Safely Landed

1024 Words
Finally, Rian Cathal walked out of his office with his long legs and felt extremely angry when he saw Mary sleeping on the sofa in the waiting room. "Hey......" He poked her arm unhappily. "Hmmmm" Mary groaned unhappily. "F**k....." Rian got impatient he walked to her desk, picked up a glass of water, and splashed it on her face rudely... SPLASH..... "Ahhhh....." Mary stood up in a panic, her top was all drenched. "Did I pay you to sleep?" Rian asked angrily to her, ignoring her pitiful state. When Mary opened her eyes and saw the cold face of her Boss she swallowed back her complaints but in her mind, she answered him to feel better. "It's not my working hour... A**hole....." When Rian saw her staring at him, he asked in suspicion. "Are you cursing me?" Mary subconsciously nodded her head and soon regretted it. Rian just laughed evilly as he said, "Escort me down...." "Ah.... ok" Mary came back to her senses and then picked her purse hurriedly as she followed behind him. The air in the lift was suffocated as Rian was standing beside Mary, he was tall enough to crowd her small figure, as Mary's top was drenched her cleavage was getting revealed, and as Rian turned to her his gaze landed on it. Sensing the danger from him, Mary immediately put her bag in front of her chest to cover it. Rian saw her uneasiness and walked to her slowly. Her hair stood up as she felt him coming near to her, she cornered herself in the lift, and Rian's mouth curved up into an evil smile... He stood in front of her and deliberately leaned his body on her slowly. "What's wrong Mary?" He asked if his voice seemed soft and seductive, not the one he used before to wake her up. "S...I...r......" Mary stuttered as she was hell nervous at the moment, she had tried to keep this man away from her for a long time but it seems that today she can't escape from him. She clutched her bag tightly and tried to find something to say to him that would make him lose his interest immediately. As she was thinking of what to say, the elevator door opened with a ding. DING "We're here," she yelled in happiness as she pushed him away with all her strength and walked out sighing in relief. Rian frowned unhappily as he too walked out of the elevator but soon his gaze caught something and he stopped to take a look again carefully. But Mary still kept walking to his car. Rian fastened his pace and then held her arm to stop her, he pulled her towards him. His actions made Mary panic and as sensing the danger Mary suddenly started to shout but before she could make a sound Rian had covered her mouth already. "He........lp....." She started struggling with all her strength as Rian pinned her at the wall, she felt like today she is going to be wasted by him. She was on the verge of crying as Rian hissed in her ear unhappily. "F**k Mary.....! I am not going to rape you. F**king calm yourself...." Mary stopped struggling when she heard his words, especially the disgust she sensed in his tone for her. She felt relieved and then nodded her head in response. "I saw Elena hiding in my car trunk...." He whispered in her ear. Mary wiggled her eyebrow asking "what to do now?" Rian stepped back from her and then walked back and forth thinking. While Mary peeked at his car and saw the trunk was slightly opened. "Goshh..... she's such a stalker...." she thought to herself. As she was lost in her thoughts, Rian took off his suit coat and put it on her shoulders, making her jump in surprise. "God.... Mary I am not a ghost....." He said displeasing whenever he saw Mary's loud reaction to his touch. Mainly no women in Ireland resist his touch except this stupid secretary of his that's the reason he never looked at her once... "Go to my car and drive it to my home. Then take some documents from my home and go to your home OK.." He ordered her as she nodded her head listening attentively. "Also, don't you dare put a scratch on my car and also take a taxi from my home." He warned her harshly as she walked to the car. Mary did as he had instructed. She drove the car out of the parking lot and Rian sighed in relief. He then walked to the taxi station and took a taxi to the airport. Without any luggage, he went straight to get his boarding pass and then took his flight for Dublin. He landed at midnight feeling groggy, as he stepped outside empty-handed he saw a man holding a name card of his. He walked to him and assumed he was the man Mary had hired for him. He sat in the car lazily as he leaned on the seat and closed his eyes to sleep. It was dark and quiet, he had no idea where the man was taking him but all he knew was that he would be having his peace of mind in the place where Elena doesn't exist. After a long drive of more than an hour, the driver finally stopped his car at the destination. "Here, sir we arrived...." He said as he looked back at the sleeping man. Rian rubbed his eyes and opened it feeling sleepy. "Hmmm" He looked outside and saw a signboard shining in the dark. He stepped out and saw the surroundings. It was dark but still, it wasn't what he imagined. The place looked dull and also the name of the cottage seemed so creepy. It was "Goo Tart...." Rian frowned, confused. He turned to the driver and asked. "Is this the right cottage?" "This is the only cottage here." The driver replied meaningfully as he started his car and drove away. Rian frowned unhappily and cursed heavily under his breath... "Mary, you're going to die for sure......!!"
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