Her Destiny


She grew up in a nunnery, not knowing who she was or where she came from. Now at 18, she is ready to leave the safety of the nunnery, but what waits for her outside the safety of those walls, she could never have imagined..... She will find her destiny

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This is a story about nobody. You are probably wondering what is the point of a story then, right? Keep reading to find out. Prologue It just so happened to be the coldest night ever, ask anyone, they will all tell you about the coldest night in history being that night. The wind was howling and icey, whipping at your skin if you were foolish enough to venture outside. It also made snow stick to everything it blew at, windows, roofs, grass, the roads, anything out in the weather. The clouds hid the moon, and what little light there was, seemed to be swallowed by the storm. People huddled inside, around fires or under blankets, trying to stay warm. Barely anything moved outside, even the stray animals had found somewhere to hunker down to wait out the storm. Except, as if out of nowhere, there was a lone figure, struggling against the wind, clutching something to their chest. Every so often, they would stumble, almost falling, before regaining their footing and setting off again. Suddenly the figure stopped, head tilted, body stiff. Just as suddenly, the figure ran to the side, placing the bundle on the ground, before returning to the road, not looking back. Stopping again, the figure drew a sword from their back, hidden in the furry coat it was wearing. Sparks flew in the air as the sword was met by another sword as another figure appeared, as if from no where. If anybody had seen them, they would have said they were graceful, almost dancing in their deadly game. The first figure spun and danced around the second, slicing here and there. The second growled in frustration, trying to better the first figure, to no avail. As if getting bored by the game, the first spun, their sword flying with them, and the second figure had no time to react before their head rolled off their body, landing in the snow, immediately staining it crimson, their body slowly falling to the ground. The first figure didn't wait to see this, as they darted back to the bundle left on the ground. Carefully, one would say lovingly, the figure reached out and touched the bundle with a trembling hand. Before actually touching the bundle, the figure took something off their wrist, wrapped it in the bundle, kissed it and then simply disappeared, along with the body and head of the other figure. If it wasn't for the fact that at that moment, someone's wife had gone into labour, the bundle may not have been found, but as it was,the poor woman had, and the husband, stumbling along, almost tripped over the bundle, picking it up, he peered at it, then started running, making it to the nunnery, where he thrust the bundle at one of the nuns before shouting about his wife. The nun took the bundle from the trembling man and hastened inside, shouting to one of the other nuns to go help the poor man and his wife. The nun took the bundle into the kitchen, where it was warmest, before unwrapping it to see what was inside. Gasping, the nun peered at the tiny baby whose startling purple eyes were looking at her as if curious. The nun then smiled softly before cuddling the baby to her. As she cuddled the baby, gently rocking her, something fell out of the blanket wrapped around her. Slowly bending to pick it up, the nun placed it on the table, unwrapping it. Inside was a rose gold bangle, patterns around it like vines and rubies placed to look like rose buds. There was also a note that the nun looked at quickly before wrapping the bracelet back up and putting it in her pocket. Looking down at the baby in her arms, the nun smiled softly, and called her Rose.

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