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Caldwell was known for his great fortune and a heart of stone. When Aurora was forced to marry such a man, she would rather die. So she tried her best to run away. She fell in love with another man, which led to her early grave.

When she was given a second life, she realized Caldwell is the only one who cared for her. This time, she would not run away. She would get married to Caldwell and take her revenge on the bad.

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Chapter 1 Rebirth. 20 Again. Engagement?
The dense dark clouds spread a feeling of depression and it felt terrifying. Aurora Foster hung on the edge of a cliff, the only thing preventing her from falling off was the man standing in front of her who was holding her arm tightly. However, he was relaxing his grip slowly. "Aurora, don't blame me, blame yourself for being valueless." He said. There was a cold smile on his face. There were a nonchalance and apathy in his amorous eyes. Aurora Foster’s heart completely froze when she heard his words. She gave him a sad smile, "Felix Lien, I have loved you since the first time we met when I was ten. You’ve given me nothing in return except lies and deception...” "Aren’t there a few people swindling you? Aurora Foster, blame yourself for being so gullible.” Felix Lien finished this sentence and relaxed his grip slowly. The pathetic beauty dropped into the abyss anyway. With her eyes shut and a miserable but beautiful smile on her lips, at that moment, Aurora Foster realized that her life was merely a silly joke in the end. If there's a second chance, she would… "Somebody's drowning, is there anyone that can help?!" By the school pond, a long shout broke the pre-fall night. It was 12 o'clock PM. The girl lying on the bed was pale. Her beautiful face seemed unhealthy and gaunt, just like a sheet of white paper. The man sat beside her sickbed seemed as cold as ice. His glamorous face was full of anger. His pretty eyebrows were furrowing deeply. "Haven’t you deemed her okay? Why hasn’t she woken up yet?” "Calm down... Miss Foster has been in critical condition, although she has been revived, her body is weak, so..." "All right, get out!” The man waved his hand irritably. His eyes were as cold as ice. The doctor and nurse fled as if they were fleeing for their lives. With a sharp cough, the girl in the sickbed slowly opened her eyes. Watching the girl wake up, his chilly eyes warmed up a bit from the excitement. He held her hand hastily. "Are you awake? Are you okay? How do you feel?” “Elliott... Caldwell Elliott..." When Aurora saw the man in front of her, she was shocked and scared. She quickly withdrew her hands. How could she wake up to this devil? Aurora remembered that she has fallen off the cliff, had she survived? No, Caldwell Elliott’s face… A few years ago, half of Caldwell Elliott's face was badly disfigured in a fire disaster, why was his face perfect now? And he seemed much younger. Doubt made Aurora Foster stare at Caldwell Elliott for a long time. Because of Aurora's indifferent attitude, anger scorched the man's frosty face, "Do you hate me so much? Do you prefer death to our engagement? The engagement? Aurora Foster was astonished. Hadn't they got engaged when she was 20? Why did he speak of engagement now? Aurora Foster was confused and the door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, a girl wearing school uniform appeared in the ward with a bunch of flowers in her arms. "Aurora, how could you take things so hard? Do you know how much I care for you?" The girl is Auroras so-called BFF, but her uniform made Aurora Foster feel confused for a moment. What was the heck was going on? Aurora Foster stared at the angry man in disbelief. "Caldwell Elliott, How old am I?” "Twenty." The man cherished his words as gold when he opened his thin lips to speak. "Aurora, have you drowned in stupidity? Don't you remember? You will be twenty next week, and there will be a lavish ceremony, so many guests will come to witness you get engaged to young Master Elliott.” Hearing her words, Aurora Foster was astonished and speechless. Twenty years old? Engagement. Hadn’t that happen 10 years ago? Maybe, she…

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