Mary Booked A Cottage?

1070 Words
As Rian was still lost in thinking of the methods to punish Mary mercilessly, an old man approached him slowly. "Sir, are you Mr. Cathal?" He asked politely with an average English accent. "Yes," Rian replied sternly. "Oh.... I am Fergus Wesley. I am the owner of this cottage." He said proudly as he stretched his arm for him to shake. Rian looked at his hand and just nodded his head. The old man embarrassedly retreated his hand. "I'll show you your room come please ..." He said as he started walking inside. Rian followed and looked around. There were small rooms in the cottage and a small garden outside. Nothing looked pleasant to his eyes. It didn't look like a hotel or cottage, it looked so bad and dull. He wondered if the rooms were decorated as the other hotels did. After walking for some time. They finally arrived at the last door in the corner. He felt creepy when he turned around to see that there was only one bulb hanging on the ceiling and his room's door was completely dark. It looked like a horror movie scene, and he felt completely disgusted by the thriller-horror movies. He braced his heart as he walked inside the room behind the man. The room was dark as the man tried to find the switch on the wall. The switch flicked as they got the lights in the room. The room was colored light blue, there was a single bed, a nightstand, and a mat on the floor. There was a sliding door on the left that was the bathroom and a small sliding door on the right leading to a small balcony on the outside. As he looked around, he didn't feel much disappointed. "This is it?" He asked the old man and the old man shrugged. "Yes sir ." "For how many days I am staying?" He asked the old man, making him frown in confusion. "Uhmmm you're booked for one week, sir." He told him. "One week...." Rian yelled in shock... "Do you want to stay longer...?" The man asked in hope as he started telling the special packages he had to offer him. But Rian cut him off in the middle. "You can leave..." He said and the old man immediately shut his mouth. "If you need something, I am outside at the reception." He said as he closed the door. Rian nodded, still not listening to his words carefully as he sat on the bed and laid down on it feeling frustrated. "F**k you, Mary...." He then took out his phone to give Mary a scolding but realized that his phone had died and also he didn't have any charger with him. He came here empty-handed like wow.... What a vacation.... He sighed as he stood up and thought of taking a shower. He went to the washroom to take a bath as he opened the tap, the ice-cold water came from it freezing his whole body. He shivered from the cold but still completed his shower. The soap and shampoo provided by the owner were completely unpleasant to him. He frowned and thought of buying new shampoo and body wash for him. As he pulled the towel from the rack, he was completely stunned to see that there was no bathrobe. There was just a small towel there that could hardly cover his back and front private parts. He frowned unhappily as he walked outside the bathroom fuming in anger.... He searched for the phone to call the reception and then he realized that there was no phone in the room. "Damn it.....!!" He facepalmed himself when he realized that the man was asking him to come to the reception desk for any need not calling..... So that means there are no phones here... no room services..... He started boiling in anger, as he had no cash money, no phone battery to charge his phone, not good shampoo or body wash, no telephone, and not even a bathrobe.... "F**k, F**k, F**k........" He kept cursing as he kept his clothes aside and then laid on the single bed as he was feeling exhausted and tired. He pulled the blanket on himself thankfully it was a whole blanket not just a small piece of cloth like the bath towel. He slipped inside the blanket completely naked as he tried to sleep. .... "Ahhh....." After sleeping for an hour, Rian got up from the continuous growling from his stomach. He pushed away from the blanket as he sat up. He was feeling hungry, he looked outside and it was still dark. He frowned unhappily as he put on his clothes back and then walked out of the room. While closing the door he realized that there was no lock on the door. "F**k, no safety....." He shook his head in utter dismay as he walked to the reception whistling. He was scared of the dark and whistling would help him to divert his mind from an unexpected ghost coming out of the dark and scaring the s**t out of him. He successfully reached the reception desk, the old man was sleeping peacefully on his chair. His eyes were half-opened. Rian waved his hand in front of him to make sure if he's awake or not but after getting no response he was indeed sure that this man sleeps with half his eyes open. He then coughs to wake him up, no response. He then called him out. Still no response. Finally, he shook his arm rudely to wake him up. "Hello, sir......." He kept shaking the old man's arm and the old man kept moving rhythmically with his pull. After a series of swing moves, he finally opened his eyes and groaned... "what??" Rian loosened his grip on his arm and said, "I am hungry bring me some food and clothes and also shampoo, body wash, bathrobe, and a charger..." He said as he gracefully took out his card from the wallet and handed it to him.... The old man yawned, feeling unhappy as he stared at the card in his hand... "This doesn't work here." He said in a dull voice as he put the card back on his palm. "What?" Rian asked, surprised. "Cash.... we only take cash...." He emphasized as Rian's eyes started getting wide as it was going to pop out any time soon.
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