Protecting Her

love after marriage
dare to love and hate
childhood crush

At a very young age he was given a responsibility for a lifetime. A responsibility that consumed him, a responsibility that held him back... A Responsibility to Protect the Princess of Reighton. Was he happy because of the arrangement? Obviously not. Was he going to back out? Never.


Emily Trenton, only daughter of Michael and Isabella Trenton, Duke and Duchess of the Trenton Empire. A girl who yearned for a simple life. A life in which her only worries should be the flying cockroach or the dresses she might wear for the house parties or the dinner which should be prepared for her happy joint family, a life in which her Ian will acknowledge her.

Christian Knight, the oldest son of Alexander Knight. Alex was the most trusted man of the Duke of Reighton, who gave up his life protecting the princess

Christian always hated the royal affairs because it kept his father far away from his family. It gave him the responsibilities which kept him from fulfilling the responsibilities towards his own family.

Join in the roller coaster ride of love and hate relationship of Emily and Christian,

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Chapter 1


“Promise me Chris, you’ll protect her till your last breath. I know I never fulfilled any responsibility as a father, I know you have so many complaints from me, but please think this as my last wish, Chris. Promise me before I die.”

“I promise, Dad. I promise to protect her with every cell of my body but please don’t leave us Dad.” *sobs*

“Dad, Dad” 




Hey baby, what happened?” came a voice from the left side of my bed.

What the hell! Didn’t I made her clear already to not show her face after the night. 

“What are you still doing here, Selena? I already made myself clear that it was a one time thing, Didn’t I? Come on, pick your dress up and go away. NOW.”

“Oh stop crying, will you?” Oh God why did you made these girls so emotional? This is the problem woth most of the girls, they clearly don’t get the meaning of ‘one-nigh stand’. It’s not like I forced her or something, in fact it was her who was trying to seduce me, and what can I do, I’m a man with needs.

“You’ve got 5 minutes, Selena, leave before I come back” after saying this I slammed by bathroom door and left her in the bedroom by herself. 


New day, same old life. Sometimes I feel like I should Quit, but I know I can’t. I can’t break the promise I made to Dad. That’s the only thing holding me back. Whenever I see her I get a glimpse of my Dad with a bullet pierced through his stomach which he got as a reward to save Her. I know she was not at fault, it was his duty to protect her but I can’t help the hatred I feel towards her whenever I see my brothers and sisters who grew up without the love of a father, or my mother who misses Dad like crazy. 

When I came back from the washroom and didn’t find Selena, I sighed in relief. I don’t know why some girls prefers to act so clingy when they clearly know how I don’t like it. 

After getting ready in my regular white shirt with black chinos and a black blazer I went to start this hell of a day, again. 

*Knock, Knock*

I knocked at her door and waited for it to get opened. After waiting for almost five minutes when it didn’t open, I got scared because it never happened that she made me wait this much. It’s always her or any of her helpers that opens the door immediately. 

When I didn’t know what else to do to get inside and check if she’s okay, I went inside my room. From my balcony I climbed in hers, our rooms were just next to each other and with my regular trainings and workouts it was the easiest thing to do. Then I slowly opened the glass door of her balcony and went inside, I think that was my second biggest mistake of my life, of course the first one was the promise I made to my Dad.

There she was, Her Royal Highness, standing in just a towel draped around her very beautiful body.

Oh Goodness!

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