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After every mountain peak there's another, yet the climbing is everything. With each stretch I reach higher; with each stride I'm stronger, I keep gaining a little more to carry me through the times of hardship. I feel the winter wind as a coldness to teach me to stay warm inside. I feel sharp rocks as a whisper to walk lightly. Those times the clouds shower me with their icy love, I let it remind me of the tears I prevent by walking these ways... and it makes me move all the faster. That's why I win, 'cause I learn from what's hard and sprint when the weather is fair. So if you wanna walk with me, that would be so sweet, just watch me and learn. One day you'll be the master teaching and I'll be in my rocking chair on some sunny porch. So, are you coming or what? The road don't rise and the road don't sink, it's me that does the walking. Every day it's right there and I can ride it anywhere or sit here on this curb. It can be so hot come summertime, yet in truth it's simply giving back what went in, finding balance as the dawn approaches, ready for each new day. I see the places we did hopscotch as kids, throwing down them stones, leaping in time to our rhymes. I see the road in the right here and now, these shoes feeling how the it pushes back softly, always supporting, never asking. And in that moment I hear it calling with it's sweet song of other places, all of them connected by the breathing land that runs under that tarmac, under oceans and mountains. That's how I know I've gotta go, go with the road, take her curves and junctions, pause at the red, go at the green. ~ Her Beast
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