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(COMPLETED BOOK) Book One of A Bloodline's Struggle Series Emily, seventeen and not sure exactly where she is in life. She has a boyfriend Jake she'd do just about anything for, only would he do the same? So taking him on a trip with her parents after not seeing him for a couple of weeks, she starts to notice a change in him. Just when she thinks things between her and Jake couldn't get any worse, she finds a light in amongst all of this emotional darkness. A guy, but not just any guy, a guy who also happens to change her life forever. Then, just when she think things couldn't get any weirder with her emotions tearing between two, she discovers that Jake wants to leave her after finding him hiding with his parents in secret, only she's caught in the act of eavesdropping and rendered unconscious. A few days after that and she's now getting phone calls declaring Jake and his parents missing, her thinking it is typical Jake and his parents are covering for him. Only the more Emily leaves it, the more things start to happen and the ball only seems to roll from there. (Keep an eye out for the new updates coming to this book along with the second instalment Kannivalismós. A appreciate the hell out of those who have spent the time to give these a read. Much love and may Morningstar watch over you xx)
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