His queen

contract marriage
love after marriage
arranged marriage
first love

he was ruthless

She was kind hearted

He was a monster

She was a good person

He was darkness

She was light

He was a king

She was a mere person

But every king must have a queen

And she was his QUEEN!

"You should have told me!" I screamed.

"I was f*****g scared. Me the beast, The monster, the coldhearted bastard was scared. I was hurt the first time and I didn't want to risk it again."

"Don't be a coward." He yanked me by my elbow and our noses touched.

"Whatever you say and whatever you do, you are f*****g MINE. Do you hear me? And I don't care if I'm a coward because I will never allow myself to lose you again."

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CHAPTER 1: Prince in town

Lea's POV

"LEA!" My sister yelled from the other side of the house.

"I'm coming! Jeez." I replied.

"Come on the king is coming to town today! Hurry up!"

My name is Lea Carter. I live with my parents and sister Elli. She's younger than me. I'm 18 years old. I live in a large kingdom, 'Emerland'. Our king is kind, but he's on verge of dying. His son will be our next king, but he's a ruthless and coldhearted man. He does not know love. No one knows his name, even the closest ones to the royal family. Every body call him beast or monster. He's known to kill every traitor or enemy in a way that nobody can imagine. As you see, our king is coming before his death to make sure that his kingdom, especially 'Potens Town', the capital of Emerland, and where the royal palace is located, is good. The name Potens means powerful in latin, because we were the most powerful town in the whole kingdom.

"Earth to Lea!" Elli was waving her hand in my face.

"What? Oh sorry I was lost in my mind." I said.

"Come hurry the prince must be with the king." She said dramatically.

I rolled my eyes at her excitement. Thought the prince was never seen with a woman before, they say he doesn't want to get married. I doubt that a woman would love such beast.

Once we were in town, a large crowd was forming near the shops and we could see the carriage coming towards us. All the girls started checking theirselves up including my sister. Ohh! She's just a child. It was as if the prince would care for any of them.

We walked through town looking at the people I have known since diapers. They waved at us. Some know us others were only being polite.

"Good morning girls." Mr Brent yelled from his shop.

"Good morning Mr Brent." We yelled back simultaneously.

"Come on Lea let's go see the prince!" She said excitedly.

"Wait Elli. We should see Mr Milton too. I promised him I would return the book today. I can't forget." She rolled her eyes.

"Fine I'll go. When you're done come to me." She said and left when she spotted her friends.

I entered the old library. Few people were present since not many know how to read. 10 percent of the town know how to write and read. My dad taught me and my sister how to do it. He told us a friend of his taught him and he was more than happy to teach us too.

"Good morning Mr Milton!" I yelled to grab his attention.

"God lea you gave me a heart attack some day! Good morning." He said dramatically.

"I'm sorry Mr Milton." I smiled at him apologetically.

"Did you finish the book?" He asked enthusiastically.

"Yeah! Greek gods are my favourite type of books. I'm so happy I found one here. The other day I had to go to the town next to us to find a good book." I rambled happily.

"Hopefully you will find what you want today. Where's Elli?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I think she's old enough to wander alone around town." I shrugged and he laughed.

I was a bit overprotective of Elli and everyone knew it. But it was time she take care of herself.

After I searched the whole library I finally found a good book to read.

"Did you find what you want?" Mr Milton asked.

"Yes I did. I can't wait to read it!" I gave my biggest smile.

"Dracula? Really?" He smiled teasingly. Despite Mr Milton being an old man, he was more fun to be around than most of the teenagers nowadays.

"Don't judge. It's an amazing book."

"You read it 7 times already." He laughed.

"I can read it 100 times and still fall in love with it every time."

"Make sure to bring it back on time." He yelled as I exited his library.

"I will." I yelled and walked freely around town.

"Lea!" I turned around to see my best friend since diapers, Nolan.

"Nolan!" I screamed and jumped into his arms. He caught me and twirled me around. People always thought that we will get married someday, but I couldn't have feelings for Nolan. I see him more like the brother I never had. Plus my dad despised the idea of me getting married to Nolan.

"Dracula? Really?"

"I've read it 7 times and I'll read it again like it's the first time and enjoy it." I rolled my eyes at him.

"You're unbelievable." He teased me and we walked together.

"Oh god! Princeton stop running around!" A 3 years old boy almost bumped into us. Mrs Garfield was running behind her grandson.

"Mrs Garfield." Nolan greeted the old lady politely. He smiled sweetly at her. And let me tell you, he have a charm that could pull you.

"Oh Nolan dear that child will give me a heart attack." She said trying to take a deep breath.

"Hello Mrs Garfield." I said.

"Oh Lea I didn't notice you. How are you darling ?" She smiled at me.

"I'm fine Mrs Garfield. Princeton is giving you a hard time isn't he?" I laughed.

"Yes dear he is. I tell you if I die it would be because of him- PRINCETON DON'T THROW THE MILK." She screamed. Nolan and I winced at her screaming.

"I'll see you around children I have to catch the kid before someone dies."

"Bye Mrs Garfield." We both said and she left running.

"For an old lady she is capable of running more than you." He smirked and I hit his hand.

"That's a***e young lady." He said and we resumed walking.

"Come on Lea there's a show down the street let's go." He took my hand and we ran down the bridge laughing.

"Slow down Nolan I'm going to fall!" I tried to catch my breath but failed miserably.

People were standing around musicians. They were playing a traditional song and people started dancing around them.

"Let's dance!" I grabbed Nolan's hand and we started jumping and turning around laughing hysterically.

"I'm having so much fun!" I yelled.

"Come on, the prince is here let's go see him." We heard a girl say to her friends and they started running.


"Mr Brent?"

"Dad?" Nolan and I said simultaneously.

"We have to go home your mom is sick." He sighed.

"I'll see you around Lea." He kissed my cheek and left.

"Bye Nolan!" I yelled.

I turned to go find my sister before she does anything stupid and smiled at the passing people.

"You f*****g b***h!" I heard a high pitched scream. I rolled my eyes. Here we go again.

I turned around the corner and saw Elli screaming at a little girl.

"Elli what are you doing?" Elli tensed.

"She punched me." I gave her a deadpanned look.

"That's a little girl! How was she able to punch a big girl like you?"

"Well she did." She shrugged.

"I did not!" Stefanie yelled.

"Shut up you fuc-"

"Elli!" I glared at her.

"Okay okay."

"Come on we have to go." I took her hand and dragged her away.

"I'm watching you witch." Elli screamed and I glared at her.

"You're a fun killer you know that?"

"Where is the fun in screaming in a little girl's face?"

"She's Princeton's sister what do you expect?"

"She's a sweet girl unlike her brother." I said.

"No don't let her fool you! She's a witch." Elli said dramatically.

"Ugh I can't believe you Elli." I was still holding her hand and dragging her. Maybe if she saw the royal carriage she'll ditch her b***h attitude.

"Dracula Lea? Are you for real?" She smacked her forehead after she saw the book I was holding.

"The f**k is wrong with you people! I heard this line for the nth time. Just stop it." I rolled my eyes.

"There it is the carriage!" She screamed.

"It has been standing there for a while and still no sign of the prince or the king." I shrugged.

"Did you expect that the almighty prince will leave his precious carriage early?" What's with her and her dramatic attitude?

"Shut up and let's go."

A guard stopped in front of us.

"Long live the king of Emerland!"

All the crowd cheered for the king. I was too occupied by admiring the carriage to pay attention to the king. All the people bowed including me. The guards shoved a beggar on the ground after he begged the king to help him and all the poor of the kingdom.

I ran to help the beggar. I knew him. Whenever I came to town, he always came to me and I always gave him money or food. He was younger than me, I think he is 16 years old. His parents died 2 years ago leaving him on the streets. I helped him to his feet when I heard a yell from the same gard who was coming near me. All the villagers were separating letting him pass by. I saw his hand up in the air. I closed my eyes welcoming the pain.

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