The Island's Own Space

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You'll never know when your life will turn upside down. You don't know how the wheels will turn. Will you go up, go down or never move at all.

The life she thought she's living ordinarily became twisted in just a day. She had gone abroad for a business trip only to find herself getting harassed by a boat owner and getting stuck in an island full of unknown people.

"This island has its own world. Now that you have entered you can never return."

Her whole body shook when a mysterious guy snatched her and tied both of her hands and knocked her out. She lost all her reason to live, but it all came back when he showed up in front of her.

"I will help run away from them. But I'm also on the run so I can't help you after this. You're on your own."

He held her waist and easily lifted her before running away from that place.


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Her Bad Luck
"I'm going to be late!" Bella shouted at herself, but it made her mother jump who was cooking at the kitchen. "Jesus, Belle. Don't shout. It's so early in the morning." Bella made a piece sign on her mother and grabbed her bag on the couch, and ran to her mother to give her a kiss. "I'm sorry. I'll be late for tonight. Tell dad to feed Nicky." Her mother's broes furrowed at her words. "You always don't forget about that cat, huh." Bella ran to the door and took her black sneakers out of the shoe rack while answering to her mother. "Oh, come on, mom. You know you love her too." When she heard her mother's shout coming from the kitchen, a smile formed in her lips. "I didn't say anything! Just go at this rate you'll really be late! You brat!" "Bye, mom. Love you." After she finished tying her shoelace, she ran out of the house. She hailed a cab and told the driver her destination. And her bad luck strikes because the traffic is so heavy. She kept looking at her wristwatch, and the cab driver noticed that she was in a hurry. "There's an accident ahead. If you're in a hurry, I think it would be best to just walk." Bella raised her eyes to the rearview mirror and met the driver's eyes. "Really? Then I will get off here." Bella paid the cab and got off of it. She glanced at her clock again before running with all her might. There are only ten minutes more before her shift. If she ran in her full speed, she might arrive before she becomes late. She ran past the cars and buildings and after running she arrived at her office. She was huffing and puffing while looking at her wristwatch. There were two minutes left. She rode an elevator and pushed the button on her floor she was getting impatient when she heard a ding sound, and the elevator door opened at her floor. She ran to her desk and when she caught a look at her self on the mirror she groaned. Her appearance can be compared to that of a witch. She switched her pc and opened the file she was making yesterday. She clicked the print button and fixed herself while it was printing. "Hey, Bella! Did you hear that the boss was caught in a car accident?" Bella, who was brushing her hair, dropped the hairbrush. "What? How and where?" Bella immediately bowed down to get her hairbrush, and when she straightened up, her colleague s***h best friend was looking at her with pitiful eyes. "Unfortunately, he was turning at the nearest intersection when a car driving so fast crashed at the boss's car. " 'So the accident earlier was...' Bella thought to herself, and she put her hairbrush at her bag. She liked her boss, but never had the courage to tell him her feelings, and now that she heard about what happened to him, she couldn't help but worry about his condition. "Well, apparently, he was on his way here to get a document he forgot for his business trip to Spain. His business trip is very important, and the higher-ups decided not to cancel it but give it to others. " She looked at the direction of the elevator when it became noisy there. She and her best friend Ara went to where the noise is coming from. They both saw two executives and their secretaries looking around. The older executive landed his eyes on Bella, and he called her out. "Miss Sutton, can we have a moment, please?" "Yes, sir." Bella tried to get past the people, and when she managed to do so, she was facing the two executives. "Miss Sutton, the board has decided to let you handle the project about the signing of the biggest project this year." "Yes? I... sir... that is too much responsibility for me to handle. I am just a mere manager, sir." "Mr. Kallis praises you so much. He always talks about how competent you are. We also didn't want you to handle this. We don't have any choice, but to choose you. But remember this, you can never mess this up." Bella became nervous because of the heavy responsibility that has been passed to her, but she can't also disagree with the executives because for sure, she will get fired. It took her a moment before she spoke. "I... I will do my best, sirs." "Good." The two executives left, but their secretaries stayed where they were. "Miss Sutton, your ticket to Spain and also your expenses will be the company's responsibility. " "Yes, sir. You said that my ticket is ready, right? " "Yes." "Then does that mean I will leave now?" "Yes, Miss Sutton. We will drive you to the airport now. Please get your things and be outside in five minutes." The secretaries of the two executives said they would wait in front of the building before they left. Bella ran to her desk to grab her things, and her colleagues surrounded her. "Hey, Bella! Can I come too?" "Not fair! I should have been the one they picked." They were complaining that they didn't get picked, but for Bella, she doesn't care about them at all. She just needs to do what her bosses ordered her to do, like an ordinary employee. She ignored the crowd around her and ran to the elevator. The elevator stopped at the ground floor, and she ran out of the building. She saw a car parked in front and the secretary of one of the two executives waiting for her. When he stopped her, he opened the passeger seat before going around to the driver seat. Bella ran and went to the car and sat at the passeger seat. The executives are really desperate for this project. She can feel how tense they are. They don't want to waste a single second. They drove to the airport in silence and when they arrived the secretary explained some details to her and handed her a document. "Once you landed in Spain, someone will pick you up. The president of the HS. Co is not in the in the company. He is vacationing at one of Spain's islands, Tenerife. You will ride a boat to go there. Don't make a mistake. I will email you the details of this trip." "Yes, sir." The secretary drove off, and Bella looked at her ticket to determine which platform she was. When she saw the time of her flight, she walked faster. Her flight will take off thirty minutes from now. She waited at the waiting area and decided to call her parents to tell them her emergency business trip. The call rang two times before she heard her mother's voice. "Yes, dear? Is there a problem? You never call when you're at work." "Hey, mom. I was assigned to an emergency business trip, so I won't be home tonight. I don't know how long it will take, though." "How about your clothes?" "Don't worry about that, mom. The company is in charge of my expenses, surely they won't forget about clothes." "Alright, be careful. I'll tell your father to feed Nicky when you are not around." "Thanks, mom. I love you. I gotta go, tell dad I love him." "No, I won't." Bella chuckled before she ended the call. She stood up and entered the airfield and boarded the plane. In the whole flight, she busied herself reviewing the contract and the email the secretary sent. "Why didn't they just do this if it's so important?" Bella whispered to herself before burrying herself more in the documents. She made sure she understood the details and were clear. Hours later, the plane landed, and Bella entered the terminal. She looked around to find the person who would take her to Tenerife. She saw a man holding a sign with the name of the company where she was working. She approached the man, and he immediately greeted her. "Are you the proxy of Mr. Kallis?" "Yes, I am Bella Sutton. Mr. Kallis was in a car accident this morning, so he couldn't go." "It's Diego. It is nice to meet you. Can I call you Bella?" They shook hands before walking to where the car is. The car will take both of them to where the port is. "Of course, then I will call you Diego." They boarded the car and took off to the port. The port was near the airport, which made the ride faster. Diego guided Bella to where the boat was, and they both boarded the boat, and Diego started the engine. "Are you the owner of this boat?" "Yes, It's my father's boat, but he gifted it to me years ago. My father is Alejandro." "Mr. Alejandro? The president of..." "Yes, he asked me to pick someone yesterday. I didn't know that I had to pick up a beauty." Bella's cheeks turned red at Diego's compliment. They were now in the sea, and the sea breeze is now hitting her skin and making her long, wavy black hair flutter. She tucked her hair behind her ear and glanced at Diego, who was smirking at her. "Thank you. I also didn't know that Mr. Alejandro had a handsome son like you." Diego chuckled, and they both laughed. They started talking about themselves, and minutes later, the island came into view. "We are close. You should arrange your things now." "Okay." Bella arranged her things and looked at the island ahead. She was confused about seeing the island because there should be hotels, resorts and the Mt. Teide. But there were none. The boat stops near the shore because it can't go any longer. Bella shrugged the thought about the island and was getting off the boat when Diego raised his hand in front of her. "Wait for a minute. I'll get off first." Diego got off, and the water was above his knees. Bella was wearing slacks, so she needed to raise it first before stepping into the water. At least that is what she thought because a second later, Diego scooped her and carried her bridal style to the shore. "You don't need to carry me, you know." "Well, I can't get this beautiful lady's legs wet with salty water , right?" Diego looked at her, and they faced each other. Their faces are so close. Bella also smiled, though she is embarrassed. "Thank you very much." Bella thanked Diego when he gently let her go at the sand. Bella faced Diego after looking around. There are no buildings nor paths. It looks like an uninhabited island. "Is this the right location? Where is your father?" "This is the right location, but my father is not in here. He's at the island far from here." Diego slowly walked to Bella, and she felt something was wrong because there was a mischievous smile on his lips. "W-what do y-you m-mean?" Bella couldn't help but stutter while taking steps backward. Diego's smirked got wider, and he walked faster. Bella stopped herself to run. "We should enjoy our time in here, yes? I really want to have you. You're so sexy, I bet you taste amazing." Bella's breath became shaky, and she started trembling. When Diego is already a meter away from her, she starts running into the forest. She ran and ran, but Diego still caught her. She has wounds in her body due to the branches that sratched her skin while running. "Come on, now. Don't run away like that. Look at your shoulders it's bleeding." Bella started crying when Diego pushed her to the ground and climbed on top of her. She wanted to yell, but she couldn't find her voice. She can do nothing but beg while stuggling. "Please. Please don't do this." "Ooh, I like that. Beg. Beg me." Bella cried hard when Diego started unbuttoning her loose straight top. She suddenly stopped crying when Diego stopped moving. She looked at Diego with shaky eyes. After a moment, Diego's body crashed into her. Bella's eyes widened when she saw dozens of arrows pierced into Diego's back. Bella gasped, and she trembled hard. Her eyes exchanged from the arrows to the group of men who appeared in the shadows. They are holding bows and arrows. They were only wearing a piece of cloth in their waist. They walked to where she and the dead body of Diego was. They lifted Diego, and she immediately backed away. A man with a tied long hair approached her. She groaned when the man grabbed her shoulders. He gripped the part with the wounds. Bella's tears started falling once again. "I am surprise. Someone entered yet again." Bella was surprised when the man spoke in English. They looked like they speak a different language because of their ways of dressing. The man grabbed Bella's face and pulled it near his face. "If you think you can get out of here, you are wrong. You can never leave this island once you enter. You can never go back. You will die first before that happens." He whispered to her ear and knocked her out.

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