Confuse Feelings

1055 Words
I woke up at 6 a.m. I already do my morning stuff. I am heading now to Starbucks to buy a caramel java chip and toasted baguettes for my breakfast. I didn’t cook in the condo ‘coz I’m too lazy to do that. I am still not getting over what happened yesterday. I don’t know how to face Mr. Armania right now. After I buy my breakfast, I am now walking to the office. The office is just a walking distance from Starbucks so it’s not a big deal for me.   “Good morning Ms. Linn” the guard greeted me wearing his happy face. He’s not bothered to stand there for almost 8 hours.   “Good morning too.” The other employees also greeted me and I greet them back. It’s normal for us to greet each other because this company has so many friendly people. I am now heading to my office and ready to review the story that I was writing yesterday. Ah, this will surely be a tiring day for me.  I was about to sit on my chair when Mr. Armania’s secretary call me that the boss wants to see me today. I’m very nervous right now. But I need to face him because we are in the office.   “Good morning Sir, your secretary told me that you want to see me today,” I asked me when I entered his office.  He looked at me when he hear my voice. Woah, that is beautiful for me.  “Ah, yes. I want you to change chapter 5 up to chapter 10 of this book because it seems that it didn’t follow the plot of the story,” he said and hand me the manuscript. “Noted Sir. Anything else that you want me to do?”  “No, that’s all. I want you to pass that to me before the deadline. Knowing that you have a tight schedule.” “Yes Sir, I will. I’ll go ahead now.” He just nodded his head when I said goodbye. He is to focus on what he’s doing right now so I didn’t bother to say something again. I’m back at my desk and eating the food I ordered in Starbucks. I am so hungry right now but I need to eat faster because I have a lot of works to do.  I was so engrossed in writing that I forgot the time already. I was so shocked when I saw the small clock in front of my table. It’s 11 o’clock now and I am so hungry again. I need to buy food in the food court. I can not think properly when I’m hungry. Diet is not in my vocabulary.    “One carbonara, one large fries, and a sundae please.” I immediately ordered when I got here in the food court. I am now waiting for my order here at my table. I just pick the table that is near to the window so I could just have a beautiful surroundings when I’m eating. The food court here is very unique because it is made of a nipa hut and it is near to the garden, that’s why there are many people choose this place because of the ambiance. You can inhale the fresh air and it gives you a peaceful mind.   “Here’s your order ma’am. Enjoy your meal” the waiter said as he place the food on my table. I start eating already when I hear some girls talking about Mr. Armania. They are talking about him having a date yesterday night. Oh my gosh! I am pretty sure that the girl they are talking about is me my base on how they describe it. And ah, the girls out there are getting wild all of a sudden when Sir Armania entered the food court together with his friends. Yeah, yeah I know they are all good-looking man but they don’t need to shout.   “Hey, Linn!” One of Mr. Armania’s friends greeted me and I was startled for a bit. I didn’t expect that because I know that it is the first that he talked to me. We don’t know each other so I’m confused why does he know my name. Does Mr. Armania tell him what he did to me last night? Why is it that it is a big deal for me?   “Hello, sir.” I greeted back. I can feel the deadly glare of the girls here. If looks could then I am surely dead right now. Mr. Armania just looks at me but I instantly look away. I feel so shy right now because of the attention that these people give me. “Let’s go” I heard Mr. Armania say as he walk away to their table. His friends immediately followed him. I hurriedly finish my food just so I can walk away from the stares that their giving.  I am here again doing my works. Trying to focus but the scenario that happened in the food court keeps replaying in my head. Gosh, what happened to me. This is the first time I lost my focus when it comes to working. Since I can not do anything right now I’m just going to the mall to keep my mind busy. Since I have a book signing next week might as well go shopping to buy things that I need. I quickly call one of my best friends to accompany me today. I need someone to help me bring the shopping bags because I know I'm going to buy a lot of things.    "Jia come with me. Let's go to the mall," I said as she answer the call. I did not bother to say hello because she knows me already. But she said she can not go with me today because she has a date with another boy.  Yeah, she has a lot of boys so I think I'm going to have a self date today. I will enjoy this day and try to forget what happened earlier. I don't want to think that again. But before going to the mall I just need to change my clothes. I don't want to wear corporate attire while shopping so I instantly get home to my condo.
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