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⚠️️️WARNING:️MATURE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT⚠️ ‼️I found an old short story I made and switched some things around and changed some details and names for this. When I found it I thought it would be perfect for this next character. I always wanted to do something more with it but it never happened. My mind can be a bit dark not that this is anywhere near what it can be, just a preview . I was about 16 when I wrote this so you'll notice how it sounds a bit different in some places then from how I usually write. This was inspired by the movie, 'the last house on the left.' I had a thing for the character that garret dillahunt played. I hope you enjoy a blast from my past. ❤️✌️ *Chris Motionless- and his innocent captive, Jade. I frantically took the steps two at a time. My heart was racing erratically and if I didn't get ahold of my rapid breathing I was going to pass out. I was counting on my adrenaline to keep me going and get me through this. It was pumping through my veins, motivating my feet to continue. Once at the very top though, I was greeted by infinite darkness and I held in the fear that threatened to rise up from my chest and break free from my mouth. My foot caught on the very last step, sending me barreling foreword. Instead of falling flat on my face, my shoulder went slamming into the edge of something very hard. I bit down on my tongue but still couldn't completely muffle my whimper. Pain radiated down my arm and into every single finger. Oh God.... "Jade..." His voice came from somewhere behind me and my heart slammed hard against my ribcage, trying to break free I'm sure. He was following me. He knew exactly where I was going, when I didn't. I carefully drug my hand along the wall, walking quickly but carefully as not to alert him to my exact place in the hallway. I wanted so badly to be able to turn on a light but even if I found a light switch, I wouldn't dare. My hand continued to glide across the wall, bumping into a door handle. I wiggled it quietly and it didn't budge. D*ammit!!! I screamed inside of my head, picking up my pace. Again, I knocked into something, stubbing my toe this time. I bit down on my tongue so hard I tasted blood. I maneuvered my way around whatever it was still searching, until my hand came across another doorknob. By the time I found it my hand was hot and sweaty, I quickly rubbed it on the leg of my pants and grabbed it. IT TURNED AND I FELT THE DOOR GIVE WAY AND OPEN. I thanked God about 50 times before I silently slid inside. The door made no noise when I closed it. Sadly I found no lock on the inside and I cursed my bad luck. Crawling on the floor, I slammed my knee into what I was guessing to be a bed post. I cursed loudly in my head as yet more pain shot into my body. I didn't know how much more I could possibly take. Maybe if I hadn't tried to escape, I would have survived without a scratch. He would have just kept taking care of me, until he decided it was safe to let me go. But of course I had to be stupid. OF COURSE. I tried to be brave even though I was the furthest thing from it. Now my life was in major jeopardy, because I broke his rules. The most important one too... 'Never, ever try to escape.' I cringed thinking about what he had said after... 'I'm not sure what I'll have to do to you if you disobey-' I started crawling again and maneuvered myself under the bed. Laying on my belly, I quieted my breathing the best I possibly could and listened for footsteps. Suddenly light filled the room and my heart started to race faster yet. Fear overwhelmed me now. I was drenched in sweat. Right at this moment in time I would rather die than have to look into his eyes. To face him... Face what he was going to do.... The comforter on the bed hung low, so I couldn't see him walking but I could hear him. His slow, steady breathing.... And then it was silent. My body grew stiff, my breathing ragged. My heart was pounding erratically now and I felt faint. My skin was on fire.... It burned. I was having a panic attack and it felt like I WAS DIEING. Ever so slowly...... Right as I was about to start crying, hands encased my ankles and I was drug out from underneath the bed. The fear climbed up out of my throat and I cried out loudly. I rolled on my back and looked up into his menacing hazel eyes. In that moment I saw my life flash before my eyes. "Honey, my room is the only room that doesn't lock. It's the only room besides the bathroom that you could have hidden in. You were doomed from the moment you ran." He grinned, showing off his dangerously white and gleaming teeth. I scooted back into the end of the bed, my stomach going hollow as my back hit it. I sat, grabbing onto it, shaking uncontrollably. My eyes flashed to the top of his flannel where a couple of buttons had been undone, revealing the words, 'live love burn die.' Directly underneath of his neck piece. He was so intimidating.... I realized that the buttons of his pants were open as well. I pressed my back so hard into the metal of the bed post that it hurt. NO. NO. NO. From the look in his eyes to his grin, to his un-together appearance, I had this horrible feeling. I knew. I knew what his intentions were and my stomach began to churn. "Please, please, please..." My whisper trailed off into the silence. "Please what?" He looked down at me like I was his prey. He was the hunter... "Please what Jade?" I opened my mouth but nothing came out. His dominance showed in the way that he spoke, the way he stood, the way he grinned... And it terrified me to my core. Chills erupted throughout my entire body. He bent down, fast and pulled me off of the floor and up by my waist. "Please don't hurt you?" He asked, gently swinging me around. He forced me backwards across the room and pushed me up against the wall. I whimpered again, my whole body trembling. "Sweet, sweet girl. It will only hurt a couple of times. I have to fulfill punishment. I am a man of my word." He grabbed my chin forcefully and tilted it upwards, making me look into his eyes. I swallowed hard. My mouth was watering. Fear did the weirdest things to your body. And in this moment mine was acting completely bipolar. I watched him back away a tiny bit, slowly working off his shirt. As he bent his head down a few strands of his hair fell into his eyes. He pushed them away and looked up at me. A new emotion I had never felt before bubbled in the pit of my stomach, amongst every other rampant emotion inside of me. He came closer again and touched my lips. He traced them with a single finger, leaning his face closer to mine. He kissed the tip of my ear all the way down my jawline before he gently bit my neck. I jumped and he put his hands on my shoulders, holding me in place. "You're quivering..." He whispered. "You should be..." He yanked hard on my shirt, causing it to tear and fall to the floor. I made an awkward squeaking noise. I looked up into his eyes right before he spun me around quickly, forcing me to walk back across the room before he slammed me stomach down on the bed. My hands clutched my pants. "" I whispered, my voice desperate. He grabbed them away and pressed them down above my head. "Oh yes. You're all mine now. Every inch of you. From the top of your head, to the tip of your toes. Physically and mentally, I'm in control." He threatened, his voice gruff. I shook harder as my pants and underwear were ripped from my body. I felt his chest against my back and his tongue ran around the tip of my ear, dipping inside, before he quickly flipped me onto my back. I shrieked, completely not expecting it. He grinned down at me, those hazel eyes so mocking. He was thoroughly enjoying this... He wanted me to run... His tongue met my neck again before he shoved his lips onto mine, and began to devour my mouth. The cold metal on his lips burned my skin. His tongue stroked deep into the back of my throat and I almost gagged. It was incredibly long and I had never kissed anyone like this in my whole entire life. My body went limp. His knee nudged my legs apart and rubbed me hard. I cried out into his mouth and he did it again, harder this time. I got louder and he pulled his lips off of mine, bringing them to my ear. "Feel free to get as loud as you want, there's no houses for miles around." He let go of my wrists and wrapped his hands around my back, swiftly undoing my bra and then he threw it onto the floor. I watched him quickly undress, with expertise. Only standing for a brief moment. The sight of his naked, tattooed body made me feel light headed. Like I had said he was an extremely intimidating man... He towered over me with his tall lithe figure and I was suddenly more terrified than I had ever been this whole entire time. He leaned back down against me and his mouth found a n****e. He bit down hard and I screamed. He laughed. My breath was coming in little gasps and he immediately began to spread my legs wider apart. It hurt and I begged him to stop, in my tiny subdued voice. "I'm sorry, but this is only just the beginning love." With that I felt then tip of him nuzzle in against my entrance and then he thrust into me quickly. I screamed louder then before and he restrained my hands back above my head. He pushed me harder and I could feel my stomach beginning to cramp. "P-please......." "Punishment love." He repeated. And with each thrust, the headboard rocked into the wall. My body was aching in protest. I shoved my face into his shoulder, grunting. I really wasn't in control of my body and not only was I in pain but I was angry that I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't know how much time had passed but he continued to ram into me, my body felt raw. And then he got off of me and pulled me up on my butt and he expertly flipped me around again, pressing my chest back into the bed. He spread my legs wider, pushing his d*ick back into me. My head jerked along with his movements. He was so violent. It was the only way to describe him. My body was crying out for him to stop. Every muscle in my body was protesting and screaming. His hands came down on my breasts now and he squeezed hard. I let out a desperate whimper. The bed was soaked from our sweat. The white sheets stained red. "Chris-" Just as I began to plead with him, my whole body erupted in an amazing feeling, I began to tingle everywhere. I moaned and he pressed in deeper, I continued- growing louder and I couldn't stop. Then he was joining me. When he finally, completely stopped moving, he flipped me back onto my back and stood up. "Stay." He commanded and I watched him walk out of the room. I closed my eyes. Oh. My. God- It felt good. I was enjoying this..... ¥ "Jade." I blinked my eyes open. I had fallen asleep... I could feel the grogginess in my head. The aching in my joints... "Hmmm-" I was still out of it. I lifted my head a bit to watch Chris kneeling at the end of the bed, between my spread legs. My heart immediately began to race as I watched his face come closer. I felt his hot breath on my center and then his mouth descended onto my c*lit and he pulled it in and out of his mouth before his tongue began to explore my depths. He pushed it into me gently and then pulled it out again before lapping at me. My moans floated around the room as he continued to ravage me. He made me c*um but he didn't stop. He made me c*um a second time, grabbing onto my thighs and resting my legs over his shoulders he continued to work. My body was jerking and trembling but I bit my lip and let him go. I was so sensitive but it felt so good. I came one last time before he crawled up on the bed over top of me. This time he pressed his lips to mine and kissed me ever so gently. He trailed his fingers up the inside of my thigh and then they invaded my insides, moving in and out gently. His other hand was playing with one of my n*****s. Pinching it gently as well. When his lips finally left mine, I gasped for air. "Th-this is torture?" I asked breathlessly. He chuckled and shook his head. "No, this adoration." I moaned as his tongue lapped at one of my n*****s. In that moment, he entered me slowly. I spread my legs a little further apart, welcoming- I didn't understand what was happening. He kissed my neck and bit at my earlobe. My breathing was coming in little gasps again. Morally this was extremely wrong. My bruised aching body, suddenly held no fear. This man, whom I was desperately afraid of, who had kidnapped me and had been holding me captive, was making me moan for him and I couldn't stop and he was loving it. He kept chuckling into my ear, causing more chills to travel up and down my spine. This was pure bliss if I had ever known it. I never wanted it to stop and for some reason I didn't mind being trapped by him. Held by him. If he wanted to keep me forever then I had no problem with it. I actually liked the way he gripped me tightly. He was brutal.... And it felt so good. Even though he intended to 'punish me', I knew he was restraining himself now. I could feel it. He was so much stronger than he acted. He was being hesitant with me. "Don't hold back..." My words were quiet and shaky. In that moment, his eyes met mine and I swallowed hard. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Maybe I had no right... But... Then he grinned... And I screamed. The bed started to rock again, slamming into the wall. My body started to hurt again, but it still felt so good. Back and forth, he kept me up, until we were both soaring again. He kept breathing and whispering into my ear, sending trails of sensual words between his moans. "You're mine." My cries echoed around the room and I was suddenly c*umming harder than before, my whole body was shaking. "YES!" I screamed. After he came, his movements slowly came to a stop. He laid his body next to mine, pulling me tightly against him before he pressed his ear against my chest to listen to my heart beating wildly.
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