You Are My Home

office/work place

“Silvio, my love always remember that I love you. That you are my home, okay?”

Those were the last words Saylinn Westige said to Silvio Armania, her boyfriend for almost 5 years. Saylinn Westige is a known author. She’s been fighting against herself since she’s 20 years old. She is a brave person. Most people admire her because of her being an independent woman and having a breathtaking face. Silvio Armania is the CEO of the company where Saylinn worked. He is known for being the coldest and youngest CEO. He handles 12 companies including the companies of his mother and father. He is known for being the top 5 hottest bachelors. He is every girl's dream. But the only woman that he loves is no other than his employee. He secretly loves her for a very long time.

“a rude attitude to protect the heart

an author that’s hiding in the dark”

Two hearts collide

Like the stars and the moon meet each other amidst of the night”

Can they protect each other? Can they become each other shield to all the battles?

“you don’t have to struggle in silence. You can also be un-silent.”

- Demi Lovato

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Cold Boss
“Hey Linn, just finish that one tomorrow. Don’t work too much. The deadline will be next week.” Jimmy, my co-work said when he is busy cleaning his table. They are preparing to go to the bar again.   “You know me, Jim, I need to finish this first before I can rest. I don’t want to do some works at home.”   “ Yeah, right! Okay bye, see you tomorrow. We will go now.”   “Bye, drive safe.” They have already left the office so I just finish this story that I’m writing. Yeah, that’s right. I am an author of Homie Publication Inc. I wrote a lot of stories already and I am a known author because of the book ‘I Love You, CEO’. That book is about an employee that fell in love with her boss. That book is very popular now and it has a TV adaptation which made me so happy. Right now I am currently writing another romance novel which is ‘Before You’. I need to finish this before the deadline ‘coz I have a busy schedule next week. I need to go to New York to have a book signing event and then I need to fly to the Philippines to have another book signing. I am so tried flying back and forth to different countries but what can I do, it is included in my job. I can not leave this job because this is what I like. I’ve been dreaming this since I was young. Homie Publication Inc. is a known company because this company has many famous authors. Another thing is the CEO is one of the hottest bachelors in town. He’s been listed as the Top 5 most handsome bachelor in the world. He is also known for being the youngest entrepreneur because he handles 12 companies, including the companies of his mother and father. He’s known to be rich already but he still build his own company and that is the Homie Publication Inc. I am pretty sure that me, the boss, and the guards are only left here in the office. I am now currently writing the last 2 sentences of the story and now I’m done. I just need to pass it to the CEO because he is also the Editor-in-Chief.  I knock on the door first before telling him why I am still here.  “Good evening sir, here is the book that I’m writing since last week. I already finished it and you can check for it already.”  “Yes, just put it down here on my table. I’ll review it tomorrow. You can go now.” he coldly said. Even though he gives a cold aura to everyone he is still handsome for me. I don’t know why but he’s always like that. Giving cold treatment to everyone, his family is not an exemption though. Even his family can not tell why he’s like that. Despite his attitude, many girls are still trying to reach him. Offering an arranged marriage, even kidnapping him. They do that just to be with him. They are desperate b***h, aren’t they?   “ Why are you still here Linn? It’s almost 10 o’clock already.” I was surprised when he spoke at my back. I didn’t know he left his office already.   “I was about to leave now Sir,” I told him while avoiding his gaze.    “Come on, let me take you home. It’s not safe already.”   “No and thank you for the offer Sir but I can still manage. Beside our house is just 15 minutes drive away. It’s not that far” I decline his offer because it’s embarrassing for me. He is my boss and I am just one of his employees. I don’t want to be the talk of the town.   “ I insist Linn. You are my responsibility since you are my employee,” he said while walking through the elevator. I don’t have a choice but to accept his offer.  It’s very awkward for me. It is the first time that Mr. Armania take me home. I am hoping that no one will ever see us ‘coz if there is then it would be a big issue for the both of us, knowing that he is my boss and me as the famous author under his company. We are already here in the car. He’s not driving yet because he busy talking to someone over the phone. I assume it is his mother.   “ Wear your seat belt messy,” he said after he puts down his phone. I’m too shocked because he called me ‘messy’ and that was the first time he talked to me like we are some kind of friends. I immediately wear the seat belt. After that, he already starts driving his car. The ride was smooth and it’s all thanks to him. He’s driving carefully like he's afraid to get into an accident. I saw that he is busy driving but I don’t know what comes to my mind. I just stared at him for a minute. I realize that he is very attractive in closer. He has bristly eyebrows, a hawkish nose, defined cheekbones, and a concrete jaw. In short, he is perfect. He is so blessed to be this good-looking man. I was stunned for a bit when I saw him smirk. Maybe he knows that I am staring at him for a minute. Ah, that was embarrassing. I’m too shy now to face him so I just look at the window praying that he didn’t see me looking at him.   “We’re already here,” he said after he park his car in front of my condo.   “Do you want to go inside? Have some coffee first.” I ask him while removing the seat belt. This is the only way I can offer him for being good to me today.   “No, thank you. I need to go now because my mom is waiting for me at home.”   “Okay Sir, I understand. Thank you so much for taking me home. Drive safe.” I said as I get off in his car.  I waved my hand while looking at him continue driving to his home. I don’t know what happen to him today. He already knew that I used to get home every night. But anyways I am still happy for what he did today. He’s not that bad after all.

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