Escaping From Ex

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As the woman sighed in relief and turned she saw her boss standing behind her making her jump in panic.... "Hufff.... you all women are weird..." Rian said unhappily as he walked to the sofa and laid on it lazily. "I am starving, bring me a good breakfast and also cancel her contract from my company.. I don't want to see her again. Tell the guards to never let her in the building again.. got it...?" Rian said strictly as he closed his eyes to rest. "Okay sir..." the woman said and left the office. After 15 minutes, the woman came in with a huge tray filled with food. She placed it neatly on the coffee table and prepared the tea for him. "Here Sir." She said as she turned to leave. "Mary....!" Rian stopped her unexpectedly. "Book me a ticket somewhere to escape this crazy woman..." "Somewhere?" Mary asked, confused. Rian raised his eyebrow in doubt, "Any problem..?" Mary immediately shook her head. "No... no sir... I am right on it..." "Great. Now f**k off..." Rian barked as he dismissed her. Mary sighed and walked out of the office. It's been 6 years since Mary had been working as his manager. She is the only woman whom he didn't screw up yet and also the only woman who lasted for the longest time of 6 years. Rian Cathal took over his family business once his parents died in an accident. He was never attached to his parents and was always raised by different nannies. He had learned multiple languages thanks to the nannies he got. As he took over the business, their parent's main focus was on fabric. The fabric would be sold at a reasonable price and good quality and would look extremely approachable if it was worn by the young kids to advertise. But Rian Cathal completely disagreed with his parents' idea, he thought that fabric would look more attractive if a sexy woman put it on and that's how he started hiring sexy new models and always ended up in their bed. One night stand and rewarded with his brand clothing shoot. Amazing offer right? He always did the same to every model and most models are happy to make an offer with him in exchange for their body but soon their company hired the Spanish famous model, name Elena Jada. She was a tall woman, with perfect curves and a big ass. She has brown-colored thick hairs with clear skin and light hazel brown eyes.. As she was new here, she didn't really know about the playboy status of Mr. Rian Cathal as she fell in love with him. But as expected Rian Cathal dumped her after some time. Thought she would accept it and leave but no to his surprise Ms. Elena truly made his life miserable. She crashed the parties he was in and created a huge scene, she even splashed wine on him and also beat the woman that was gone with him as his date. Poor women.... Mary felt sympathetic to all the women whom her boss dumped with cruelty. He is truly a heartless man. Mary was lucky that he had never made his move on her otherwise it would be difficult for her to continue her work here as screwing the boss is the most ridiculous scandal in the whole world. She deliberately always came to the office with no makeup and bigger glasses so that he would always find her ugly and kept his distance from her. As Mary was focused on making his schedule, the intercom phone rang. She picked it up. "Yes sir." "Bring your a** inside...." Rian Cathal barked on the phone. Mary is used to his rude behavior. She stood up calmly and went inside his office. "Yes sir." "That bitch..... she had just posted online that she is seriously pregnant with my child ..??... Me the Rian Cathal would allow that i***t woman to have my child....?" He sneered, his voice was filled with arrogance as his eyes were focused on the laptop screen. Mary didn't know if he was asking her or telling her about this? So she stayed quiet and waited for him to order her. "You..... what do you think I should do?" Suddenly Rian asked Mary, making her startled.. "I..... I don't know...." she stuttered nervously... "Hmph.... useless..." He sneered unhappily as he again put his focus at the laptop screen. Mary quietly picked up the tray and left. ... In the evening as Mary entered she placed a flight ticket in front of him. "Here, sir...." Rian glanced at it and then raised his eyebrow.. "Dublin...?" "No it's Garrykennedey," Mary informed him. "You will land in Dublin and then I have arranged a pick up for you and then after a drive of more than one hour, you will exactly reach your location. That is Garrykennedy..." Rian's mouth was opened in an "O" shape when he heard her. A frown of displeasure appeared on his forehead and before he could say something Mary said first. "You didn't give me a place's name before booking a ticket and also I think this place is the best to escape from Ms. Elena. It is a very small village with few people and also there are pubs...." She told him as his facial expressions changed. "Fine.... when do I have to leave?" He asked. "At midnight..." she told him as she turned to leave the office but Rian stopped her in mid-way... "You stay tonight until I reach the airport safely..." Mary nodded her head unhappily and walked away. She sat on her desk cursing her boss heavily, daily she had to handle so many difficulties because of him but still, she got some sleep and now..... Because he wanted to leave from here peacefully he won't let her stay at peace until he left completely. She thought it would be a great relief once he would leave the office for the vacation, she hoped that he wouldn't come back before a month.....
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