Meet the Parents

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When I arrived at the mall I immediately go to the grocery store to buy some food. My stocks in my condo are not enough for me. I can not survive for it for just a week. I just pick the foods that I want. I am not picky when it comes to food so my cart now is full of foods. I am here at the counter and paying for the food. I ask help from the staff here because I can not bring all the paper bags. I have 6 papers bags but I can only carry 2 of them. I just put it in the car and give a tip to the staff because he helps me. I am here now in Forever 21 looking for a good OOTD that I can wear during the book signing. There are a lot of beautiful clothes but I ended up in a white sando and black blazer. I also buy a beige wrap skirt and a black wedge to match my outfit. I also busy some other clothes from different brands. I feel hungry when I pass by in the Italian resto. It’s 5 p.m already so I’m going to eat an early dinner. I’m too lazy to cook the food right now. I just ordered spaghetti bolognaise and veal with porcini mushrooms. For the drinks, I got water and espresso. I almost choke when I saw Mr. Armania again but this time he's with his parents. What’s with him today? He always shows up when I am eating. Is this what they call ‘destiny’ or perhaps it is just our fate that we see each other. I looked away when he saw that I am staring at him. Also, his mother look in my direction and I felt shy about that. I can see in my peripheral vision that his mother is asking or telling something to him while pointing at me. I was astounded for a bit by his sudden action. He is now walking in my direction and I can not take my eyes off him. Am I in love with this man or am I just attracted to him?   “ Linn, mom wants to have dinner with you today. Can you join us?” he ask me and I was so shy to decline the offer because his parents are looking in our direction.   “Sure sir.” I smiled sheepishly. “I’m just going to inform the waiter to bring my food to your table.”   “I’ll come with you,” he said as he help me bring all the shopping bags. Shocks! He’s a gentleman.  I’m done telling the waiter and now here I am with my boss's family. Even though they are in their 50’s already you can still see that they are both good-looking. His mother is so elegant and classy while his father has this calm aura. They are both nice too. While waiting for our orders his mother and father are asking me about my career. I just answer them honestly. My boss here, on the other hand, is just busy doing something on his phone. He just listens to us and sometimes responds if they have questions. After a minute or two, our orders finally arrived. I am so hungry right now so I am busy eating my food.   “So Linn, I heard that you have a book signing event next week, right?” his father asked   “Yes, sir I have. The first venue is in New York and the next will be in the Philippines.”  “Whose with you during that day? Do you need bodyguards?” I was surprised by the sudden offer.   “Ah, thank you so much for the offer sir but no need to hire bodyguards. I can take care of myself.” I apologetically smiled at them. “and no one’s going to accompany me during the event. I don’t have a manager or an assistant.”   “Then let Vio go with you so that he can help you.” her mother suggest. I look at Mr. Armania to see his reaction but just like the usual he only shows his cold stare. That’s normal for him, though.    “Thank you ma’am for your concern but I think Mr. Armania has a very busy schedule. I don’t want to disturb him.”   “Okay, but if you need something just call him, okay?”   “Yes, ma’am I will.” After that dinner, I already bid goodbye to them but Mr. Armania insist that he will help me bring all those paper bags. We are now walking to the parking area. He is walking in front of me so here I am watching his back. Why is it that I am feeling this? I sigh at the thought of me being in love with him.    “Thank you for today, sir,” I said while putting all the bags at the back of the car.   “About the offer that my mom suggests, I’ll come with you. Don’t reject me, okay?” he playfully said.   “Ah, o--ok-okay” why am I stuttering? Ah, I’m so nervous. When I got home I straightly went to the kitchen to arrange the food. This is heaven for me. Looking at the fridge and pantry area that are full of stocks. After arranging it I went to my room to arrange the clothes that I bought. I also bought a few pairs of shoes. I was astonished at the idea that Mr. Armania is coming with me next week. I feel like I’m some kind of special. But I am also afraid that this feeling will get deepen. I am afraid to fall in love. I am afraid of getting hurt. Yeah, I know in myself that when you’re in love you feel happiness. But there are many what if’s that come into my mind.  What if he doesn’t love? What if he's just going to play with me? What if he hurt me to the point that I’m gonna kill myself just to be with him? Even though I try to stop this feeling, I still feel it. Argh! It makes me crazy. 
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