The Vampire CEO

friends to lovers

Qi Si Han, a regular employee at Wang Cooperation, has a loving and caring family and of course a rich boyfriend or should I say a ex-boyfriend that cheated on her with Dai Yu while she was on the way to the Wang Cooperation Building for an interview. She is also the daughter of Qi Graphics Design Company which is the top company in City B and one of the top company in the world.

Wang Yu Ran, boss of Si Han, CEO of Wang Cooperation and he is a royal vampire, Prince of the Midnight Vampires had eyes on Si Han since young. When Yu Ran and Si Han were younger, Si Han had a birthday party and Yu Ran was invited as one of the VIPs for her party. As their eyes met, Yu Ran fell in love with her at first sight and her blood makes him want to suck her so badly.

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Sadness prevails,but I still got hired?
"Oh no I think I am going to be late for the job interview", Qi Si Han mumbled to herself as she runs out of the door. Si Han just graduated a few months ago from University in City A and currently is looking for a job. The economy today is so bad that many fresh graduates cannot get a job or even stable ones. Well for this girl, she just found a job interview from Wang Cooperation. If Si Han passes the interview, she will be able to work as the New Design Department Head. Alright back to the story... ❥ 6 JANUARY 2020★   ——In the building of Wang Cooperation—— "Knock, knock...", the door to the CEO's office opened. "Here is the information on the girl you wanted me to find out on, Qi Si Han", the CEO's assistant replied. "Very good, you can go", as the CEO, Wang Yu Ran replied as the spy leaves his office. Yu Ran looks at the file that his assistant gave him and he smiled."Finally, you will be mine...", Yu Ran smirked. —Back on the streets where Si Han is at—— It was raining very heavily as Si Han was running as fast as she can so that she will not miss the interview.However, she sees her boyfriend, Ling Chao Xiang, whose car was parked at the side of the street. "Chao Xiang!!",Si Han called out excitedly. But he did not reply at all. As she walks towards the car, she sees someone else in the car with Chao Xiang having s*x. "!!!!" The girl in the car is her childhood friend, Huang Dai Yu. Dai Yu is Si Han best friend ever since they were children but Dai Yu always hated the fact that Si Han was always loved by everyone and she is beautiful in everyone's eyes. She had wanted to destroy the relationship between Si Han and Chao Xiang by working in Chao Xiang company as his Assistant in the Ling Cooperation and she succeeded. Now Chao Xiang loves Dai Yu. "Ahhh...Chao...Xiang....", Dai Yu moaned. Tears start rolling down Si Han's rosy cheeks, she started screaming, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU AND DAI YU ARE DOING?????" Chao Xiang and Dai Yu saw Si Han and got off the car and Chao Xiang gave Si Han a stern look, "Since you already saw us with your own two eyes, Let's break up!" Si Han heart broke when she heard those two words. She could not describe what she was feeling, the pain inside her heart was so painful that she wanted to faint but she had mixed emotions. "Why must both of you do this to me? Chao Xiang, you said you loved me, but what changed you? And Dai Yu, I was your best friend, your friend for life, what did I do wrong for you to hate me so much?",Si Han sobbed while still being strong. The pain in Si Han heart feels like someone stabbed her a thousand times and never stopped. Dai Yu pulls up Si Han chin and said in her face, "I have hated you since we were kids! YOU WERE ALWAYS LOVED BY EVERYONE YOU LITTLE *****! DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW I FEEL YOU MOTHER ******! BUT NOW THE MAN THAT LOVED YOU IN THE PAST LOVES ME!HAHAHA!" "OK FINE IF YOU WANT TO ACT THIS WAY, YOU WILL NEVER GO BACK TO CITY B EVER AGAIN DAI YU!!!",Si Han screamed in Dai Yu's face. Si Han is the Qi Graphics Design Cooperation's daughter and is the top company in the design industry and also the top company in City B.Si Han did not want to work under her father or even take over the company because Si Han was never interested in graphics design. Her older brother, Qi Bingwen is very interested in graphics design, so Si Han got permission from her father to work in City A and had introduced Si Han to have a job interview with the CEO of Wang Cooperation, Wang Yu Ran. Si Han's father never once approved his daughter and Chao Xiang being in a relationship. Even though Chao Xiang is from the Ling Family, Si Han's father just dislike Chao Xiang very much. Dai Yu thought to herself, "If Si Han asks her father to block me from getting back to City B and other major cities, I will never get back to City B ever again but it is fine because I know she will not call her father in front of me." "ITS OK I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK ANYWAYS!!",Dai Yu screamed back as she holds on to Chao Xiang's arm. Dai Yu did not believe that Si Han was going to call her father but Si Han took out her phone and dialled her father's number while wiping her tears. "Hello, Si Han?",Si Han's father answered the call. "Hello, Father I would like you to do a favour for me, please block two people from ever entering City B and major cities, names are Huang Dai Yu, my best friend and Ling Chao Xiang, my boyfriend. Please tell the guard that they are banned forever from entering the cities. Thanks, father!",Si Han smiled as they look at Dai Yu and Chao Xiang's shocked faces. "Not a problem my Darling daughter", Si Han's father said and he knew why she wanted to do that because in the past he did warn his daughter of Chao Xiang but she did not listen to him at all. Si Han's father did have a trick up his sleeve, he told Si Han that if Chao Xiang ever breaks up with her, he will block him from entering City B and major cities overseas but Si Han's father was shocked to hear Dai Yu's name from her daughter's mouth. "One more thing cancel any business deals with Ling Cooperation and request other companies to back out in the recent project that I hear you always talking about", Si Han told her father on the phone. Si Han's father is a huge shareholder of a recent project and he had many business deals with Ling Cooperation in the past and now. This will not make Qi Graphics Design Cooperation fall but make Ling Cooperation fall instead as they are not in the top rankings. "Alright my darling daughter", Si Han's father said. He could do this as he recently got many more business deals with international companies and have longed to destroy Ling Cooperation because of how the company itself treat employees and how they split wages to employees. As Si Han hanged up the phone, Dai Yu screamed at her, "HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO CHAO XIANG!!!! YOU KNEW HOW MUCH HE LOVED YOU, BUT WHY????" Si Han said in a low and stern voice while smiling," Sorry but I have no idea what you are saying? This is the man that used to love me? As if he loves me! Anyways good luck with your future and I have to leave now."As Si Han leaves, she felt a hand grabbing her arm. "Please give me another chance Si Han...I am begging you...Si Han...", Chao Xiang knelt to Si Han. Si Han brushed his hand off but he just kept grabbing. "Please give me another chance Si Han...", Chao Xiang begged again. "I gave you a chance but you didn't appreciate it so STOP TOUCHING ME!!!",Si Han shouted in his face. Chao Xiang thoughts, "This is not the same Si Han I knew before...she has become a monster..." Chao Xiang did not care what she said and continued to grab her arm. It was already passed 5 in the afternoon and she is late for her interview. Just then Yu Ran was in the car with his chauffeur. He was looking around for his interviewee as he thought maybe she got stuck in the rain and because she was the only interviewee of today. He saw her on the street and told the chauffeur to stop the car. Yu Ran got out of the car and started walking to Si Han who was still troubled by Chao Xiang. "Who do you think you are touching her like that?", Yu Ran glared at Chao Xiang as he grabs Si Han by the shoulders. "Its none of your business!! She is my girlfriend", Chao Xiang shouted. "How is she your girlfriend? You just broke up with her!", Dai Yu fume into flames. "Sorry I do not care what had happened here but you are harassing one of my employees...how disrespectful of you...", Yu Ran glared at Chao Xiang. Si Han looked at Yu Ran who was the person that was going to interview her and was shocked. Not only did she just got hired, but she was being saved from this situation. As Chao Xiang did not say anything, Yu Ran took off his jacket to put over Si Han's shoulders and brought her to the car.

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