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Zac Malvon

A racer with handsome face and charms, popular among girls and lastly playboy. He's a type of guy that can date 2 girls at the same time without them knowing that he's cheat on them. He loves his playboy ways and want to stay like that until 35 but fate says differently.

Cailey Locason

A writer who is working at Trendious Magazine, her sweet personality and her beautiful face always melt all the men around her. She hates guys who is self centered and playboy. Until one day.. her dad asked her to company him to watch a race.

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Chapter 1

Cailey Locason

"I hate this dad" I hissed to my dad for forcing me to go with him to a stupid car race. He and the 7 Gold Lifes are going and some of the kids will join.

"Oh come on Cailey , we rarely spend time together. Stop being grumpy"

"Why don't you take mom or Aiden? I'm a girl in case you forgot"

"Hey North" My dad hugged Alexander North briefly

"See even Alex doesn't bring Autumn" I said annoy and Alex looked at me

"Oh come on Cailey , it won't be that bad. You might find a hot guy here. Autumn is hanging out with her friends now"

"Not on my watch" My dad said and I glared

"Max , Aaron and Nicholas are inside , let's go"

"What's up Cailey" I rolled my eyes when Axel Cesborn put his arm around my shoulder

"Well at least you're here"

"Morris , Archer , Christian and Matthew are here as well" Axel said

"I'm the only girl" I stomped my feet

"Don't be grumpy Cailey" My dad patted my head

We walked into the venue and guess what? I meet Sean Harris , the son of Joey and Valentine Harris. Add Alfred Stanmore , the son of Mark and Daisy Stanmore. See.. I'm the only girl here. Dad you're so owe me 500 dollars for shopping

"Where is Aiden?" Alfred asked

"Ask my dad" I said piss

"Oh come on Cailey , we're going to have fun" Sean patted my shoulder

"Wanna buy some drinks?" Chris asked and I nodded. We walked down to the food section with Axel too. I looked around to find what I wanted to drink. I need something to wake me up

"Can you buy me lemon squash? I need to go to the toilet" I said to Axel and he nodded. I walked away from them and found the toilet sign.

"Cailey!" I turned to see my highschool friend Kate

"Hey Kate" I hugged her really tightly , we're in a music class together and she's cool

"Hey how are you?" She asked

"I'm good you?"

"Great.. so are you here alone?" She asked

"Nah with the other 7 gold kids and dads" I smiled and she nodded

"Why are you here?"

"I'm here to cheer my brother" She's excited

"Brother?" I asked

"Yeah , he's one of the racers. Billy Juvenford number 7" She showed her fingers

"Where are you going?" She asked

"Going to the toilet"

"Oh let's go" She said and I'm glad to find someone here because I will be damn bored. Why did I agree to this?

"Oh my gosh that's Zac Malvon" She squealed crazily and I turned my head to where Kate's finger pointed

"Who is that?"

"What?? You don't know Zac Malvon?? He's one of the famous guy besides your brother and his friends" I raised my eyebrows , I don't know him

"Zac" Kate pulled my hand and I don't have any choice but to follow her. My eyes are landed to the posters that attached to the walls

"Hey Kate" I turned to see the Zac guy and he's not bad for a guy

"Well what's your name beautiful?" He looked at me with his best smile and I ignored him


"Oh this is Cailey , Cailey this is Zac" Kate introduced me and I looked at him completely not interested

"Okay.. I need to get back" I said when I saw the clock is showing 11 a.m


"The boys will looking for me , I don't want make my dad send a search party" I smiled to Kate and she nodded

"See you later Kate" I hugged her again

"Bye" I walked away and find Axel standing near the toilet with Chris

"Why are you still here?" I asked them both

"What do you mean we're still here.. we're waiting for you , I don't want to get in trouble" Chris said and I knew what he means about it. I thanked Axel for buying my drink and we walked back to the place we our dads and the others were

"The race will start in 30 minutes" Sean said and I nodded sitting beside him

"Good thing I didn't bring Angel here" Alex said

"Why didn't you?"

"Mom will want him to buy a sport car again" Archer answered

"Give me" I glared at Alfred , he literally stole my drink. He's my cousin. Mom's brother is his dad. 

"Who are you cheering today?" I heard Max asked Aaron

"Zac.. Of course" Zac is the guy that I met earlier

"He's the ace , he will win" Nicholas said

"Not always dude" Sebastian said

"I don't even understand" I said bluntly

"See that blue car?" Matthew pointed and I nodded

"That's Zac Malvon's car , he's the ace" Matthew added

"You often watch this?"

"Of course we all love it Cailey" He smirked and how I wanted to smack that face

"Hello gentlemen" I turned to see a guy at my dad's age entered the place. My dad and his friends greet him especially Joey Harris

"Zac is my cousin and that his dad"

"Cousin from where?"

"My dad's sister is married to Cross Malvon , so yeah" Sean answered and I just shrugged

"How's your relationship with Greg Bolton?" Morris asked and I glared at him

"Ohhhhh right , still going strong?" Chris teased

"We broke up like 4 months ago"

"Good choice Cailey because we don't like the guy"

"What am I supposed to do when you guys don't like it? I like him"

"We're basically your brothers too" Archer smiled sweetly and I hissed

"Brother my a*s"

"We're the Gold Kids.. we're a family" Christian hugged me

"Get off me you bull"

"He hugged you because you're hot" Archer said

"Of course" Christian said honestly and I glared at him

"Good morning Ladies and Gentleman" We all turned our heads to the door and found the mighty Zac entered the room. His eyes landed on me and he smirked. I pushed Christian away from me and rolled my eyes

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