First Move

1100 Words
It’s Sunday today and here I am finishing my works so that I can have my rest before the book signing. My flight to Las Vegas will be this Tuesday so I still have one day to rest. Days passed by but I am still thinking of what Mr. Armania said to me. He has already booked a flight on the same day as me. He said that he’s going to fetch me at my condo. And I felt butterflies in my stomach because of that. Yes, I am in love with him and I cannot do anything to stop it. Now I’m just going to enjoy this feeling so when the time comes that my feelings will fade away, I don’t have any regrets. Indeed, falling in love inspire me to be productive and here I am trying to impress my boss. But I know that he only sees me as his employee. Not the way around. I guess I’m going to love him secretly. I’m done now with my works and heading to Mr. Armania’s office. I’m excited to see him but at the same time, I felt nervous. I knocked at the door and I heard him say: “Come in.”   “Good morning sir. Here is the final output.” I said while giving him the manuscript.   “Thank you so much, Linn. You can take a rest now.”  I was about to say something when he said something that I’m sure will change my life.   “Linn, from now on just call me Vio. I will be the one to fetch and take you home. I want to court you in my way.” he said while looking intently into my eyes. I don’t know what to say so I just hurriedly walk out of his office. Gosh, I feel my cheeks burning and am pretty sure that I looked like a tomato right now. That was an embarrassing act knowing he declared that he’s going to court me.  I’m here at my desk, daydreaming when someone snapped his finger in front of me. I smelled his manly perfume and I know that that’s him - my suitor. I watch him as he fixed his coat and he suddenly smirk when he saw me staring at him again. I looked away trying to hide my face but he just laugh at me.    “Come on, Linn. Do you want me to give you a picture of myself so you can stare at it forever?” he playfully said, flashing his famous smirk I was stunned for a bit by what he said. “What?! I’m not staring at you.”   “Yeah, yeah, you’re not. Hahaha come on, let’s eat lunch outside.” We’re now heading to Famobou Restaurant. This resto serves different dishes of different worlds. It’s one of my favorite restos. While on our way I ask him why is it that he likes me.   “There’s no reason why I like you. If there is then there’s also a reason to hate you.” I feel his sincerity when he said those words. Now, I deeply fell in love with this guy.   “Good afternoon ma’am and sir. Please follow me.” the waiter said Vio says that he has a reservation for two. I’m surprised again and it seems that he prepared this lunch date. Even the foods are already served at the table.   “Did you prepare all of this?”   “Yes, why are not happy? I can change it for you. We can go to another-” I cut him off before he could finish what he’s saying. I can see that he started panicking.   “No sir, I mean Vio. No need to do that. It’s just that I was shocked by this. I didn’t expect this one.”    “Sorry, you’re the first one that I courted. I don’t know how to court a girl.”   “No need to say sorry. I appreciate your effort.” We start eating already after I said those words and I meant it. I know that it takes a lot of courage to court a girl knowing that it is your first time. I am so happy right now and I don’t want this to end. I’m praying that he will be my first and last love. Thinking about those girls who want to marry him makes me want to kill them. I feel like a jealous girlfriend now.   “Do you to go shopping? I can go with you today?” he suddenly ask him after he saw that I’m done eating my food.   “Oh, no need. I need to save my money for the book signing event. I’ll just shop in New York. Just go back to the office now and finish your works so you could rest tomorrow.” I said while putting hand sanitizer on my hands.   “Are you sure? How about you, what are you going to do now?”   “I’m going now, I’m so sleepy so I need to sleep. Don’t worry I’ll call you when I woke up.” I smiled at him so I could convince him to go back to the office. I’m feeling sleepy right now. He sighed and feels defeated. “Okay fine. I’ll take you home now.” We are heading to my condo now. He looks more handsome on his white long sleeves. Again and again, I am staring at him for 5 minutes. What’s with me today? I know staring at someone is rude but when it comes to him it’s really hard for me to take my eyes off.    “We’re here now Linn. Take a rest okay? Just pack your things tomorrow and on Tuesday I will pick you up at 7 a.m” he said while taking off his seat belt. I chuckled a bit because of what he said. He seems like a father. “Yes, I will. You too, after your work take a rest.” I smile at him while getting off in the car. I am now watching him driving to go back to the office. When I can not see him I immediately enter my condo, go straight to my bed. I stared at the ceiling for a moment until I remembered that I forgot to thank him so I fetch my phone from my purse and text him.    “Vio, thank you so much for today.” After I texted him, I throw my phone to bed and went to sleep.
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