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#My_you Nahid started sucking her lips like crazy, I was going crazy too. It seemed like this was the time to stop here. As sweet as the moments of love are, why doesn't this sweetness exist all the time? After a few minutes of taking pleasure, I began to respond to his love with the same rhythm. I shuddered as Nahid slowly lifted one hand to her hair and the other to her hips. At that moment, Nahid suddenly left my lips and moved away. Suddenly I was not surprised by his behavior .. I cried a lot! Exactly two years ago, Nahid used to come to see me from Dhaka. She wanted me to wear a sari. So I did not forbid. Talking about the college program at home, I came to meet Nahid wearing a white tissue sari. Nahid was fascinated and said, "Even the angels of heaven will be ashamed to see you!" For a while we walked along the river holding hands and came to a restaurant for lunch. But unfortunately, there were no empty seats on the ground floor. But this was my favorite restaurant, so when Nahid requested the waiter, he said, "Sir, we have some private place on the third floor! The place is beautiful and you can spend some time alone."When Nahid heard this and started to move away, I said, "Where are you going again?" Let's not go to the third floor! But Nahid disagreed, because he did not want anything to happen between us before marriage. But I asked a foolish question, - "Hey what? We'll just eat and leave!" In the end, Nahid agreed with my partner. The waiter left after serving all kinds of food. But disaster struck first. When they went to pick up the food, they fell on the sari. I told Nahid in a sobbing voice, - "Is this Nahid?" Nahid frowned and said, - "Disruption at first? I knew it would be a nuisance! Go, get clean from the washroom." He ran to the washroom and took water from the basin to clean the sari. The pinup of the area suddenly opened and the area spread. Until then I didn't know how to read sari, an aunt helped me while reading! So now I could not understand what to do, so I called Nahid. As soon as Nahid came, I started saying, - "I'm sorry Nahid, look how it all turned out! Please don't gossip, I'm right now ....." By this time, I realized that a twenty-one-year-old girl was standing in front of a well-built man, dropping the hem of her sari. And that man is the man she loves. Nahid grabbed my hand before he quickly lifted the hem of the sari to his chest. - "I need you, I need you completely !!" Before he knew it, he swallowed me. Gradually the phenomenon of his absorption was intensifying. It seemed to me that the blood flow in the whole body had stopped in an instant, the moment had stopped, only two young men and women were mingling with each other. Nahid's lips slowly began to descend from the throat to the chest. As soon as one of his hands touched the hook of my blouse, I regained consciousness! What are we doing? These are sins! I said softly to Nahid, - "These aren't right, Nahid.You said don't worry about it now! " - "Ummmm ... I love you so much, I love you so much, please don't stop!" - "We are unmarried Nahid, you are doing these things wrong! Don't let this emotion cause separation!" As soon as the word was over, Nahid suddenly pushed me away. One propagandist shouted, - "This girl, what did you say? What did you say? Say it again!" At this stage I burst into tears Hearing the cries, he began to say again, - "I will not cry at all. How many times have I said? No need to come here! Heard me? If you were with a man of love in such a secluded place, which man's head would be right? You tell me !! Even when I was in a hurry to finish the meal, you Everything's gone randomly. Now that I can't control myself anymore, you're talking about separation? Then you know, you're mine, you'll be mine alone! Nahid could not stand my tears, so I tried to stop crying as much as possible. - "Sorry!" Nahid hit the wall hard, calmed down a bit and looked back at me and said, - "I'm sorry, I have said a lot. Please forgive me, please stop crying. I promise, I will never touch you again without your consent!" ...................... Returning from the world of imagination, I returned to the room without going to the balcony. Call out softly "Sleep now!" Nahid didn't utter any more words except that! I leaned on the bed and closed my eyes and waited for his arrival. Then I woke up to the glare of the sun. At first it was difficult to recognize the house, but later I realized that it is my father-in-law's house! But where is Nahid? As soon as I heard the murmur of water coming from the washroom, I realized that maybe Nahid was in the washroom. Remember, how did I fall asleep? Why so useless?How I slept all night without cutting his pride! I was thinking of tearing my own hair! Then Nahid came from the side and said, - "Did the Empress fall asleep? Babbah, is she asleep !!" I was a little embarrassed and said, - "Wrong, actually tired ..." - "Hey, I understand, crazy girl! How much trouble did I have with my daughter-in-law yesterday, to say the least? Tiredness will come!" - "Hmm!" - "Now get up and get fresh." - "Oops!" - "Uh-huh?" - "It's only six o'clock, I don't feel like Phil! - "I mean? The body is fine!" - "Huh, but the mind is not right. It will continue
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