortable doing! " - "Don't say which one you like!" - "I like what you think is comfortable!" - "That's why I love you so much!" Wearing a gorgeous red salwar kameez, wiping my hair as I entered the room, I saw Nahid doing something on his laptop! I started wiping my hair in front of the dressing table without bothering her anymore. Quite thick hair beyond my waist! This is also Nahid's weakness, so he would occasionally say, "Dilute, take care of your hair, or you will be punished!" Thinking about the words, I unwittingly put my hair back and noticed in the mirror that Nahid was constantly looking at me with fascinated eyes. It's like a different look. There is intense thirst in this gaze, thirst for love. Slowly Nahid started walking towards me. As soon as I got up, I touched Nahid's hand in my hair. Nahid said in a charming voice, - "Wonderful! How can a girl be so beautiful? I am going crazy. I bowed my head in shame. He put his hand on my shoulder and turned to himself and said, - Please don't be ashamed. Then you look terribly beautiful, I want to hold you tightly inside my chest, so that no one can take this fairy away from me! " I said softly, - "Remember, say what!" - "Shhhhhh ..." He put his finger on my lips and asked me to shut up - "Uh, don't talk! Let my daughter see!" Gradually the two began to breathe heavily. It was as if Nahid was saying everything in a glance, a pair of lips slowly embraced my trembling lips. In an instant the whole world became chaotic to me, it seemed as if a cool breeze calmed my mind. Nahid started sucking her lips like crazy, I was also going crazy. It seemed like this was the time to stop here. As sweet as the moments of love are, why doesn't this sweetness exist all the time? It took several minutes to get the feeling, This time I also began to respond to his love with equal rhythm. I shuddered as Nahid slowly lifted one hand to her hair and the other to her hips. At that moment, Nahid suddenly left my lips and moved away. Suddenly I was not surprised by his behavior, I cried a lot. I stared at Nahid in surprise. He went to the balcony and lit a cigarette. - "Sleep, Tanu. You're tired! And sorry for my behavior, I couldn't control myself. You should have taken permission!" By this time I understood the reason for his behavior ... Exactly two years ago ... Let's go...

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