Chapter 2: Mr Grey Eyes in Suit

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I can feel his hands on my legs, he slowly caressed my legs. It feels so good that I don’t want him to stop. His other hand suddenly went up, until it reached my breast, he squeezed it so hard that it made me moan from pleasure and pain. Then I felt his finger on my n*****s, he pinched it lightly that it almost made me purr. I waited for his next move, and I was right he is planning to do something more because the next thing I felt is something wet surrounds my n****e, I can feel my top getting wet that made me moan again.

And I waited for his next move but then the next thing I know is I’m already awake!

Damn it! I just had a wet dream!

It felt so real!

And I am panting and sweating and I am already, so all I can do is to scream in annoyance!




“That’s all for tonight, class dismissed.”

I hurriedly grabbed things, I am planning to grab my early dinner at Macy’s, it is a Diner near our University and it is well known because it has this cool ambiance plus this old town Diner feels. 

I need to hurry or else I won’t have a table, since it is usually Jam-packed.

I really love the place since I moved in here. Not only it is near our Campus and near my apartment but also they have this hamburger and fries that I can eat almost every day! It is super good, I swear!! Though I am aware of how unhealthy is, but hey! It is so hard to resist, plus I don’t know how to cook!


“Welcome to Macey’s!” The staff greeted me when they heard the bell from the door.

I hurriedly walk towards the vacant table, before I even reach the table, I saw Mike, one of the part-timers here.

“The usual, pretty?” he asked and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Do you really need to ask?” I smirked at him.

Mike is a nice guy who’s working here at Macy’s and since I am always here, everyone knows me.

“Cool!” he said before he went to the counter to give my order.

Macy's interior made me fall in love more with the place. They have what you usually see in movies where they have the counter bar and where you can sit and drink there, plus they have a tv placed above near the counter and usually sports channel is being shown. Then their staffs are wearing these cute pink skirts with white apron on it and they have a white headdress and guess what? They also have a cute metal name tag! I find them super cool for being so old school.

A mouth-watering burger and fries suddenly appeared in front of me, plus a tall chocolate milkshake that made me almost drool when I saw it!

“Here you go! Eat all of it, you’re skinny!” Mike said while smirking.

“Excuse me? I’m not thin! You’re just saying that because you are fat!” I teased him and that made him laugh.

“Chubby!” he said before he went away.

I am so excited to eat my orders, so I did not waste any time and started devouring my food! While I am savoring my burger something caught my attention.

It was him.

The guy who loves to read a newspaper. Mr. Grey Eyes in Suit.

Like seriously, who does read a newspaper these days? I mean, most Millennials read news online! And he looks as if he still belongs to the Millennial category but I'll give him credit for looking so hot and respectable on his Suit. 

Well actually, that’s the first thing that caught my attention when I first saw him. He looks as if he doesn’t belong here. He looks as if he should be eating out there somewhere fancy and not here in an old school Diner.

I just stared at his table.

I almost rolled my eyes when I saw his usual order.

Sandwich and Coffee, I guess?

Who would go to Macy’s almost every day and order a sandwich and not a burger? People are going here to just to enjoy Macy’s Best Seller! And that’s their Burger and fries for crying out loud!

I sighed, feeling sad for him. He is missing half of his life! I am tempted to walk over to his table and tell him to try Macy’s B&F, that’s what the patrons of Macy’s called it.

Maybe I am starring too long that he already felt that someone’s staring at him because he suddenly looked up and that made our eyes met.

His grey eyes are looking at me. I saw how his pupils dilated. So I blinked and looked away, feeling embarrassed because he just saw me starring.

He might think that I am crushing on him!

The guy is hot, no question about that, but.. I am not interested.


Because I need to chase my dream and survive! And there’s no space for love life in my life now.


So I decided to finish my food so I can go home already. It is already dark outside, but it is okay since my apartment is just a few blocks away.

I hurriedly stood up and grabbed my things, I walked out of Macy’s without looking back.  I can feel the cold wind that touches my face. Good thing I am wearing a thick sweatshirt and skinny jeans plus black boots.

I started walking until I felt a presence behind me.

I looked back to check but found no one behind me. So I decided to walk fast. I almost run until I was able to reach my apartment. I know I am so used to the feeling of being followed but it still gives me creeps.

I should really stay inside my apartment before sunset.

When I got inside my room, I made sure that my double locks are already in place. I put my things above my mini table in the living room then went to my room to get my towel, I think a warm shower will help me calm down.

After the nice shower, I opened my laptop, I need to check on my email. I have submitted a letter to an International Airlines for an internship. It is my dream, to have my internship at Soleil Internationals and maybe someday to work there.

Before I was able to check on my email, I received a message notif, so I decided to check it first. It was Chris, my only cousin at Australia. I met him when my Mom and I visited Australia when I was 9 years old, then we kept in touch. After 3 years I went back to Australia for our reunion so we met again and we clicked, we became so close after that. 

Well.. we have no choice, our parents are siblings, so we only got each other.




“Sweet! Feels like you have no choice but to reply at me eh?” he asked with an angry emoji that made me laugh.

“Miss me?” I asked.

“Whatever Calliope! Grandma said I should convince you to live here with us.”

I sighed. 

After my parents died, they kept on asking me to go to Australia to live with them, good thing I have a distant relative here in New Jersey that's why I get to stay here when my parents died, and now I am not a minor anymore, and I can decide for myself and live independently.

Don't get me wrong, I love my grandmother and my aunt and uncle, it's just that..Australia is not for me..New Jersey is! Why? Because my dream Company is here!

“It’s Cali!” I said, ignoring what he said.

“Tsss.. What Cali? You mean the liquor?! hahahhaa”

I rolled my eyes. He is crazy.

“Whatever, gotta go.. I’m busy Chrisanto!” I hissed.

“Shut up Calliope! It’s Chris!”

“Whatevs! Bye!”

“Hey!! Granny said..”

Chris is typing…

“Ciao” I said before I log out.

I don’t really want to talk about it, my uncle already gave up on asking me to live with them. It is only Granny who kept on asking. Can’t blame her tho, I know she is worried about me, but.. I am alright, and I can live independently in a foreign country even if I am not born and raised here.

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