Secret Unfolds

1037 Words
Si Han And Yu Ran both came out of the bar. Si Han was drunk while Yu Ran was carrying her out of the bar and bringing her to his house. ~7 JANUARY~ Si Han wakes up to a pleasant and aromatic smell. Si Han opens her eyes and saw that her clothes were different from the previous night. She screamed. Yu Ran came in running and Si Han shouted at him. "Where are my clothes? My clothes from last night?",Si Han shouted at Yu Ran. Yu Ran gave her a blank stare, "You kept removing your clothes yourself, what was I supposed to do? Leave you NAKED?"Si Han tried thinking back to the night before and she still did not have anything in mind. Si Han cursed, "F***!! YOU SAW MY WHOLE BODY?"Yu Ran shrugged his shoulders up and down. This made Si Han more upset. She crossed her arms, got out of bed and walk towards the bathroom to clean up. Just then, Yu Ran vampire half could not control himself again and he dashed towards Si Han. He grabbed Si Han arms and pinned her to the wall. Si Han shivered, "Yu Ran what are you doing?"At that moment Yu Ran skin turned pale, eyes turned as red as blood and fangs appearing. Yu Ran whispered into Si Han's ear, "I just crave you my darling." Si Han's thoughts: "This cannot boss is a vampire???..."The next minute he bites onto Si Han's neck. Si Han shrieked, "Ahhhh...." Immediately, Si Han felt faint and lay onto Yu Ran's shoulders. Yu Ran turns back into his human self, he looks at Si Han who is laying on his shoulder. Yu Ran thoughts: "What have I done? Did I lose control again? Most likely I did...." Yu Ran sighed, "Si Han are you alright?... I am sorry I did not mean to do this to you..." Si Han panted as she tries to take a breath, "I am fine.....but just answer me the question....(panted). Are you a Vampire?" Yu Ran muttered into Si Han's ear, "Yes and we met before when we were kids..."Yu Ran place, Si Han, back to the bed. Si Han responded wearily, "Did we?..... I don't think we did..." Yu Ran smiled at her, "Honey we did...It was on your 10th birthday, during your birthday party. You had birthday parties every year and your father invites us over every year."  Si Han starts thinking and finally she thought of something."So you are you that kid who always wore a crown?"  Yu Ran nodded. Yu Ran held on to Si Han's hand, "I am the prince of the Midnight Vampires and heir to the throne." Si Han looks down and held his hand tight. Si Han look at Yu Ran in the eyes, "I didn't know that you like me before...but what if the Midnight Vampires don't accept me for who I am? Even if I am the daughter of the Qi family, will your parents accept me? but if you did not know already...I am a devil...half-devil half-human" Yu Ran's thoughts: "I have been drinking the devil's blood?...." Si Han sat up straight on the bed, "In the supernatural world, this was meant to be a secret and even in the human world, everything was kept a secret. My father was the King of the Light Devils and he fell in love with a normal human who was my mother. My mother was never a royal and my father never liked being King because of the pressures...Until one day my uncle declared dominance, he took over my father's place as king which caused my grandparents to misunderstand my father as they thought that my father gave up the position as king...but in actual fact, it was my uncle, if you had heard the name Li Tai Yan before?" Yu Ran eyes were wide open," Li Tai Yan? The illegitimate son of the Qi Family? Yes, of course, I know about him." "Li Tai Yan made my grandparents think that my father, Qi Chen Qiang, was the culprit behind all of these disgusting plans to destroy his own position...", Si Han eyes started to turn watery. Yu Ran hugged Si Han with one hand, "Your family will soon know the truth...why don't you not worry so much about your family and ex-boyfriend and build a new relationship with me. I can help you" "But I was banned a long time ago even before I was even born. It was not just me who was banned, my entire family including my mother was banned. There was another reason why my family was banned from ever entering the supernatural world again...My father fell in love with a human, which is strictly banned from the Kingdom of The Light Devils...And if I ever go back into the supernatural world...I would be dead...", Si Han started sobbing. "But if you married me, the Kingdom will see that you are more valuable than they thought and would remove your ban, and anyways supernatural beings can never die...your grandparents will be there and recommend Li Tai Yan to remove your ban. That way you can talk with your grandparents about the issue that happened many years ago", Yu Ran comforted, Si Han. "You sure this will work? I mean I don't mind marrying's this the right timing...? I just joined your company just yesterday...", Si Han's face turned bright red. "My love for you has always been strong and I will do my best for your family and mine. It does not matter when I marry you, all that matters is our love for each other", Yu Ran hugged Si Han. "Oh no...don't we need to go to work? It's my first day there...I can't be late!!",Si Han exclaimed, breaking free of the grip of the CEO. "You are hugging the CEO of the company so it doesn't matter, I have already told the HR department about this so you don't have to worry. You will start your work on Monday,13 January", Yu Ran said. As both of them sat on the bed together, they realized how similar they were and this lights up a new relationship.
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