Meeting Wang Yu Ran for the first time,I think?

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Wang Yu Ran took off his jacket and place it on Qi Si Han's shoulders as he brought her to the car. ~Night of 6 JANUARY~ "Thank you for helping me earlier, I had some boyfriend problems...So you are Mr Wang, I have heard so much about you from my father", Si Han said as she breaks the ice around them. "My pleasure and please don't call me Mr Wang, just call me Yu Ran instead even in the office and don't need to be so formal so you are Qi Chen Qiang's daughter Qi Si Han? You look more beautiful than in the photos that your dad showed me", as the car starts drifting on the road, Yu Ran accidentally hits Si Han and lied on top of her. Si Han's start flashing bright red and she looks at Yu Ran. Yu Ran realized what was wrong and straight away got up and sat up on the passenger's seat. He starts coughing as Si Han sits further away from Yu Ran, "Thank you Yu Ran...but I am not so pretty" Yu Ran disagreed and flirted with Si Han, "You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen." Si Han face turns bright red again and asked Yu Ran, "Thank you anyway why did I got hired when I did not even go for the interview?..." "Well you were our one and only interviewee and you met the requirements of being my assistant." Si Han apologizes to Yu Ran, "I am sorry about earlier about Chao Xiang, I just cannot forget of him..." "It's fine and why don't you think of something else and go for some drinks to take the mind off things?",Yu Ran suggested. Si Han nodded and followed Yu Ran to his favorite place to have drinks. It was an hour away from where they are at. Si Han fell asleep while Yu Ran did not as he was so attracted to her sleeping face. Her sleeping face was so mesmerizing to look at. Si Han's face features just kept Yu Ran awake the whole ride to the bar. Suddenly Si Han lies down on Yu Ran's shoulder. This made Yu Ran awkward and he just sat there and puts his hand on her shoulder for the rest of the car ride there. Yu Ran also could not control himself but he just sat there so that Si Han would not run away from him. As they arrived at the bar, Yu Ran wakes Si Han up with a whisper and he starts teasing her,"Si Han we have reached...Wake up, my precious princess..." Si Han finally wakes up and start rubbing her eyes. Yu Ran got off the car first and opened the car door for Si Han like a gentleman. He put his hand out to make her balanced as she was a little dizzy from her sleep. Si Han held on to his hand and was surprised at where she was. A PRIVATE BAR!!!The bar that she had always dream of as she hated how squeezed the bars are when they are crowded. This can cause danger for her as she was a clumsy girl and she would have gotten tricked easily by strangers as she did not know how to reject them. This bar was different, this bar had luxurious cups, seats and even VIP rooms that Si Han had never been to. Her father has strict rules for his children and that involves the "NO CLUBBING" rule. "wow, Yu Ran! This bar is so amazing, I have never been to one before!",Si Han exclaimed. "I have heard from your father that he does not allow you to even enter a bar or even a club...", Yu Ran declared. "Yeah, it's a sad life when all of your friends go to these types of places and you can't. But I do understand why my father doesn't want me to mix with my friends...", Si Han looks down into the floor as she spoke. "Anyways let's not talk about things that are sad alright?",Yu Ran comforted Si Han. Yu Ran walk towards one of the VIP rooms and Si Han followed him. Yu Ran then pressed onto a bell to call on a waiter. The waiter comes into the room, "Good evening Mr Wang! What would you like to drink today?" "The usual please" Si Han looks at Yu Ran puzzled, "The usual? You come here often?" Yu Ran smiled at Si Han, "I opened this bar..." Si Han heard that and she wanted to hide her face under a table as it was embarrassing. Yu Ran started laughing at her reaction and both started laughing. The laugh really changed the atmosphere and turned more lively. The waiter comes back into the room, carrying the drinks," Mr Wang, your favourite Chateau Lafite 1787 is served, enjoy your time here" Yu Ran looked at Si Han, "Want a cup? Or I can call on something else." "No it's fine I will just drink a cup...", Si Han takes a cup of the expensive Chateau Lafite 1787. She started smelling the wine and takes a sip of the wine. "This is delicious Yu Ran", Si Han drinks the whole cup before Yu Ran can even stop her. Then Si Han turned really drunk just by drink one cup. Si Han was not good with alcohol and would get drunk easily. The night at the bar was so quiet until Si Han started to drink and talk about her past with Chen Xiang. "Why must he do this to me? I have been so supportive of him and even invested money into his company and now he breaks up with me? I did not realize that he was a gold digger....", as Si Han sobbed while blabbering. "Si Han I did not know that you have suffered so much but forget about him and why not we start a relationship?",Yu Ran proposed. "****(means absolutely not), I have never met you before and now you want me to be your girlfriend? **********(You have got to be kidding me)...", Si Han takes another sip of her wine. Yu Ran grabs her hand, "I am very serious with you...We have met before when we were kids...I don't know if you remember but we met when we were kids..."Si Han waves her left hand to Yu Ran telling him that there is no way she met him before. Si Han then falls asleep. Yu Ran did not control himself and transform into a vampire. His skin turned absolutely pale white and eyes as red as blood. He began by placing Si Han on the lounge seats and went on top of her. He then licked her neck and bite it to taste her very sweet blood. After he is done, he turns back into a human and brings her back to his house. Yu Ran did not make her forget everything that happened instead make her dream of what happened tonight. This sparks a new relationship.
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