Chapter 4 Eyes for Eyes, Tooth for Tooth.

1040 Words
Lune Bright saw Aurora call Caldwell Elliot. Suddenly, panic emerged on her face. If Caldwell Elliott knew she was the person who pushed Aurora into the water, she would confront her miserable end. That man is well known for his cold blood. "Aurora, it's eight o 'clock now. I have to get back to school. I'll come up to see you whenever I have time." Lune Bright said, before Aurora Foster replied, picked up her bag and left. Aurora Foster looked at Lune Bright leaving in haste. She smirked and put down her cell phone slowly. The number dialed on the phone was not Caldwell Elliott’s at all. The screen was blank. At this moment, Lune Bright rushed to the school after leaving. At first, she went back to her dormitory, frantically trying to find her name badge. Although she was very worried about the possibility that the name badge was pulled into the water by Aurora Foster, she was a suspicious fox who would not believe a person so easily. So the first thing to be done was searching the dormitory for her name badge. Lune Bright turned over all the corners, and finally did not find her name badge. Her face turned pale. "Was the name badge really dragged into the water by that stupid b***h?" At this moment, Lune Bright was so mad that she ground her teeth. She gave a hard kick to the dormitory door with a loud bang. "No! If Mr. Elliott really agrees to that stupid fool’s request and find the name badge, I will be damned!" Lune Bright thought of this possibility and felt threatened. Lune Bright looked around the dormitory. It seemed the only thing could be used to scoop up the name badge was the clothes hanging pole. She couldn’t afford wasting more than a minute. She took the pole in a hurry, rushing to the school pond. Lune Bright got to the pavilion before long. She was secretly relieved because it was the weekend, there were very few students who stayed in the school, and the night was dark, so no one would notice her. Lune Bright immediately squatted in the pavilion, with the help of a flashlight, she fumbled to fish for her name badge. Unfortunately, she scooped up a lot of waste garbage instead of her name badge. She was vexed. "Where on earth is the name badge? Why are there so many poorly educated idiots who kept throwing rubbish into the water?" And, at the same time in the wood not far from the pond, a girl in black with a mysterious smile on her lips was monitoring Lune Bright's moves and took records with her mobile phone. Yeah...There was not anything wrong with her speculation! It was Lune Bright who wanted to murder her just as her expected. Aurora Foster put her mobile phone away, slowly walking on her tiptoes toward the pavilion. Finally she kicked hard on the figure that was busy with name badge searching. "Ah?!" "Help… Help... I can't swim." The figure in the pool had already become a drowned chicken the moment she fell in the water. Now because of panic, she was desperately yelling for help. Lune Bright kept struggling in the water. Her head floated on the surface of the water and sank down the next second. She choked and swallowed water for several minutes and she was not aware of what was happening at all. She felt panic. She felt death was approaching… After kicking Lune into the water, Aurora Foster dodged behind the pillars of the pavilion immediately. She quietly watched the figure struggling in the water. Her eyes glimmered and she felt calm. She kept still until the second hand of her wristwatch gradually turned a circle, then, she ducked away as she cried helplessly, “Help! Somebody's drowning! Anyone help!” Although it was a weekend on campus, there were still residential students, though much less than before. Many people rushed to the direction of the scene But Aurora Foster hide in the dark. Since someone had gone to save Lune Bright, she just clapped her hands and left, like a person who was innocent. Lune Bright pushed her into the water, so, she should give Lune Bright a lesson somehow, shouldn’t she? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. It was the first time that she fought back since she rose up from death. As for her past life, she had never done something so exciting. Now she was just so delighted that she sang as she walked on the playground. "But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time. Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time. I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined." “Oh, look what you made me do. Look what you made me do. I don't trust anybody and nobody trusts me. I'll be the actress starring in your bad dreams.” She sang as she walked, she was so happy that she jumped for joy. But what did the proverb say? Joy begets sorrow. Aurora Foster accidentally bumped into someone. It hurt so much that she burst into tears. "Who are you? Don’t you know you are getting in my way?” Aurora Foster frown angrily, the crash made her feel dizzy so it took her a while to realize what she bumped into. "Elliott... Caldwell Elliott?” When she recognized the person standing in front of her, she was astonished and flinched. "Em... Caldwell Elliott, why have you come here, do you want to pay me a visit?" Aurora smiled awkwardly, looking at Elliott, pretending to be innocent and harmless, just like a little bunny. Nevertheless, she was screaming in her mind. What the heck is going on? This man should be at the airport, shouldn’t he? Why had he come to school? "Enough?” The man's distant voice flew from his throat. His poker face was as cold as an ice sculpture. There was no hint of enjoyment or indignation on his face.
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