Chapter 3 Am I Not Innocent? Are You a Boy Virgin?

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"When that b***h pushed me into the water, I felt so frightened that I plucked her name badge off. If I could find it, I would know who is responsible.” Aurora Foster’s words made Lune Bright's pupils expand at once. Lune Bright is the person who pushed Aurora Foster. It was dark and the light of the school pavilion wasn’t bright enough. It was a perfect chance. She wouldn’t allow the man she admired to become Aurora’s fiancé, so she pushed her into the water. Lune Bright had always been jealous and resentful of Aurora. Aurora Foster was ugly. She didn’t know how to make up her ugliness. She was naughty and mischievous. She was a trouble maker in school. Lune Bright wondered why Caldwell Elliott took a fancy to this i***t. Because of her jealousy, because of her reluctance about the man she admired becoming someone else's fiancé, she released her intention of murder… She had persuaded herself that it was a perfect chance, she couldn’t believe she ignored a detail, how could she allow Aurora to pluck her name badge off? "Aurora, if you know how to follow up the murder, we’d better dig it up. But it’s hard for you to stick it out alone. I think the possibility of finding him is slim. You’d better let it go.” "The most important thing for you is to go with Felix immediately. If you give up this opportunity tonight, then, you’ll never be with him in the future. Don’t you understand?" Lune Bright looked like a girl who analyzed the overall situation for her friend kindly. But Aurora smiled, "Lune, you are right. It’s really difficult to dig it up by myself, but if I asked Caldwell for help, I am sure I could find that b***h who tried to murder me. How dares she! I will make her pay for it!” "As for Felix, don't come to me anymore, Felix, our relationship is over." Aurora Foster said. She seemed completely indifferent. She took a banana and peeled it. She took a big mouthful of it. She seemed like a greedy ghoul rather than an elegant lady. "Aurora Foster, don’t be so capricious. You'd better go with me immediately, if you get engaged to Elliott, if he tainted you, then, our relationship is over.” Felix Lien felt sick because of Aurora’s rude dining manners. Such an ugly, tasteless, short temper woman with such bad dining manners. He didn’t like her from the very beginning, but because of the advantages she brought him, he tolerated her. "What do you mean when you speak of tainted, Lien? Are you innocent? Are you keeping your virginity until now? You yearn for the purity of others while you are impure, is there some wrong with you?" Aurora looked down upon Felix and then tossed the banana skin toward his face. All this time, Aurora Foster left the impression of an undignified princess-hooligan in the minds of others. Relying on her clan force, she looked down upon everyone except Felix Lien. When staying with Lien, she was always as tame as a little bunny. She cherished him, took care of him and obeyed him. The banana skin hit Felix’s face, his face darkened with anger. "Ah, Aurora Foster, are you serious? Right. I'll go, I'll go far away, and we'll never have anything to do with each other again.” Felix Lien seemed like a mad rooster. He slammed the door and left at the next second. What he expected was that within a day, Aurora would come to him and offer an apology. After all, their relationship has always been like this! "I want nothing to do with you anymore, Lien. You're about to engaged to that bastard girl. Are you planning to cheat on her?” Aurora Foster gave him her white eyes, picking up a big apple elegantly and slowly eating it up. Sitting by her, Lune Bright couldn't keep still. Tonight she came here and tried to persuade Aurora to elope with Felix so they would be caught at the airport by Caldwell Elliott’s thugs. If Aurora disappointed Caldwell, maybe Caldwell would postpone or even cancel their engagement ceremony. Now the situation is deviating from her expectation. She looked at Aurora and urged her. "Aurora, could you stop playing childish tricks? Haven’t I told you before? He’s not willing to stay with that bastard girl, you are the one he loves.” “Yeah.” Aurora was totally unconcerned and kept chewing the apple in her mouth. “But I don’t love him anymore.” “Aurora, are you being self-willed again? Lien runs out of his temper, don’t be silly, hurry up and follow him!" Aurora’s stubborn resistance provoked Lune. But Aurora just took another bite of the apple, then wiped her mouth, ”Whether he’s mad or not, I don’t care about anymore, I could find a new boy friend, that’s not a big deal.” “And I have no time to care about a boyfriend now, I have to follow up on the person who wants to murder me! I'll call Elliott now and ask for his help.” When Aurora Foster said those words, her sharp eyes stared at Lune Bright. Lune Bright felt anxious under Aurora’s examination and lost her ability to react. Aurora just threw the apple seeds into the litter bin beside her and pick up the phone, "Caldwell Elliott, would you mind coming to the hospital and paying me a visit? I would like to ask you a favor..." Suddenly, panic emerged on Lune Bright’s face.
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