Chasing Calliope

first love

I can feel that someone’s watching me.

I know..someone is, but whenever I turn around or look from side to side. I can’t find the owner of the stare.

It’s been months, and I felt that I am being watched.

I hate it, it is making me so damn scared.

I feel like I am never alone.

Even in the small room of my apartment.

I feel like someone is watching over me.

I am getting paranoid.

But what can I do?

I got no one to run into, no one to tell.

Sometimes I feel like I am getting used to it.

Being watched for months.. hell yeah I got used to it already.

Calliope is an orphan at 19, her goal in her life is to survive and reach her dreams on her own. But how can she do that, when she feels so unsafe? When she feels as if her life is in danger? And all she can do is to avoid the darkness...to avoid him.

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Chapter 1: Calliope

It’s 7pm, my class ended at 6:00 pm and my University is just blocks away from my apartment.

I am living in a small apartment with one room and a small living room and kitchen.

I am studying as a scholar in one of the most prestigious schools here in New Jersey.



I am born and raised in Canada, but my Mom and Dad both died in an accident 3 years ago so I had to stay with a relative here in New Jersey for years until I turned 18 and have been living alone since then.

Good thing, my dad has insurance so I got some money to finish my studies and support my living, that money can support a simple lifestyle for years.. We used to have a house before in Vancouver, our house was big and we even have a helper. My father used to work in a big company. But when he died, they said that my father owes money to some gambling lords so they had to get all our properties. 

All I got are some of my Mom’s jewelry which was hidden in my treasure box. So I did what I needed to do to survive. I sold her diamond earrings, and her gold watches then I saved the money for future emergency purposes. The only thing that I got right now is her gold locket with our family photo inside. 


I entered my apartment and put my things above my small table in the living room before I double-check if my locks are closed.


When I am sure that I am safe inside, I went into my room to remove all my clothes and boots. I am left with my underwear.

I usually walk inside my apartment in my underwear, why not? It is not that cold, plus no one can see me.

I walked towards the Mirror, and I look at myself from head to toe.

I got my height from my Mom, I am short.. I am just five feet four inches. Luckily I also got her small waist, round butt, and her type B cup breast which I think is not too small and not too big and I like it. 

What I got from my dad is his upturned nose which they said made me look snobbish and also I got his thick eyebrows and eyelashes. And of course, I got my dad’s fair skin.


At the age of Nineteen, I really look like a lady now. I got a lot of suitors and admirers.. they said that my parents' genes are so good.. their combination is perfect because I look like an angel that’s what they said.

I sighed.

I have no time for love life, and even to make friends which made them feel like I’m sort of a snob and looks high of myself.

But who cares?! I don’t need them! I don’t need anyone.

What I need is to Survive!


I removed my bra and my panties

And I look at myself in the mirror.

Slowly, I touch my breast and tried to knead them. 

I closed my eyes..

So this is how it felt?

I always hear my classmates talking about their s*x experiences… and I have always been curious.

At Nineteen, being a virgin is a big deal.. so I tried so hard to keep it a secret because I know, they might make fun of me if they discover.


I moved my right hand to my n*****s, I tried to squeeze them because they said it feels good.

But why does it feels weird?

So.. I tried to move my fingers down, from my stomach to the triangle between my legs.

I move my legs slowly as I tried to spread it apart.

Slowly, I touched myself..

I also heard from classmates that it really feels so go when you touch yourself. So I tried to play with mine..and it feels really good but then I feel like it is not enough. I feel like may there’s something missing? I don’t know what though..I am not really knowledgeable when it comes to pleasuring oneself. So I decided to stop and almost laugh at myself for being so naughty.

I really think my cherry needs to be popped soon! So I won’t think this way.

I decided to get my clothes from the floor and headed to the shower, I cleaned myself and dressed up with just a white cotton sleeveless top and cotton white panties before I went to sleep and drift off..



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