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This is a collection of ONE SHOTS featuring different celebrities, artists, models, ecetera, in a ton of different scenarios. Forbidden, naughty and taboo.

Nothing is off limits.

I will continue to add to it as time goes by.

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Sweet Caroline
⚠️️️WARNING: MATURE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT⚠️ ‼️First story in my one shot collection! Start giving me some suggestions, pwetttttyyyy please ☺️‼️ Andy Biersack and Caroline the fangirl Warped Tour 2015- Pittsburgh PA, July 9nth Andy's P.O.V I thought I had told Juliet that I was completely done with her. I was still being professional and nice to her though. It's not like I was treating her like s*hit, going around, slandering her name or anything. She kept begging for a friendship at least. A friendship my a*ss. She was trying to worm her way back into my life, back into my heart. I wasn't an i***t. She had done this before. Insisted that it was just friendship that she wanted and then eventually ended up begging for my forgiveness. Begging for me to give her one more chance after she cheated on me and betrayed my trust. And stupid, young and naive me fell for her little speech. IT WASN'T HAPPENING AGAIN. "Juliet, look, I'm going to get something to eat with the guys ok, I have to go." We were chatting behind her merch tent and I noticed the amount of attention our presence together was starting to attract. I bet she wanted everyone to see us together, to start rumors. It was so like her. She grabbed my wrist as I started to turn away from her. "Andy- wait-" I Immediately yanked out of her grasp. "Don't touch me. You don't have that right anymore." I warned her and she retreated backwards a few steps. Her expression suddenly grew a bit angry. "I'm not letting this go. I'm not giving up." She threatened. "Yeah good luck with that." I laughed as I turned again and began to walk away quickly. Stupid b*itch just didn't know when to give up. In all honesty I had already eaten about half an hour ago and I just was making an excuse to get away faster. Like I said, I was still trying to be civil. And even though I just wanted to be like, 'I'm leaving now cause I just don't want to talk to your stupid a*ss anymore", I didn't. I needed a distraction. Something to keep her away. She kept f*ucking trying to get me alone. What could I do to keep her away from me?? Caroline's P.O.V- "Ugh, five dollars for a single bottle of water. This is ridiculous!" I complained to my best friend Matty. I loved shows, but I had never been to warped tour before and he convinced me to come with him this year. "I told you didn't I. But I'll get you one since I convinced you to come along ok? And then we can just refill the bottles in the bathroom water fountains." That sounded like a good idea, I suddenly wasn't so irritated anymore. "You're lucky I love you, do you know that?" I asked him, punching him gently on the shoulder. "Girlfriend, the only reason you actually agreed to come with me is because The Black Veil Brides are playing." He teased. "It's just, Black Veil Brides, not 'The Black Veil Brides.' But yes, that's why. I really want to see Andy in person... Matty he's so gorgeous." "Whatever. But yes he is gorgeous. I'd let him do me in a heartbeat..." He was suddenly looking off into the distance and I knew he was imagining it. I punched him in the shoulder again. "Hello???" He chuckled. "Yeah, I'm here. Ok woman, let's go get you some water I'm tired of hearing you b*itch. They won't even be playing for another four hours. What do you want to do in the mean time?" There weren't many other bands here that I was interested in seeing. Not that I hadn't heard of any of them or liked any of their music, it just wasn't my intention to come here to see them. I just wanted to see... Andy..." "Well... After getting water we can head back over to the BVB merch tent. Maybe by some miracle Andy will be there this time." Matty rolled his eyes at me. "Stalker." "Am not! I just really want to meet him..." "You're a crazy fan girl that's what you are, Gawd you drive me crazy sometimes woman." "It was your idea to bring me and you knew Black Veil Brides were playing." We made our way over to get some water and Matty bought us both a bottle. They were ridiculously tiny and I scrunched up my nose at it, making Matty laugh. "What the hell is this!?" I complained. "It's water goof." He teased. "This is like a few sips right here." "Good thing they have water fountains." Matty pointed out. After standing for a few seconds and drinking some of it, we began to make our way to the BVB merch tent once again. I could feel my heart starting to race and the heat mixed with my nervousness was making it really hard to breath. "You alright?" Matty asked. "Yeah I'll be alright when I get to see Andy, if I don't faint thinking about it first." "Yes, please don't faint on me. Oh my God.... Speaking of Andy, did you hear that he broke up with Juliet?" I stopped dead in my tracks, turning my whole body to face him. "W-what? Why didn't I hear about this?" "I know right, you know every single thing about him. I don't know I saw it on a tumblr blog." I raised an eyebrow at him making a disapproving face. "Really Matt. A tumblr blog? You can't believe those things half of the time. You never know what's truth and what's fiction. People like to stir up emotions in people by posting bogus s*hit." "But like, the two of them were actually having an argument outside of Andy's now old complex and they caught some of it on IPhone video. Andy had a few suitcases in his hands and was flipping out, telling Juliet to stay away from him." "Oh my God! Oh my God! Show me, show me, show me!" I started to freak out. Matty pulled his phone out of his back pocket unlocking it. "Ok, ok. Calm down." Andy's P.O.V- What the hell was I going to do. The guys were all doing something else and I told Juliet I was going to go eat with them. F*uck Id just go back to the trailer an- "Oh my God! Oh my God! Show me, show me, show me!" I looked over to my right to see a cute little red headed girl jumping up and down next to a short blonde kid. I watched him pull out his phone and then begin to unlock it. They were over by a canopy under the shade with their backs facing me. I would have continued to keep walking until I heard the guy exclaim- "You are way too obsessed with Andy Biersack, you need a hobby." I moved closer, a smile spreading out across my lips and continued to listen. "I do have a hobby. Andy is my hobby. Watching videos of Andy, listening to Andy and his band, looking at pictures of Andy...wishing and fantasizing about doing Andy.... " "Ok, ok. I get it! Found it! Here..." I strained my neck to listen to what they were watching. 'Fu*ck you Andy! I F*ucking hate you! How dare you do this to me!' 'Me! Do this to you!? You're the one out here playing the roll of a w*hore when I'm out on tour. I'm not falling for your s*hit anymore I'm so done with you, stay the f*uck away from me!!! yo- are you f*ucking recording this, you little s*hit, get out of here.' Oh my God.... I had forgotten all about that kid I caught tapping Juliet and I's fight the day I moved out right before warped tour. Well I wasn't surprised it was all over the Internet now. "Eeeeeeeeeee!" The girl shrieked into the guys ear and he backed away a little bit. "Calm down Caroline!" He demanded and I chuckled to myself. "He's f*ucking single Matty!" She exclaimed. "So? He'd never get with a fan girl. Why are you so d*amn excited?" He asked her rather rudely. ".... I.... I don't know. I really don't. She was toxic for him... And he didn't seem very happy with her... I guess I'm glad he can find someone else and be happy now." "You want him to f*uck your brains out!" The guy teased her, tickling her side and she squealed again. "In my dreams! You're right. Someone like him would never go for a fangirl. I can still look up to him though and fantasize. Come on let's go see if he's at the tent." As soon as she said that I turned and began to bolt that way. Caroline's P.O.V- "I honestly hate the label of 'fangirl' I mean... I guess that's what I am...but in my opinion, how can anyone not see how amazing Andy is. I know a lot of people just see him for his appearance but he's funny, talented, goofy, dorky, passionate, cocky which I love and not all the times sometimes and he's-" "CAROLINE." Matty interrupted me and I turned my head to frown at him. "What!?" I asked irritated. He grabbed onto my arm and we stopped moving. He pointed ahead of us. "Look." I looked in the direction in which he was pointing to see the Black Veil Brides tent...... "Oh my God Mathew...." Andy was sitting there, leaning back in a chair, chatting intently with their security guard Matt. He was smiling brightly and smoking a cig as well. I felt like I might piss myself... Or fall over... I could feel my whole body begin to tremble. "Are you ok?" Matty could feel my body, he still had his hand on my arm. "I-I don't.... I-I honestly... Don't know..." I stuttered out. And then I watched as Andy began to look around at the passing people. His eyes locked with mine and he grinned, right before a few girls stepped up to block him from my view. "I don't know if I can do this Matty. I really don't. I don't want to look like a complete idiot." "You're not going to look like a complete i***t. If I have to help you speak, I will. Come on girl this is your dream. This is your chance. Don't ruin it." He was right. I would never get a more perfect chance than right now. Matty helped me start to walk again, keeping his hand on my arm. We finally reached the tent and stood behind the girls, waiting to speak to Andy. I was going to buy a shirt and have him sign it. If only I could have more than an autograph..... My life would be made. The girls in front of us were giggling. Andy was telling them a funny tour story and I couldn't really focus on what exactly it was about I just listened to the wonderful sound of his deep scratchy voice. It made my heart even more erratic. I was a very brave girl and I didn't have a problem speaking my mind but when it came to Andy.... All of that was going to change. A few more minutes passed and then they finally moved out of my way and stood behind Matty and me, talking among themselves. I swallowed hard, looking up into Andy's face and he grinned brightly. "Well hello there beautiful. What can I do for you?" B-beautiful... Andy called me beautiful. I knew Matty could sense my sudden freak out cause he squeezed my arm a few times, reminding me to stay calm. "U-uhm... A shirt... Can I...." I looked passed his head at the shirts hanging up. There was one white, muscle looking shirt with their picture. It would do. I wanted it white so his signature would show up better. Andy turned his head as I pointed to it. "Th-that one please. And could you... Sign it... Please?" He stood up, digging in one of the bins behind the table. "Of course darlin and what size?" Darlin... D*amn.... He was quite the sweet talker to me. "Small please." Soon he found one and pulled it out, turning back around to meet me. He unrolled it and pulled out a sharpie from his vest pocket. "Front or back?" He asked. "W-wherever..." He looked up at me and grinned again, before flipping it, opening the sharpie and starting to write something. Instead of his simple signature, he had signed- 'to the beautiful Caroline. Xoxo <3 Andy' HOW'D HE KNOW MY NAME!? I couldn't help but mumble out, "w-what..." I looked over at Matty who looked just as shocked as I did and then back at Andy. "Wanna take a walk with me?" Andy asked sweetly, handing me the shirt. "You don't need to pay for it. Consider it a gift." WHAT!? What the h*ell was happening right now!? "A-a walk?" "Yeah a walk?" He asked, standing up. Matt immediately let go of my arm and i swallowed hard again. This was his way of telling me to get my a*ss moving. If I asked him what he thought I should do he would obviously say GO WITH HIM. "S-sure." "Just us. Is that ok?" Andy looked over at Matt and Matt backed up. "She's all yours." Matty said and I felt my heart start to race even faster. All his!? OH GAWD, I WAS IN FULL FREAK OUT MODE RIGHT NOW. "I'll catch up with you later girl." Matty kissed me lightly on the cheek before turning and walking away quickly. I watched Andy walk out from behind the booth to stand next to me. And then he did something that made my whole body twitch. He grabbed my hand and laced his fingers with mine. His hand was hot and just as sweaty as mine. I looked up at him and he grinned down at me. "Do you mind?" He asked. I shook my head quickly and looked away. How could I mind something like this.... Oh God it felt so good. We turned around and began to walk past the BVB tent and continued to walk. "How did you know my name?" I squeaked out. I had to know. It was eating away at me. He chuckled. "I overheard your... Friend?" "Yeah he's gay..." I quickly fumbled out. "I thought so hahaha, anyway, I overheard your friend and you talking while watching a certain video on tumblr." OH MY GOD. This made more sense now. He probably wanted to ask me not to tell anyone about it or share it around. He was probably trying to keep it hush. Maybe Juliet and him were working things out. "I'm... I-I'm so sorry.... I just... I just...." "It's ok. Calm down. I'm not mad that you were watching it. People are just starting to realize now. I guess it's a good thing that it's out there. I want people to know that we aren't together anymore." He explained. And I was completely NOT expecting it whatsoever. "Oh...." I whispered. "Yeah. Juliet won't let me go but I'm trying like h*ell to keep her away from me. She keeps trying so hard to get on my good side again." "W-why are you telling me this?" I asked, suddenly finding my voice again, overly curious. "Because I heard the whole convo you had with your friend during and after the video. Before you came to my merch tent." We continued to walk and I felt my cheeks start to burn. That wasn't all... I felt so embarrassed it was making me a tad nauseated. "Oh God... A-Andy that was just... Some fan girl talk.. I'm sorry... I d-didnt mean it..." "Didn't you?" We stopped walking and he turned to face me. I looked up into his eyes as he towered over me. It felt like I couldn't breathe anymore. "N-no... I-" "Come back to my trailer with me... Please." He wrapped his arm around my back and pulled me up against him. I whimpered as he bent down, pushing his lips onto mine. It was an innocent kiss. No tongue and then he pulled his face away, his eyes wandering my face. My eyelids felt heavy and I could feel chills erupting all over my body. Why was he doing this? He didn't even know me... "Let me... F*uck your brains out..." He gently moved a piece of hair out of my eyes and then let his finger trail down my cheek and over my collar bone. "Please..." He whispered. "Y-yes.... Oh God yes.... O-ok..." How could I say no to him. How....as bad as that sounded... He nodded and began to walk again, squeezing my hand tighter, leading me... As we continued to walk I caught sight of Juliet's tent and she just so happened to be standing there and she just so happened to see us.... And Oh My God was she glaring f*ucking daggers. At that very moment it all made sense.... Andy was trying to send Juliet a message.... But I didn't give two s*hits why Andy was really doing this AT ALL. I WANTED HIM. I prayed to God that he would actually go through with it as horrible as it sounded... Yes, yes, yes I KNOW. We continued to walk until we reached the back of the venue area where there were a whole bunch of trailers. I was starting to get more and more nervous by the second. He was silent until we reached the door and then he opened it, turning to look at me. "I'm not using you." He said, surprising me. I couldn't help but let out a laugh. Boldness over taking me. He frowned as he led me inside and shut the door, locking it. "What's so funny?" He asked as my laughing quieted. "Andy-" I sat on the couch right inside the door. "I saw us walk right passed Juliet. I saw the look she gave us. You wanted her to see us... You want to send her a message..." I crossed my legs, looking up at Andy who was still standing by the door. He looked flabbergasted and I knew I had hit the nail on the head. "Ok...." Andy walked over slowly and sat next to me on the couch. His closeness made me even more nervous.... I inched away from him a little bit. He noticed of course. "Are you changing your mind?" Hearing those words come out of his mouth sounded terribly absurd."GOD NO." Andy grinned wickedly. "I'll tell you the truth. I do want to get the point across to Juliet that I don't want her anymore. I want her to see me with another woman. It doesn't hurt either that, that woman is so incredibly beautiful..." He followed the path I had scooted and pressed his side up against mine. I closed my eyes for a few brief moments, taking in a deep breath. When I opened them again Andy's face was directly in front of mine. He placed a hand on each of my cheeks and lightly placed his lips against mine. I inhaled sharply. "It's ok..." He said before he lifted his leg up off of the couch and put it over my lap so he was straddling it. He deepened his kiss and my head fell back onto the couch, his hands stayed in place on my cheeks. He gently ran his tongue over my bottom lip until I caved to its pressure and opened up for it. I immediately moaned as it found its way in and stroked mine gently. He tasted so sweet. I couldn't help but grab onto his sides. He jerked as soon as he felt me touch him. He surprised me by moaning into my mouth and then he pulled his mouth off of mine and rested his forehead against mine. He was panting. "I'm sorry.... You feel so good.... I haven't been physical with anyone in a pretty long time..." He mumbled out. I wasn't expecting him to say anything like that. "Th-then don't stop..." I leaned forward, speaking softly into his ear and his body shivered. "Oh sweet Caroline.... I'm not going to..." He pushed his lips back onto mind harder than before but only for a brief moment before he latched his teeth into my bottom lip and bit hard. I cried out. His hands grabbed onto my waist and he squeezed hard. "Andy..." "I know you've probably had your suspicions about now I might be intimately. I'm sure you've wondered how big I am...." I felt him take a hand off of me and he brought it to his belt. He undid it and opened the top of his pants before he grabbed my wrist and guided my hand down in. His belly was soft and it clenched as my fingers wrapped around his d*ick and trailed along its length. He was just as big as I had always thought, just from the feel. "Squeeze me harder..." I did and I watched him throw his head back and groan. He put his other hand back on my waist, squeezing as tightly as I did. "I want to let you know now... That I'm pretty rough... And I can't help it. It's the only way I know how to be... I'm giving you one chance here to tell me no and change your mind..." Saying no to Andy Biersack f*ucking me. I laughed to myself in my head. "I want this so bad, no isn't an option." I said bluntly, suddenly overcome by how turned on it made me holding his d*ick in my hand. "Ok then... Baby." Oh God he called me baby. He hoisted me up and swung his legs up onto the couch before placing me down onto his belly. "Take off your shorts... I want to taste you." My heart skipped and he grinned up at me. I had to get off of him and stand on the floor to pull them off. He watch me intently, his eyes landing in between my legs as my shorts fell around my feet. "No panties?" He asked devilishly. I shook my head, biting my lip. "Just the way I like it. Now take off the rest of your clothes and come sit on my face beautiful." My body shook as he watched me pull my tank up over my head and he immediately scanned my cleavage. He licked his lips. And then I was completely naked and I felt like my heart would explode. He must have really liked what he saw though because he grinned darkly. I felt my stomach clench as I neared the couch again and he grabbed my waist, forcing me around. "Back up onto me baby." I put a foot on each side of his chest on the couch. My legs were shaking like crazy. He lowered me down over his head, spreading my thighs and guiding me down. His tongue immediately made its way into me and he swirled it around slowly. I cried out, my whole body jerking but he held me still. I was gently lowered forward so my chest laid against his "Mmmmm..." He let out as be continued to suck and stroke me. I never had a man as skilled as this. My eyelids fluttered shut as he moved his mouth to my c*lit, pulling it into his mouth. He nibbled gently, while slowly sliding a single finger into me. "Slide down my pants." He paused to say. With trembling arms I obeyed and brought his boxers down with them. When his d*ick sprung free my breath caught in my throat. It was much more impressive than I had ever imagined even after feeling it. I put my hands around it and pulled myself forward pulling the tip of it between my lips. I wanted to taste him just as bad. All the dreams I had, had about this moment. Fantasizing about messing around with him, I still couldn't believe this was actually happening. He sucked harder on my c*lit in response to my mouth on him and shoved another finger into me. I forced him into the back of my throat and then out again, eliciting a sweet groan from his throat. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated his mouth in between my legs, how good it felt. He shoved another finger into me and began to pick up his pace. And right at that moment, I came. He continued to thrust until my o*rgasm passed. He removed his mouth from me and took his fingers out but I continued to thrust him in and out of my mouth. "Oh my God CAROLINE baby.... You're s-oooo goooood!!!" He cried out. I picked up my pace, gently trailing the tips of my fingers around his balls. He moaned softly as I continued. When he finally came, he came hard. I swallowed resisting the urge to gag. I lifted my head as soon as I was sure he had finished and wiped the corner of my lips on my wrist. I felt his hand grasp the back of my neck and he pulled my head backwards. As he sat up, my a*ss slid into his lap and he kicked his pants off the rest of the way. He encircled his arm around my waist and grabbed the base of his d*ick before be rubbed his head gentle between my lips, moaning into my ear. My body shuddered as he placed his chin on my shoulder, breathing heavily into my ear. "Are you sensitive beautiful?" He asked sweetly, bringing his other arm around my waist to run the tip of his finger over the tip of my c*lit. I shuddered harder, letting out a soft moan. "Y-yes...." As he continued his motions he planted moist gentle kisses up and down the side of my neck. "I want you to tell me if I'm everything you've ever thought I'd be ok?" He whispered into my ear and I whimpered. "Promise? Be honest." "I-I promise..." He moved his hands to my ass and lifted me up, sliding his d*ick into me ever so slowly. I moaned loudly the entire time and he chuckled. "Uhhhnnnnnnn- a Andy..." "You're so f*ucking tight baby, why are you so tiiiight?" He groaned. He wrapped his arms around my belly and pulled me off of the couch with him, bringing me to my knees I held my hands out, placing them onto the couch as he stood behind me and began to slowly thrust in and out. "I-I..." I could barely speak, he felt so good. He stretched me so perfectly. "I-I... You're only my s-second...." I stuttered out and he rammed into me hard, suddenly picking up his pace. "Oh Caroline baby...hold on.." He pulled back and then rammed into me hard again. I couldn't help but scream. Andy was turning out to be everything I'd hoped hed be. He had my whole body shaking. He grabbed a bunch of my hair and pulled my head back. "ANDY!!!!" I felt his mouth at my ear and he chuckled. "How does this feel beautiful?" He bit my earlobe painfully hard and he continued to ride me. "More..." I panted. He moved his hand from the back of my hair, slithering it around the front of my throat and he squeezed. "Are you sure? If it hurts n-oooow... It's only going to hurt w-orseee!" He groaned out. "YESSS!" I screamed again. I would never get this again. I wanted all I could get. I wanted my back to ache. I wanted him to leave his mark on me forever. His fingers flexed on my throat and his knees spread my thighs further apart. "You asked for it. Remember that." I felt him pull back and for a moment, it felt like he wasn't even inside of me anymore. Until his belly slammed into my a*ss and it felt like he had torn right through my cervix. I screamed his name so loudly, tears started to stream down my face. "MORE ANDY MORE! f**k me harder!!!" He moaned out my name, drawing it out. "Dear l-ooorrddd woman!!!! You're getting it again after this!" He growled. It was a threat and I relished in his words. "THAT'S RIGHT BEAUTIFUL, C*UM ON ME!" He could feel me clenching around him. "That's right baby! Make my d*ick wet!" All his dirty talk had me insanely turned on and I came so hard when my gut cramped right before my o*rgasm, the tidal wave of pleasure that washed over me mingled with a tinge of pain. I had never had an o*rgasm feel so good it hurt. I felt him c*um in me, and as he continued to thrust it started to trail down my legs. I couldn't believe he had just c*um so hard and so much right after I sucked him off. It really must have been a long time for him. I wondered if our next round would be just as intense. He carefully let go of my throat and gently ran his hand down along my spine, sending chills throughout my body. "You have a beautiful body.... I want to kiss you all over. I want to taste every inch of you. We have two hours. You're mine for those two hours do you understand?" I nodded, looking at him over my shoulder as I felt him pull out. He pulled me to a stand and back against his chest, his arms wrapping around my waist. "So...." He rested his chin on my shoulder again speaking directly into my ear. "Was I what you thought I would be." He kissed the spot right below my ear. "Y-you are way... way more than I thought you'd be...like holy s*hit...." He chuckled while he began to run a few fingers in the curls at the edge of my pelvic bone. "I'm so happy to hear that, because I might want more from you then just these couple of hours. I think I want to know you much better than this...."

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