Chapter 1: Calliope

735 Words
It’s 7pm, my class ended at 6:00 pm and my University is just blocks away from my apartment. I am living in a small apartment with one room and a small living room and kitchen. I am studying as a scholar in one of the most prestigious schools here in New Jersey.     I am born and raised in Canada, but my Mom and Dad both died in an accident 3 years ago so I had to stay with a relative here in New Jersey for years until I turned 18 and have been living alone since then. Good thing, my dad has insurance so I got some money to finish my studies and support my living, that money can support a simple lifestyle for years.. We used to have a house before in Vancouver, our house was big and we even have a helper. My father used to work in a big company. But when he died, they said that my father owes money to some gambling lords so they had to get all our properties.  All I got are some of my Mom’s jewelry which was hidden in my treasure box. So I did what I needed to do to survive. I sold her diamond earrings, and her gold watches then I saved the money for future emergency purposes. The only thing that I got right now is her gold locket with our family photo inside.    I entered my apartment and put my things above my small table in the living room before I double-check if my locks are closed.   When I am sure that I am safe inside, I went into my room to remove all my clothes and boots. I am left with my underwear. I usually walk inside my apartment in my underwear, why not? It is not that cold, plus no one can see me. I walked towards the Mirror, and I look at myself from head to toe. I got my height from my Mom, I am short.. I am just five feet four inches. Luckily I also got her small waist, round butt, and her type B cup breast which I think is not too small and not too big and I like it.  What I got from my dad is his upturned nose which they said made me look snobbish and also I got his thick eyebrows and eyelashes. And of course, I got my dad’s fair skin.   At the age of Nineteen, I really look like a lady now. I got a lot of suitors and admirers.. they said that my parents' genes are so good.. their combination is perfect because I look like an angel that’s what they said. I sighed. I have no time for love life, and even to make friends which made them feel like I’m sort of a snob and looks high of myself. But who cares?! I don’t need them! I don’t need anyone. What I need is to Survive!   I removed my bra and my panties And I look at myself in the mirror. Slowly, I touch my breast and tried to knead them.  I closed my eyes.. So this is how it felt? I always hear my classmates talking about their s*x experiences… and I have always been curious. At Nineteen, being a virgin is a big deal.. so I tried so hard to keep it a secret because I know, they might make fun of me if they discover.   I moved my right hand to my n*****s, I tried to squeeze them because they said it feels good. But why does it feels weird? So.. I tried to move my fingers down, from my stomach to the triangle between my legs. I move my legs slowly as I tried to spread it apart. Slowly, I touched myself.. I also heard from classmates that it really feels so go when you touch yourself. So I tried to play with mine..and it feels really good but then I feel like it is not enough. I feel like may there’s something missing? I don’t know what though..I am not really knowledgeable when it comes to pleasuring oneself. So I decided to stop and almost laugh at myself for being so naughty. I really think my cherry needs to be popped soon! So I won’t think this way. I decided to get my clothes from the floor and headed to the shower, I cleaned myself and dressed up with just a white cotton sleeveless top and cotton white panties before I went to sleep and drift off..    
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