Chapter 2 Devil Take the Hindmost.

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It took Aurora Foster three days to accept the fact that she had clearly been reborn. Lying on her bed during this time, she managed to turn down every visitor, enclosing herself in her own world and digesting her memories in her mind. As Aurora Foster thought of Felix Lien’s atrocity and her death on the cliff, the hatred surged through. She gave this man her love. Love that lasted for ten years. Love blinded her. Love turned out to be grief. Now God had given her a second chance, how could she spare him? How could she spare those who swindled her? While she immersed in meditation, the phone beside her suddenly rang. According to Aurora Foster’s memory of her past life, she knew it was her BBF without thinking. "Aurora, I know you’re in a bad mood, so I made an appointment with Lien for you. He is concerned about your condition.” Lune Bright's voice was warm and sweet. It seemed like she cared for Aurora Foster wholeheartedly. "Thank you very much, Lune." Aurora thanked her although she felt nothing but coldness in her heart. She had been tricked by her so called best friend so many times in her past life. Lune Bright made use of Aurora Foster’s love for Felix Lien and acted as her volunteer counselor. But her advice and plans always ended up in Caldwell Elliott’s ears, anyone who had a shred of sense would know why. "Aurora, do you miss me?" The door of the ward was pushed open, a handsome and enticing man appeared and stood in front of Aurora Foster. At the sight of Felix Lien, hatred flashed across Aurora Foster’s eyes. She smirked and kept silent. "Aurora, here’s Lien. He’s come here to see you, don't you want to talk to him?" "I'm tired. Get straight to the point if you have one or I want to rest.” Aurora received her visitors coolly. She was incapable of giving her warm welcome to the people she knew would set her up and drive her into a wretched situation. Lune Bright was somewhat embarrassed and was confused by her friend’s attitude. "Aurora, I know you don't want to get engaged to Mr. Elliott. Felix has already bought the air tickets. Now you must go with Felix and leave this devil." Leave? And get caught at the airport by Caldwell Elliott? Piss him off and pay with blood again? History will not repeat itself in this life. "Lune, thank you for your kindness, but I can't go. I have important things to do, I can not leave.” Aurora Foster looked at Lune Bright. Her attitude was gentle, but her determination was solid. "Something important? Don’t you really want to get engaged to Mr. Elliott?" "Aurora, don't be so childish. He will destroy your life if you stay with him.” Lune Bright seemed very frightened. With anxiety and worry on her face, it seemed like she cared for her friend. Aurora Foster was amused by Lune Bright’s performance. No wonder she trusted Lune Bright in her previous life, such a calculating and manipulative b***h, no ordinary person could be her rival at all! "Lune, I don’t want to commit suicide. I was pushed into the water by someone." Aurora Foster said, examining Lune Bright carefully. As expected, guilt flashed across her face. Aurora captured it and made her conclusion, she continued, "Although it was dark, I could not see the person's face clearly, but I knew it was a girl, wearing a pink floral dress, I have to follow up on the person who tried to murder me. So I cannot just leave.” "There are just so many people wearing pink floral dresses. Aurora, don’t be childish, go with Felix, hurry." "Oh, really? But you have one as well!” Aurora Foster looks at Lune Bright, suddenly dropped this line. In fact, Aurora Foster had suspected Lune Bright in her previous life, because Lune Bright owned one pink floral dress and wore it on that day. But, in Aurora Foster’s previous life, she trusted Lune Bright so much, she believed that since Lune Bright tried her best to support her, how could Lune set her up? So she finally rejected her own suspicions. "Are you suspecting me, Aurora?” In her guilty-conscience, Lune Bright tried to show her surprise and disappointment, as if she had been seriously hurt. "No, of course not, I’d never suspect you. What are you thinking about?” Aurora gave her a sweet half smile. Lune was relieved. She hadn’t recovered her breath and Aurora Foster casually dropped a line that almost smothered her. "There are lots of people and lots of pink floral dress, but I’ll learn how to avenge my attempted murder.”
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